Win a reading with Long Island Medium Theresa Caputo tonight

Win a reading with Long Island Medium Theresa Caputo tonight Barb Oates

There’s a lot going on tonight in the medium world including a chance to win a reading with Long Island Medium Theresa Caputo. First, Hollywood Medium Tyler Henry gets some company when Theresa Caputo takes on Hollywood in a live two-hour event on TLC beginning at 8pmET/7pmCT.

Win a reading with Long Island Medium Theresa Caputo tonightSome of the celebs getting personal readings from Theresa include Lisa Joyner, who is host of TLC’s new Long Lost Family (which premieres tonight at 10pm), and her hubby actor/director Jon Cryer (Two and a Half Men).

“My father was my everything,” Joyner expressed in a preview clip. Theresa is able to share an emotional message with her and Cryer, and provide them with some peace. Press materials also detail that Theresa will be surprising locals on the streets of Hollywood as she tours famous and iconic landmarks including the Walk of Fame and the Stars Tour bus.

Since the age of 4 Theresa knew she was different from other kids. “I would always see a woman standing at the end of my bed at night. I would hear people call my name and talk to me and there was nobody there,” she said in an interview on Friday with Elvis Duran, on his radio show. Later in life she realized it was her great grandmother standing at the end of her bed, which made her feel “safe and loved.” She’s been using her gift for years helping people find closure [read about how she connected with my deceased mother]. In an episode later this season we will see Theresa going to a brain specialist to get further understanding of her gift, she shared that he told her that she accesses a part of her brain that nobody else does. So maybe we all have it in us?!

Theresa’s also doing another tweet to win contest, where one viewer will win a private reading with Theresa by tweeting #LIMLive and #Contest during the live broadcast, where she will be announce the winner LIVE on the air. To get the details on the rules and how to enter for a private reading, go to TLC’s site.

How to enter the Long Island Medium Tweet to Win sweepstakes tonight

But that’s not it — the evening also includes some humorous pranks where Theresa disguises herself to surprise fans. In the clip we saw, Theresa was disguised as an obnoxious man named Joey (without her nails!), who attends a Stella & Dot jewelry party. She also disguises herself as a nurse and a waitress.

Lastly, the evening concludes with the introduction of a new series on TLC at 10pmET, Long Lost Family. The series features the emotional stories of people who have suffered a lifetime of separation, who are desperate to be reunited with people they feel an intense closeness to, but whom they’ve barely – if ever – met. Hosting the series are Chris Jacobs (Barrett Jackson car auction host and Overhaulin host) and Lisa Joyner, both of who are adoptees who have embarked on their own journeys to discover their biological families. Each episode follows the hosts as they investigate the stories of two individuals or families who have longed to resolve their lifelong searches. A successful investigation offers the promise of not just a heartwarming reunion, but also a chance of redemption for people who have wrestled with emotional agony for years.


  1. I watch your show every time it comes on even the reruns I wish I could meet you sometimes I wish I had your gift so I could know about my love ones

  2. My aunt and uncle were killed by a driver walking across the street and in 2001 I had a dream they came too me and said they had something to say too me I got scared and woke up and don’t know what it was they wanted too tell me……

  3. I love your show and am a longtime viewer. I woild love a reading so I can hopefully put to rest some unresolved feelings about the loss of many loved ones. If you would like to visit the wine country come see me and I’ll show you around. Thank you for your consideration.

  4. My husband had a significant loss. We pray for a sign. He needs some insight – please help our family.
    We love your show and love the compassion you have for everyone you read.

  5. my name is beverly i have watched your show for a while saw how you make people feel better and move on with there life. my mom passed in 02 my sister and i seem to cant get pass the pain then our half brother passed we didnt know it. we have searched for him about 20 yrs we dont know what happen to him. we want to know what happen. our mom, we have so many quest. did our stepfather shut her air off where she could no longer breathe ????? what happen to our brother please help us with this …. 2 sis in pain

  6. I need a closer please help me I live in Maine and my Daddy passed away in 2011. My Mom and I love your show we both need some closer from my Daddy please help me. I realized I have changed since his passing but at times I can’t move on without him. Lately when I go to sleep I remember loved ones who gave passed away n my Daddy was my hero I wake myself up from crying at night at times cause I need to hug m kiss him one last time Theresa if your out there please help this lonely sad daughter.

  7. Want to know if my love one suffered when he passed away and if he is with my little angel now..

  8. I would like to know what Theresa knows about the afterlife, and if she believes people return through reincarnation. I would also live to connect to someone I love who has passed, and ti learn about a mystery from my past thst hsunted me for many years.

    • Hi, I was thinking a great deal about what if you do Not want to see your relatives on the other side once i crossover. I am dreading this..will i have to deal with them?

  9. Hi Theresa, I would like to know if you can feel what I’ve been trought in the past 4 years and what the future holds for me

  10. Hi can you PLEASE help me…. In 2011 my Daddy passed away of Colon Cancer. I have had severe depression since then I miss my Daddy so much. Can you please let me know when I was helping take care of my Daddy did I hurt him by lifting on him and was there anything that I could of done to save him please help me Theresa I need to know so I can get some ease please thanks so much.

  11. I need a reading for several reasons . I live in MS, but will travel wherever I need to !

  12. I need a reading for several reasons. I’m from Mississippi but will travel wherever you say !!

  13. Hi my name is sheila from Maryland I just want to know if my dad who pass away last summer at 70 years old n I would like to know if my brother who died 2years ago from seizures I want to know if they are around me n my family my mom miss them both

  14. I need to know if I’m doing what my mother would do for my family and for my dad and that she is always with us.

  15. I don’t know how Theresa knows this stuff – the reading with Gabriella coming through was pretty amazing. How she knew her name, that the bedroom being such a cold room, the praying in Spanish – hard to explain.

  16. My husband of 65 years died May 15 of this year. I have loved him for 70 years. Please tell me that he is still with me. Thank you

  17. I am never at a loss for words ,but what you do blows me away. My family experienced a tragedy that has caused us great pain. We lost my nephew to a drug overdose on October 16th. 2014 ,I will never forget that call it will always be with me forever hearing my niece, his sister tell me he was gone that he had died was a life changing event in our lives. We need some kind of closure and comfort and I believe you can provide that. He was a beautiful, kind and caring young man. I watch you and am always moved by your light and wonderful spirit you are an amazing person.

    • My heart aches for you Debbie, and I’m so sorry to hear about your loss. Start tweeting to try and win yourself a reading with Theresa.

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