When does the MythBusters series finale air?

Jeff Pfeiffer

The MythBusters series finale will air Saturday, March 5, on Discovery Channel. Along with the final episode, there will also be a reunion special.


MythBusters hosting duo Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman have been saying goodbye throughout the show’s final episodes this winter, leading up to this series finale. After 248 episodes, 2,950 experiments, 1,050 myths and 900 explosions, the series that debuted in January 2003 will come to an end.

“Making MythBusters has fundamentally and irrevocably altered the way I think as a person, as an artist, and as a scientist,” said Savage. “I’m glad for the chance to say goodbye with some of the best television we’ve ever made. I will miss making this show.”

“I never dreamed we would be on television at all, much less for such a long time and with so much praise for keeping a thought provoking show on the air,” added Hyneman. “And best of all, we were able to do what we do and still have all our fingers and toes.”

Starting this year, the MythBusters episode library will move over to Discovery Channel’s sister network, Science Channel.

As for the series finale on March 5, the final episode will feature an RV getting blown to kingdom come; Buster going supersonic; Adam taking the most wild ride imaginable; and then it all boils down to a cement truck with 5,000 pounds of ANFO as the MythBusters sign off.

Following the episode, there will be an hourlong reunion special with all five hosts reunited for one last hurrah. Deep within M5, Adam Savage, Jamie Hyneman, Kari Byron, Tory Belleci and Grant Imahara join forces once more to together peel back the curtain as never before to give a suitably epic, enlightening and emotional finale to MythBusters.

The MythBusters series finale airs March 5 at 8pm ET on Discovery Channel.

The MythBusters reunion special airs March 5 at 9pm ET on Discovery Channel.