How to Get Away with Murder Season 2 Episode 13 Recap: Something Bad Happened

Scott Fishman
(ABC/Richard Cartwright) VIOLA DAVIS

The title of this week’s How to Get Away with Murder is “Something Bad Happened.” That could be the title for any HTGAWM episode, but it really foreshadows what is to come at the end of this one.

Before getting there, we begin with Annalise telling Laurel to eliminate the idea that Wes killed his mom. Laurel wants to know more, but Annalise isn’t spilling. Wes visits the therapist who initially sent him to the psych ward. He is still trying to remember what happened with his mom’s murder.

How to Get Away With Murder VIOLA DAVIS
How to Get Away With Murder — (ABC/Richard Cartwright)

Another video pops up, believed to be from Phillip. This one is of Michaela and Caleb the night before. Everyone is freaked out. Annalise had enough and takes the computer to the assistant district attorney, Todd Denver. She wants blanket immunity for her and her students about the night Emily Sinclair died in exchange for evidence. It’s amazing how Annalise can manipulate and use one situation to get out of another. If she wasn’t so focused on covering up murders, teaching and practicing law, Annalise would make a great politician.

Denver agrees to the deal, but is suspicious about why Annalise would want immunity in the first place. Nate finds out Denver’s intent to acquire a search warrant for her residence. Cops are on the way, so Annalise calls Bonnie and says to shred everything. The kids find out the judge had not officially signed the warrant. The cops come into the house thinking the warrant was signed, making the assistant district attorney look bad — and breaking the law. Annalise threatens legal action and eventually gets the immunity.

Denver sees the emailed footage and wonders why the students were fleeing the scene the night of the Sinclair murder. He basically threatens Annalise, saying whatever other footage is leaked won’t be under the same immunity deal. With a potential killer on the loose, the Keating clan (minus Wes and including honorary member, Oliver) decide to stick together. They have a slumber party — complete with pizza bites. Michaela learns about Connor’s intention to transfer to Stanford and doesn’t want him to go. Connor says not to worry about it because he won’t get in. Time to get the buddy bands made.

I interrupt this bonding moment to bring you a flashback from 10 years ago where Rose hears a knock at her door. It’s immigration who brought her into custody. We find out Eve’s involvement: She is the attorney to help Rose’s case. It’s a plan set up by Annalise to get her to testify in the Mahoney case. There is a bit more revealed about how deep the relationship between Eve and Annalise goes. Eve isn’t happy when Annalise shows her the baby bump. Sam was Annalise’s therapist initially. Annalise says he wasn’t gay, and Eve came along at a time when she needed someone. Annalise clearly has doubts about being a good mother. Eve eventually comforts her and gets her to believe she can do it.

Rose is released. Rather than testify, she packs up her belongings and plans to flee with Christophe. They head for the car, but Christophe makes a run for it. Mahoney gets word of Rose’s attempt to leave and contacts Annalise, who goes to Rose’s place. Christophe is still gone. Rose has a breakdown, tells Annalise to take care of her son and stabs herself in the neck. There is blood everywhere. Annalise hesitates to call 9-1-1 and ultimately just leaves. She is in the hallway when Christophe returns to find his mom on the ground bleeding to death. He takes the knife out of her neck and calls for help.

Back to present day Frank tries to make amends with Laurel. He professes his love, but she can’t get over the fact he murdered someone (Go figure!). Laurel tells him she doesn’t love him back, and that it’s over between them. Making matters work for Frankie: Bonnie is listening in on the conversation and hears Frank’s murder confession. Considering her reasoning for killing Rebecca, you can imagine how she feels now about everything. Needless to say, it’s time for Bonnie to head back to the bar.

How to Get Away With Murder — FAMKE JANSSEN
How to Get Away With Murder — (ABC/Mitch Haaseth)

Wes continues his search for answers, heading to Annalise’s house. Nobody is home, but he makes his way in anyway. Given everything that has happened, why doesn’t this lady ever lock her door? Wes finds the paper that says he killed his mom. It brings back the memory of the knife and gets him thinking maybe he may have actually done it. He talks to the therapist, who hypothesizes that he could just be putting his own memory together and the death might have in fact been a suicide.

As the episode ends, Wes finds his mom’s release paper with Eve’s signature on it. Annalise goes to his apartment to talk to him. She puts a note under his door and can see movement inside. Annalise goes into the place in search of Wes. She gets a phone call. It’s Eve letting her know that Wes is at her building trying to find out what her connection to his late mother might be. Annalise wonders if Wes is there, then who may be in his apartment? She tells Eve to call authorities just as a hand grabs her leg.

It’s Phillip! He goes after her … and and we are left wondering what’s next.

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