Dirty Dancing‘s Card Filling Up As Casting Announcements Made

Dirty Dancing
Tony Roberts wil play Borscht Belt resort-owner Max Kellerman in ABC"s remake of Dirty Dancing. The role was originally played by Jack Weston.

We’re updating our cast list as Lionsgate and ABC add more faces to its Dirty Dancing cast. The latest cast member added to the upcoming 3-hour musical special is:

4/8/2016 Tony Roberts is the latest famous face to join the cast of ABC’s upcoming remake of Dirty Dancing. The Law & Order and Annie Hall alum has been cast as “Max Kellerman,” the owner of an idyllic 1960’s Catskills Mountains resort, who worried — even after we had the time of our lives — “You think kids want to come with their parents and take fox-trot lessons?” In the blockbuster 1987 film, the role was played by Jack Weston.

Dirty Dancing
Tony Roberts will play Borscht Belt resort-owner Max Kellerman in ABC’s remake of Dirty Dancing. The role was originally played by Jack Weston.

4/4/2016 Katey Sagal has been cast as oversexed “Bungalow Bunny” Vivian Pressman in ABC’s Dirty Dancing remake. The character is a wealthy divorcee who is enjoying her newfound freedom by lusting after and bedding several of the male employees at Kellerman’s resort. Her desire for dance instructor Johnny Castle (Cole Prattes) turns to jealousy when the bad boy dance instructor turns his affection towards innocent Baby Houseman (Abigail Breslin). In the 1987 film classic, the role was played by assistant choreographer Miranda Garrison.

Dirty Dancing
I’m sure that are many ways that Katey Sagal can play the character Vivian Pressman (originally played by Miranda Garrison), but I can only imagine her as the revival of Peg Bundy.

3/30/16 Trevor Einhorn (Mad Men, Sons & Daughters, Frasier) has been cast as “Neil,” Max Kellerman’s grandson and heir to the family’s Catskill Mountain resort. Skinny, awkward, and tightly wound, Neil considered himself “The Catch of the County,” Neil takes an immediate interest in Baby (Abigail Breslin), which her father strongly supports. The role of Neil was originally played by Lonnie Price.

Dirty Dancing
This geek is going places: Lonnie Price originated the role of progressive, but nerdy Neil Kellerman in Dirty Dancing. The role will be reprised by Trevor Einhorn in ABC’s remake.

3/22/16 Bruce Greenwood (American Crime Story: The People vs. OJ Simpson, Star Trek Into Darkness) has been cast in the role of “Dr. Jake Houseman,” a neighborhood kid who made good, now a well-known, type-A heart surgeon.  A longtime guest of Kellerman’s, Jake does his best to protect his beloved youngest daughter “Baby” as she develops a summer crush on the resort’s dance instructor. The role of Dr. Houseman was originally played by Jerry Orbach.

Dirty Dancing
Only the best for my baby: Over-protective Pop, Dr. Jake Houseman, was originated by Jerry Orbach and will be played by Bruce Greenwood in ABC’s remake.

3/10/16 Shane Harper (Happyland, Awkward.) will play “Robbie,” the charming, but womanizing waiter who “Is going to med school in the fall.” The role was originally played by actor and journalist Max Cantor.

Dirty Dancing
The waiter with his fingers in all the pies: Robbie Gould was originated by Max Cantor and will be reprised in all of his shady glory by Shane Harper.

3/3/16 Billy Dee Williams (Star Wars, Dancing With the Stars) will play “Tito,” the charismatic bandleader of an upscale Catskill Mountain resort. Tito oversees and advises the resort’s musicians and entertainers, and must acquiesce to the changing times. The role of Tito Suarez was originally played by legendary tap dancer Charles “Honi” Coles.

Dirty Dancing
Two Titos: “Honi” Coles played the charismatic bandleader in the 1987 film, and Billy Dee Williams will take on the role in the upcoming ABC musical spectacular.

3/2/16 Modern Family star Sarah Hyland has been tapped to play Lisa Houseman, Baby’s older, ukulele-playing sister. Jane Brucker played the role in the 1987 film.

Dirty Dancing
Lisa Lisa: Lisa Houseman was played by Jane Brucker in he original “Dirty Dancing” and Sarah Hyland will hula into the role in the ABC reboot.

3/1/16 Nicole Scherzinger (Best Time Ever with Neil Patrick Harris, The Pussycat Dolls) has been cast as “Penny,” Johnny’s dance partner who befalls a bit of “trouble” in the film. Cynthia Rhodes played the role in the 1987 film.

Dirty Dancing
Pennys from heaven: Cynthia Rhodes and Nicole Scherzinger strut their stuff as Penny the dancer.

2/23/16Dancer Cole Prattes has been announced as “Johnny” in the ABC adaptation of the 1987 film, Dirty Dancing. The dancer previously rose to fame when he starred in musician P!nk’s music video for her single “Try,” and an equally moving performance during the AMA Awards. Read our previous report on the announcement. The starring role of bad-boy Johnny Castle was made iconic by actor/dancer Patrick Swayze.<

Dirty Dancing
Dancer Colt Prattes will be stepping into the dancebelt formerly occupied by Patrick Swayze.

1/14/16 Emmy-winner Debra Messing (The Mysteries of Laura, Smash, Will & Grace) has snagged the role of “Marjorie Houseman,’” the mother of Baby (Abigail Breslin) and Lisa (Sarah Hyland). The role was played by Broadway legend Kelly Bishop in the 1987 film.

Dirty Dancing
Moms Know Best: Marjorie Houseman was originated by Kelly Bishop and will be reprised by Debra Messing.

12/8/2015 Actress, singer and author Abigail Breslin announced as the star of the upcoming Lionsgate/ABC musical spectacular Dirty Dancing as  Frances ‘Baby’ Houseman. In the role that was originated by actress Jennifer Grey, the independent young woman is vacationing with her affluent family at a 1960’s era resort in the Catskill Mountains when she falls for a bad-boy dance instructor who teachers her to dance…and to love. Breslin was nominated for an Academy Award for her role in 2006’s Little Miss Sunshine, and recently starred in the TV series, Scream Queens.

Dirty Dancing
Pretty Baby: Abagail Breslin will play “Baby Houseman” the role that made Jennifer Grey (and her nose) famous.

Dirty Dancing will be a three-hour filmed musical event and an adaptation of the 1987 hit movie.  Roles still to cast:
Resort-owner Jake Kellerman, originally played by Jack Weston
Slimy waiter Robbie Gould, played by Max Cantor
The thieving Schumachers.

Who would you cast? Perhaps Jerry Stiller and Estelle Harris as the Schumachers?