WWE Total Divas Season 5 Episode 7: Hart of the Matter

Scott Fishman

What’s in a name? A lot when it comes to Natalya on this week’s Total Divas.

Natalya is feeling a little frustrated about not being used more prominently in televised storylines. At the same time, she is questioned by some of her co-workers about why she hasn’t taken husband TJ Wilson’s last name. Natalya feels a deep connection to the Neidhart name and the lineage associated with it. This includes being the niece of Bret Hart and granddaughter of the late family patriarch, Stu Hart. She believes, instead, that  TJ should consider taking her last name and be all progressive and stuff. TJ refuses, feeling it would emasculate him.

Natalya Tyson Total DivasAfter 4 months, Natalya is ready to get back in the thick of things on TV. You can see how much passion she has for WWE — and for wrestling in general. Natalya is back in the grove professionally. Turning back to her personal life, Natalya ultimately decides to keep her last name. However, she will add Wilson to the end of it. She marks the occasion by getting a house mat that says Neidhart-Wilson on it.

Paige has reached a breaking point with her own relationship with Kevin. A WWE performer’s schedule is very demanding with constant travel, stress and responsibilities. This makes it challenging to have a love life, even with someone who is a rock star. Paige and Kevin get into a fight over Paige’s lack of time for him. Paige goes to Alicia’s house for some distance and perspective. When she does head back home to Kevin, there is awkwardness between the two. It’s gotten to a situation where Paige dreads going home from the road, but she wants to try to make things work out between the two. We’ll see how that goes.

Meanwhile Bryan Danielson is in the running for husband of the year. He sends his wife Brie Bella a farmer’s market basket and flowers at work to show he is thinking about her. Brie wants to do something romantic for Bryan, in return. Nikki steps in to help plan a date.

Brie Daniel Total DivasThe date begins with Bryan and Brie getting picked up in a limo with weird lighting and music. Bryan isn’t feeling it. They go out to dinner and Brie picks up the check. Brie feels like the evening is a failure because Bryan did seem to enjoy himself.

Brie comes to the realization she was really doing what Nikki would think is romantic instead of thinking for herself. She gives it another go, only this time taking into account what Bryan would like. She rented an electric car. They begin their drive to a nice outdoor place. She gets him a koala memento, because that apparently, that is a pet name. Bryan loves the meaning behind it and appreciates her efforts.

Rosa Mendes Total DivasRosa Mendes looks for ways to still contribute to WWE during her pregnancy. First she tried her hand at being a backstage interviewer, but Mark Carrano in talent relations doesn’t think it’s a good idea, worrying that it would be putting her in harm’s way, knowing how proceedings can get physical during certain segments.

Rosa tries again, offering to be a social media correspondent. She thinks it’s empowering and sends a positive message to other pregnant women determined to do their job. Rosa gets the green light to do interviews before the shows. Her first assignment is  talking to Heath Slater during a pre-show for SmackDown. She feels on top of the world when it goes well and that she can be productive.

Nikki loses the Diva’s championship to Charlotte after 301 days. She feels she has grown as a female wrestler and performer. She is sad, but knows it’s time to take care of her body. As the season progresses, we find out what that means for Nikki and her career.

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Photos Courtesy: WWE