Survivor recap Episode 3: What is a Super Idol? And who got one? And biggest ego ever!

Survivor Brains tribe Barb Oates

Survivor recap Episode 3: Survivor: Kao Rong: Brains vs. Brawn Vs. Beauty, “Circle of Life,” Season 32, Episode 3 (original airdate March 2, 2016): Brawn headed back to their camp following Tribal Council, with NBA Scot believing they made a bad move voting off Jennifer. He tells Blondie (aka Alecia) that he was the other person who wrote down her name, only because he told Jennifer he would never vote for him — he was being “loyal.” OK, Scot, she isn’t that stupid. Alecia doesn’t buy it and thinks Scot should be the next to go and she just may be in the position to pull it off. But first, let’s do a quick catch up with the others.

Survivor Brains tribe

Catching up with the Brains
Peter and Liz (Elisabeth) talk strategy. Liz thinks she’s got everyone figured out. Debbie lacks drive. She won’t make a move. “She’s like our court jester,” Liz says. She continues to assess the others, saying: Joe seems like he would be a loyal soldier … Aubrey doesn’t want to talk about the game … but Neil is a smart guy and a huge risk to blindside her or Peter when they merge. “I think we’ve got our finger on the pulse,” the egomaniacs assess (that’s Peter and Liz), “we’re playing like bosses right now.” Peter’s so full of himself I can’t stand it. He’s the reason some people hate doctors.
I’m suddenly on team Debbie and that scares me a little. But Debbie’s got her own plan. “My position in this tribe is to sit back, observe, SHUT UP, and gather intel,” she explains. Debbie sees Peter as a narcissist and Liz as a total prima donna, whose primary strategy is to make everyone else work and then take them out. She thinks Liz is the person that needs to go, and tells Joe her plan. “The bomb doors are open, prepare to fire,” Debbie warns. You bomb away Debbie!

Survivor recap episode 3Catching up with Beauty
The adorable Tai is back at pursuing the key to open the box, which the immunity idol is in. Tai misplaces the tool he needs to potentially release the next clue, so – you know – he just whips up his own tool and constructs this ridiculously long (like 15-foot-or-more long) pole to release the next clue that is attached to the top of a palm tree. Nothing in Tai’s life comes easy, he tells the camera — his whole life has been a challenge. But mission accomplished, his plan works and a second clue drops from the tree giving instruction on getting that idol. Easy breezy, Tai gets the idol. He kisses and thanks the tree. But the real surprise is that there is a new twist to the Immunity Idol. If Tai pairs his idol with another idol it can be used as a Super Idol. A Super Idol can be played after the votes have been read!
Other action at the Beauty camp was centered on killing a chicken. Tai treats all living things with great reverence and is deeply saddened after helping kill the chicken with his pal Caleb. While the girls express sympathies towards Tai, personal trainer Nick thinks otherwise – confessing that emotions aren’t part of his game plan. The girls are pretty tight on Beauty, and Anna doesn’t really like Nick, so she approaches Caleb looking for him to join up with them. Caleb is good with the numbers and agrees.

And then there is the Brawn Tribe
The hunt for the Immunity Idol was comical and cutthroat for Brawn. Alecia is out searching with Cydney and finds a clue but Jason sees them. Alecia walks off, leaving time for Cydney to discover the location of the Idol. They head back to camp, and while Alecia goes for water, Cydney goes to Jason and Scot and tells them where to find it. They bolt into the woods and start working on the clue. Jason goes into Bounty Hunter mode taking off like a bat out of hell. He gets clue to the key and he starts working with Scot to get it. “Sure enough, Blondie’s waiting there to try and snatch it,” Jason says. Seriously? Can you blame her? She’s the one who found the clue in the first place. As hard as she tries, Jason got the key and ultimately the Idol. Scot and Jason read through the Super Idol rules and think they are golden.

Immunity Challenge
Tribes need to swim out to a boat and retrieve three bags of rice and maneuver the bags through a short obstacle course. Once they get their bags through they have to cross a balance beam (still holding on to the bags) racing to the beach to complete a hand-eye ball challenge. The winner of the Immunity Challenge gets to choose between either comfort items (pillows and blankets) or emotional items (notes from home and their personal stuffed animals). Beauty tribe easily takes first opting for the comfort items. It’s a tight race for second place but Brawn is able to pull it off and wins the love items sending Brains to Tribal Council.

Tribal Council
Liz thinks losing was a good thing for the egomaniacs (her and Peter). Her idea is to simplify the process for Joe and Debbie and dictate the plan to them – it’s to vote off Neal or Aubry. But Debbie proves she is a total player, and outs Liz’s plan to Neal. “Tribal Council is going to be a total blindside,” Debbie explains, and then asserts. “IT’S GOING TO GET UGLY WHEN WE GET HOME KIDS!” At Tribal Council, Peter is a complete prick — his ugly ego comes out in full force. “It’s not your plan,” Peter tells Neal, in response to a question from Jeff, smiling confidently as if he’s controlling the vote. “Let’s just break this down,” Peter continues, “the guy in the ice cream pants could be a snake in ice cream pants, right? So right now this is the plan, if we want to get Neal or Aubry out, we could just split the vote and forge ahead as the Brains.”
Joe’s mouth drops to the floor. Yeah, he just was that brazen to say that. “Good for him for throwing it all out there,” Debbie coyly adds, knowing damn well his plan is about to implode. Bravo cray, cray Deb!
And just when you think Peter couldn’t get any more arrogant he adds, “Liz and I are both smart people and we thought about everything.” Well, they clearly didn’t think this one through, as when it came time to vote the tally was: 2 votes for Aubry, 2 for Liz and 2 for Peter. Debbie, Joe and Neal got to vote again and it’s Liz who goes home.

Who was voted off Survivor tonight? Liz

The Standings

Brains: “Chan Loh”
Peter Baggenstos (34), ER doctor from Minneapolis
Aubry Bracco (29), social media marketer from Cambridge, Mass.
Joseph Del Campo (72), former FBI agent from Vero Beach, Fla.
Neal Gottlieb (37), ice cream entrepreneur from Sausalito, Calif.
Elisabeth “Liz” Markham (27), qualitative strategist from Brooklyn3rd person voted off
Debbie Wanner (49), chemist from Reading, Pa.

Brawn: “To Tang”
Cydney Gillon (23), body builder from Douglasville, Ga.
Darnell Hamilton (27), postal worker from Chicago 1st person voted off
Alecia Holden (24), real estate agent from Dallas
Kyle Jason (31), bounty hunter from Detroit
Jennifer Lanzetti (38), contractor from Salt Lake City2nd person voted off
Scot Pollard (40), NBA champion from Carmel, Ind.

Beauty: “Gondol”
Michele Fitzgerald (24), bartender from Freehold, New Jersey
Anna Khait (26), pro poker player from Brooklyn
Nick Maiorano (30), personal trainer from Redondo Beach, Calif.
Caleb Reynolds (28), Army veteran from Hopkinsville, Ky. and former Big Brother contestant “Beast Mode Cowboy”
Julia Sokolowski (19), college student from Boston
Tai Trang (51), gardener from San Francisco