Recap: Little Women: Atlanta Episode 6 “Mo Monie, Mo Problems”

Little Woman: Atlanta Episode 6

Little Woman: Atlanta Episode 6In last week’s explosive episode of Little Women: Atlanta, Bri and Emily got into a physical altercation with Andrea and Amanda in club boogalou. Bri and Emily rehash as the viewers get a second look at the ass-filled brewhaha. Bri and Em aren’t’ scared of the wonder twins and resolve to confront them when the group goes out that night.

The Tiny Twins talk about the night before. “If Emily was worried about the baby, what was she doing at a club?” they wonder. They’re confused because they’ve known The Cheeks for over 5 years, and they were friends when they all lived in Texas. While they’re confused that their former friends are now their foes, they chalk up the Cheek’s actions as jealousy. But whatever the reason, they’re not looking forward to seeing everyone that night.

When Bri and Emily (and wooden Wooda) talk to Minnie and Monie outside of the club, Minnie thinks the childish fighting is tomfoolery and tells them they need to get along. Atlanta is too small for turf wars. When the twins show up and battle lines are drawn, Minnie plays referee between the two warring twosomes. In the end, they decide to squash it and have fun.

And now it’s time for everyone’s favorite part of LW:ATL, when we get to see Bri’s adorable son, Malik. Let’s just have a moment and remember what a joy the world is when you’re two years old and you’re at the park … Moment over, because Bri and Wooda have some chatting to do. Bri is using her newfound re-bootcamp strength and trying to stand up for herself. She’s sick of Wooda’s wishy-washiness and wants to resolve the relationship with her on-again, off-again lover. She wants counseling and Wooda refuses to attend for his own benefit. “I don’t need counseling,” he says, “You need counseling.” But he agrees to attend counseling for Bri’s benefit.

But first, one last look at Malik. Awwww!!! Children are the best. Let’s have a playdate with Malik and Andrea’s son, Andre, and we can forget the Tiny-Twins/Cheeks drama, K?

Da Da Da Duuuuh… Monie is returning to the scene of her short-lived career in the beauty industry. But this time she’s returning to Blendz salon as a paying client. Monie has a friend has a new single for his rap song “Hubble Bubble,” and she wants Minnie and the other ladies to participate. The song is an ode to twerking derrières and guaranteed to be a classic.

For their counseling, session Bri and Wooda will be turning to Pastor Calvin and his lovely wife Wendy, for guidance. Their re-bootcamp has really inspired Bri to make positive changes in her life. Calvin and Wendy have grown on me, and I can’t believe that they sit through their session without shaking their heads at the B.S. that comes out of Wooda’s mouth.

Bri wants her son to grow up in a family with parents in a committed relationship, but Wooda’s in sexual relationships with at least one other woman. He’s so gross. Bri, please find a man who is worth your wile. There are men who will raise Malik as their own son and give you the love you deserve. “He’s a great guy, but don’t you think you can do better with somebody who wants to be with you?” Hold up-what has Wooda done to warrant the phrase “he’s a good guy?” He’s not a good guy. He may be a fine parent, but he’s not a good “Guy.” He treats the mother of his child like garbage. That’s not admirable. Wendy adds, “You have the whole package to make somebody happy. You are settling for less than you deserve.” Yes! Yes, Wendy!! My new favorite relationship gurus leave Bri and Wooda alone to talk and Bri decides it’s time for her to move out. And I am so happy that I stuff chocolate in my mouth.

That night, Bri packs and prepares to move in with Emily. And the cutest child in the world entertains everyone until Monie texts with an offer to be in their friend Turb’s music video. They agree to be in it, even though they’re not getting paid.

So we’re doing another Little Women video? Because we did one in Season 1 of LW:LA. ‘Member that? Lots of feelings got hurt. And this time, the director doesn’t want Minnie to be in the music video. He saus it’s because of her “Look,” but Minnie thinks it’s because of her size. Monie also reveals that there are going to be average-sized women in the video too, which makes her think that the other little women are going to be a circus act. Although Minnie isn’t in the video, she agrees to come to the shoot to make sure thee video is empowering her friends, and not exploiting them.

Now that Bri has moved out (and hopefully moved on), her mom and brother come for a visit. Darling Malik is thrilled to see his Mamaw and Uncle Justin. Bri’s mom is also a little person, so Bri grew up with a strong role model. Her family is glad to hear that she’s done with Wooda, because Justin clearly thinks Wooda’s a grade-A loser. (but he still uses the placating phrase, “He’s a good guy” which makes me want to scream. Please save that phrase for people who are doing good, not people who expect praise for a minimal investment in a relationship).

It’s Emily’s second ultrasound and Lontel has showed up for this appointment. Bri and her man are working on their relationship, and she hopes that seeing their baby in an ultrasound, he’ll become more involved and committed to the relationship. He’s shocked, and it looks like he’s already fallen in love with his child.

Emily’s awesome OBGYN encourages her to more drink water and informs Emily that her blood pressure is dangerously high. She needs to take better care of herself for her and her baby’s sake.

Bri’s mom Jen reveals that Bri’s dad treated her the same way that Wooda treats Bri. Clearly this is a cycle of abuse that Bri needs to end to ensure that Malik grows up having healthy relationships.

At the video shoot, Monie goes over the tone of the shoot with the director. Emily arrives and thinks the shoot looks shady. She’s a pro and has done enough work to know what the terms “In Perpetuity” means when licensing images. The shoot is bad for her image and career and Emily gives the other women a quick lesson in contract law so they can make their own choices. Mad props for Emily — she’s a smart cookie — maybe she should consider a legal career! The more the women talk, the more they feel that this is a rinky-dink production that could exploit them.

Out on the “set,” Turb and the director assure Monie that they’re legit, but he keeps forgetting Monie’s name. He’s shooting the video (on a SLR camera) and keeps calling Monie “Brittany” (note: her real name is Tiffany) and the Tiny Twins, “The Doublemint Twins.” When the women complain about their treatment, the director dismisses them and pulls in an average-size woman. “I don’t chase … I replace,” the director says.

The women are appalled and leave the shoot. Good riddance! That shoot was crap, the only sad thing is not I want to see video terrible the video is. I couldn’t find the video, but I’ve got to admit, the NSFW song “Hubble Bubble” is catchy. Check out track #18

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