Preview: Face Off Season 10 episode 8: Smoke and Mirrors

Rob's createive process Face Off Season 10 episode 8 Channel Guide Contributor

Channel Guide Magazine has received another exclusive preview clip of this week’s episode of Face Off.

This week’s episode is Smoke and Mirrors: Inspired by fairy tales, the artists must transform beautiful models into their ancient, evil selves revealed against a magic mirror.

In this clip, Rob is struggling with his face sculpt. His character is female and he thinks his sculpture is reading too male. He calls on Anna and Mel for help. Where on some other reality shows, this might spark a passive-aggressive reaction either in the workroom or in snarky confessional commentary.

But not here. Mel & Anna give Rob some suggestions for softening his sculpt. Have a look for yourself:

Tune In: Face Off airs Wednesdays at 9/8C on Syfy.