Face Off Season 10 episode 8 recap: Smoke and Mirrors

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Face Off Season 10 episode 8 has the artists dealing with Smoke & Mirrors. The artists have to turn their beautifully made up model queens/sorceresses into the ‘true’ evil version of herself. They get several styles of witches to choose from. Here’s who the artists selected:

Queens Face Off Season 10 episode 8

Rob – Dragon Queen
Walter – Emerald Empress
Robert – The Sea Witch (although he names her Darkness of the Sea in Latin)
Melissa – Wiccan of the Woods
Anna – The Shadow Enchantress
Mel – The Temptress of Flame
Yvonne – The Corpse Conjurer

This week Rob is having a freakout, questioning all of his choices. Anna and Melissa are aware of the fact that neither of them have done both a cowl and face sculpt on their own yet in this competition. So we’ve got some time management concerns, even more so than usual.

Anna’s cowl mold is taking too long & she hasn’t started her face piece yet. Robert decides he wants a gelatin eel for his Sea Witch. What Sea Witch doesn’t have a gelatin eel?

Robert also lets the other artists know he summons demons into his sculptures to help him & if he doesn’t do well they will take his soul. They’re all a little punchy.

Mel, Melissa, Walter are the mediocre middle this week, and they’re all fine with that. The judges didn’t think Mel’s piece looked like flames. They had no idea what was going on with Melissa’s character and questioned most of Walter’s color choices. So yay! With feedback like that, the middle is  a great place to be this week.

Mel Face Off Season 10 episode 8
Mel’s Makeup
Melissa Face Off Season 10 episode 8
Melissa’s Makeup
Walter Face Off Season 10 episode 8
Walter’s Makeup

Yvonne and Rob are in the top.

Yvonne Face Off Season 10 episode 8
Yvonne’s Makeup

The judges loved how Yvonne managed to keep her model pretty (ok, so maybe this screengrab isn’t the best example of that) while looking like a skin skeleton. Rob got high marks for his back sculpture and color choices.

Rob Face Off Season 10 episode 8
Rob’s makeup

Robert and Anna are in the bottom.

Robert Face Off Season 10 episode 8
Robert’s Makeup

The judges didn’t like the in-transitionness of Robert’s design. And Anna’s just looked… bad.

Anna Face Off Season 10 episode 8
OMG – It’s Sharon Needles as Maleficent! No?

Rob ends up winning yet again. He’s our first contestant to win 3 challenges, so right now Rob is the one to beat. There are no guarantees on Face Off, though.

And Anna is sent home. Did you agree with her elimination? Should Robert have gone instead?


  1. Hey Ruthie,

    First things first, No way should Robert have went home, if he had done a FULL face make-up instead of doing a transition, I think he would’ve been in the middle…a little creature of the black lagoon-ish but still we know the kind of work he does.

    The Middle was the middle, I like their makeups but it didn’t all fit, like Mel’s didn’t look like fire, melissa’s vines kinda looked more like wires, and I actually didn’t mind Walter’s. He usually is in the middle for me but I liked his. Kinda wish he had emerald teeth too.

    Robs really was the best, the detail to the back with the spines, and the horns, I was like YES! And I did like Yvonne’s but I have to admit it kinda looked like Roger the alien from American Dad! google it and tell me it doesn’t…just a little bit!

    Anna…I wish she didn’t go home yet but of all the things she could could’ve done with shadows, it just wasn’t impressive as all the others, it was just a black tips to white face makeup…she could’ve done better. But I hope we see her in the redemption season.

    • Yvonne’s is like the skull version of Roger from American Dad – I can see a bit of the resemblance.

      I think Anna’s biggest problem was just how big she made her model’s head. It got cartoony instead of witchy-sexy-scary. Cartoony was not what the judges were going for. We’re getting down to the wire, so any little mistake can send these talented people home.

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