H2 Becomes Viceland; H2 Shows Now On History

In case you missed it H2 became the new channel Viceland on Feb. 29 (yesterday). For more information on the new channel check out https://www.channelguidemag.com/2016/02/29/h2-becomes-viceland-feb-29/ Or visit: www.viceland.com

Currently, the word is that History will be airing shows (including Ancient Aliens, The Universe and Modern Marvels) that previously were on H2.


Premiering tonight on Viceland are:

Goldbaum_Noisey_webNoisey: An original music documentary series featuring correspondent Zach Goldbaum getting a firsthand look into the most interesting music scenes in America and around the world. Each episode focuses on a single city – from Compton, to Chicago, Miami, Las Vegas, Toronto, London, Sao Paolo and beyond – closely following the artists that are defining music today, while reflecting and reacting to the socio-political issues within that culture. (10pm ET)


WEEDIQUETTE_webWeediquette: Correspondent Krishna  Andavolu explores the impact of marijuana legalization across the U.S. and internationally, examining how people on all sides of this issue are dealing with the growing popularity and acceptance of this remarkable little plant. From doctors looking for radical new therapies, to veterans experimenting with marijuana as a PTSD cure, from the small farmers of the “Emerald Triangle”, to the encroaching “factory farmers,” everyone has a story to tell. (11pm ET)

Viceland’s premiere lineup for the rest of this week: Gaycation, Balls Deep (March 2 at 10 and 11pm); F*ck, That’s Delicious, Flophouse (March 3 at 10 and 10:30pm).

Viceland is available on Channel 121 on Dish; Channel 271 on DTV; Channel 257 on AT&T and Channel 127 on Verizon. Otherwise, because channel lineups vary from region to region, checking your local listings or try Google for information on where to find the channel in your area.

Images: Courtesy of Viceland


  1. How am I going to watch the new season of ancient aliens?? I upgraded my package to include H2 when ancient aliens switched channels now you’ve dropped it? So mad thinking about cancelling my service after 8 years.

  2. It’s been said they want the under 30 demo, but I’m in my 50’s and I’m twice as irresponsible with spending than any 25 year old, and I now have the money to do it. You want to sell stuff, bring back H2, because I’ll never, ever watch VICE!

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