5 Things You Must Know About Ms. Juicy From “Little Women: Atlanta”

Miss Juicy Kellie Freeze
Miss Juicy is trying to be your friend, but you gotta be real.

Ms. JuicyMs. Juicy, the polarizing star of Little Woman: Atlanta has a storied background in the entertainment industry. She’s not even one of the series’ regular cast members, but in the first half of  the season, she has inserted herself into much of the show’s drama, that we can’t even think of her not being a part of the show. Her outspokenness has made her perpetually quotable, and earned her legions of new fans — and plenty of detractors. We had an in-depth interview with Ms. Juicy, and here we break down some of the tastiest morsels into some bite-sized, must-know facts about the Queen of Atlanta.

1. She’s been acting for almost 2 decades.
“I’ve been acting for over 19 years. I started with Mr. Shelly Garrett, who is the godfather of black playwrights. From there, I’ve done eight plays, production, traveling plays, appeared in Fred Hammond’s Christmas, Who Needs It?, which is a movie. When I moved … I’m here, now in Atlanta. I’m originally from Corsicana, Texas, and I moved here about six years ago, with the Rickey Smiley Morning Show. I’ve been on Rickey Smiley for eight years on the radio show.”

2. Her nickname came from her tattoo.
“We all have names on the show, whether it’s our real names or what. When I first started working with Rickey about eight years ago, he was trying to think of a name for me, and I had a tattoo that says, ‘Juicy Enuff.’ So that’s originally where the name came from … We were trying to think of something original, and the name that he wanted to name me was not original. Then a co-host said, ‘Why don’t you name her ‘Juicy’? That’s what her tattoo says.’ Rickey was like, “Yeah, that sounds great!”

3. She IS the queen of the Atlantic club scene.
“I am a personality on the Rickey Smiley Morning Show, so I am out and about all the time. I’m meeting celebrities and regular people. I am always in the mix of everything. I’m just representing Atlanta since I’ve been here; just straight representing and hosting different events here and there, around town. I’m all over! As a matter of fact, because we are a syndicated radio show, I’m all over the world. But you know, I’ve named it and claimed it! I’m no stranger. I’m no stranger to the club scene at all.”

4. She has a catchphrase.
I have a back-to-school event every year for the children, and all the kids say that catchphrase. I have videos of kids doing it. It’s really, really awesome.”
“Well, I love Keri Hilston. She one, who always gets her fair share, and, at the end of her songs, she sings, [singing] ‘Ms. Carrie, baby.’ I was like,‘Yeah. Well, that’s my name anyway, Juicy, Baby. So I’m going to do it too, but in my tone.’ And that’s what I’ve been doing ever since. People just gravitated to it.”

5. She loves her fans and her haters.
“My haters are my motivators. That’s what I would say to them. And to #TeamJuicy— I’ll say, ‘keep supporting me! Thank you. I appreciate you.’ [singing] It’s Ms. Juicy, baby!”

Also in my interview with the diva, she revealed that although her frenemy Miss Minnie was lying about her relationship with Atlanta rapper, Pastor Troy, she didn’t intend to make Minnie look bad. She was simply trying to prevent her friend for telling a fib she’d regret.

And when I asked Ms. Juicy about Monie, who entire drink on the diva’s freshly done ‘do in Episode 4, Ms. Juicy surprised me by saying, “I’m not even mad at Monie.” After I picked my jaw up from the floor, she explained. “I was mad at her then for getting my hair wet because my hair is everything … I was very pissed off about that, but for the reason that she was doing, she was sticking up for her friend. I told her, “I probably would have did the same thing.” I probably would have did the same thing if it was me, but I probably won’t do it with no drink, because I’m more of a classier person than that, but I would have stood up for my friend.”


  1. I love you on little women because you keep it all the way real with the ladies & you dont bite your tongue…you have my support MS.JUICY BBAAABBBYYYY!!!

  2. Ms. Juicy is a natural. Her personality alone speaks for itself, known for always keeping laughter in the air. There’s never a dull moment when she’s in the room. I Send love and support for her always… Juicy’s classmate
    Lisa Carter-Ellison.

  3. Go ahead on Mrs Queen Juicy girl,house hold name in our house before them little women love ya ,tammy and travis

  4. Congratulations Juicy, From your Fans from the Can (Corsicana Texas) we were Proud of you from being on the Radio in Dallas tx and continue to be your #1 Fans Keep Doing What You Do. And for those who don’t know you I would like to say your always the same funny energetic and down to earth you’ve never let your fame, money or who you know change you thanks for that

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