The Walking Dead Season 6 episode 11 recap – Do We Got A Friend in Jesus?

Tom Payne as Jesus - The Walking Dead _ Season 6, Episode 11 - Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC
Tom Payne as Jesus – The Walking Dead _ Season 6, Episode 11 – Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC

Do we?

Last week, we were left with the naked bums of Michonne and Rick as they hopped out of the sack, weapons in hand, to address Paul’s visit to their “honey-MOON” suite, or whatever you wanna call it. I’m calling it weird, but the rest of the world seems to be into the Richonne thing. I get it, but it’s still causing me some discomfort … kind of like a tiny pebble in my favorite pair of trusty worn old sneakers.

Whatever. I’m weird. Sorry world. I just think this situation is sorta, well, incestuous. I’ve viewed Rick and Michonne as kindred warriors, which probably lends to the perfect union, but in my small mind (which I now have, thanks to Twitter) it’s akin to kin going at it. I promise to beat myself into submission … I must … Carl’s even okay with it. So who am I to be all pouty? I’m not even on the damn show!

So, yeah, the episode! Sasha and Abe walk back into Alexandria … the brave new world. Conversation is light, and it’s obvious Abraham digs her, but she’s starting a new shift to distance herself from him … under the guise of Eugene wanting to take on more responsibility. It’s obvious, as they part, that Sasha needs the space.

Next nudie scene … Abraham in bed with Rosita … but he’s still got his mind on Sasha. I see a broken heart in Rosita’s future.

Meanwhile, Glenn and Maggie are still trying to deal with the very bleak food situation. The sorghum incident was a big blow.

Now, back to Jesus. Dreamy Jesus … he’s totally dreamy … has things and stuff that Rick’s posse needs. Once everyone is clothed and composed, Paul gets the floor for the talk he’s been dying to have. He quickly and successfully broke out of his locked up brownstone and assessed Alexandria’s situation. He knows how many mouths must be fed and just how empty the pantry is. He also knows just how full the armory is. Paul sees an opportunity. They’re on the same side: “The living side.” No matter how stubborn Rick may be, Paul’s knowledge and skills MUST be taken seriously.

Food is important, and Paul’s group has figured out how to make sure they have it. They’ve even got LIVESTOCK! POW! Survey says real meat is far better than Spam. And Rick’s group has an armory to die for … pardon the pun. Meat and guns. Paul suggests that Rick consider visiting Paul’s people at The Hilltop. Alexandria’s “world’s about to get a whole lot bigger.”

I like the name Hilltop. It sounds super innocuous, which is good. My fingernails like the fact that I’m not chewing them off for the second Sunday in a row! Why is everything so good?

Oh, yeah … it’s good because next week will be chock full of shock. I shook the magic eight-ball, and it said, “It is certain.” We’re in for it next week.

Despite Daryl’s grumblings, Rick agrees to take his people to meet the Hilltop gang. Before they go, Denise gives Daryl a protein bar that looks, literally, like sh-t. Rick talks to Carl about Richonne, and Carl is cool. He stays back with Judith, and the rest head out.

Abraham looks pensive. Glenn rests his hand on Maggie’s belly. Abraham asks if he and Maggie tried to make “pancakes” when pouring “the Bisquick.” He can’t understand the reasoning behind reproduction in the state of the world. Well, without it, there won’t be any world, so … that … Abraham.

On the way there, they come across some zombified Hilltoppers. Jesus is clearly shaken by this, and his character becomes less questionable. Seeing his own turned clearly upsets him, but then again, he does seem to play the part of a trickster. Should we trust this guy? I want to because he’s got big blue eyes, but I’ve mentioned my shallow nature before … so gullible.

Andrew Lincoln as Rick Grimes and Tom Payne as Jesus – The Walking Dead – Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC

Paul thinks survivors from his community may be inside a nearby building. Rick and the gang think it might be a trap. Several of the Grimes group hold guns on Jesus until they’re told otherwise. Jesus wants to join them, but is content to wait. He knows things they don’t … it’s becoming more apparent that he may know a lot more than they give him credit for.

A survivor is taken from this fray. He is a doctor, Harlan, who specializes in gynecology. Immediately, Maggie’s interest is piqued. If he is speaking the truth, he is someone Maggie desperately needs. Denise might be getting it together, but Maggie isn’t taking chances. We can only hope he’s not full of sh-t.

As they continue on to The Hilltop, Rick’s RV becomes stuck in the mud, but they happen to be stuck right outside Paul’s community. How convenient!

The Hilltop is surrounded by sturdy walls. Rick is impressed. Inside those walls are people who greet the newcomers with the same distrust and aggression to which we’ve become so accustomed. Jesus assures his people that the Grime’s gang is A-OK. Paul asks Cal to open the gates. Jesus trusts Rick’s crew … he wants them to trust him. They make it inside.

The Walking Dead — Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC

Barrington House is their headquarters. Its placement and height are perfect for security; they can see for miles. The surrounding houses are FEMA trailers. They plan to keep expanding; there are babies being born. Life goes on in The Hilltop Community.

Inside Barrington House, they meet Gregory, the leader of Hilltop. He is immediately arrogant and tells the Grimes group to clean up … they need to keep Hilltop clean. Rick’s not impressed.

Rick knows his limitations, and knows that he cannot negotiate with Gregory, who possesses the same stubbornness as himself. Rick asks Maggie to lead the conversation, and Maggie does so … brilliantly … she is, after-all, desperate to receive the medical care she needs in her delicate condition.

Gregory thanks Maggie and her group for saving their doctor. Maggie questions him about how they’ve survived. Gregory knows he’s got the food and they’ve got the guns, so he’ll help, but for a price. He will let the Grimey Alexandrians “work” for what they need … and then he hits on her, which is totally slimy. He keeps getting her name wrong … Natalie. What a douche! Maggie isn’t having his arrogance and stands her ground. She know he needs ammo and medicine just as much as her group needs food. She’s not going to stand down.

Lauren Cohan as Maggie Greene and Xander Berkeley as Gregory – The Walking Dead _ Season 6, Episode 11 – Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC

Jesus is aware of what is going on. He is aware that Gregory is being a douche because their need for protection isn’t immediate. He asks for a few days, seeing into the future and knowing that the sh-t isn’t far from hitting the fan.

One of Negan’s bitches stops by to let Gregory know, with a knife to the gut, that The Hilltop isn’t providing enough. Rick remedies this situation by “shooting the messenger.” Blood is shed, but it’s bad-guy blood, and if anything, it makes the Grimes Gang more credible. Rick did, after all, save Gregory. He may be more willing to listen to Maggie — and get her name right — the next time.

Negan has made his presence known to the Hilltoppers. The Hilltoppers have been providing Negan and his Savior ilk with sustenance in exchange for protection. As it is with all bullies, his demands for the Hilltoppers’ lunch money far exceeds anything he’s willing to do for them. Negan has been naught but a nuisance to the Hilltoppers. He made his presence known by killing a 16-year-old member of the Hilltoppers and he has taken another captive. Gregory isn’t good with standing up to Negan. Rick will take Negan on. It’s something he and his group can do and Paul knows this.

Gregory wants to talk to Maggie when he comes to. He’s ridiculously whiny and still reluctant to work with the Grimes gang — the arrogance is unbelievable in his situation. Maggie insists she’ll save the captive Craig AND deal with Negan at the same time. Gregory is finally willing to give in. Maggie tells him she gets half of all they have immediately, because she knows that they have no ammo and no fighters. On top of that, Maggie wants her doctor.

Craig’s brother joins Rick and the gang on the Negan mission. He has information, and he wants his brother returned unharmed. What will the coming confrontation bring us, people?

As they leave with a lot of loot, the plan is being put in motion. Rick says, “We’ll win … we have to.” Michonne agrees. I agree. I’m still scared.

As the episode ends, Maggie gets her ultrasound. There is a picture of the future, and it is passed about the RV. Reactions are different, but Abraham smiles. Maybe pancakes aren’t so bad after all.

So. Negan’s coming. Will the Grimey Alexandrians and the Hilltoppers get it together before he does? Man, I hope so. And allow me to say this one more time … dead Daryl means one less viewer for sure. Mergh!

So, another week has come to pass and I have questions! Comments! Fire away!

  • Is Carl really okay with Richonne?
  • Will Richonne become enough of a distraction to weaken two of our best warriors?
  • Is Jesus alright with you?
  • Is the union between Hilltop and Alexandria going to work out?
  • If anything happens to Daryl, will you join me with torches on the steps of AMC?

Let us discuss!

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