The Mother/Daughter Experiment: Celebrity Edition — A Different Type of Mama Drama

Mother Daughter Experiment Andrea Verschage
Heidi Montag Pratt (R) and her mom, Darlene Egelhoff

When you throw 12 women into one house, you’re bound to get drama — that’s just a fact. When those 12 women are sets of mothers and daughters, things get more complicated. When those mother-daughter pairs are celebrities, you’d better get ready to hear a lot of bleeped-out words and watch some catfights. 😼

The Mother/Daughter Experiment: Celebrity Edition is coming to Lifetime on March 1. This is not to be confused with the regular Mother/Daughter Experiment, which, uh, doesn’t exist. (The “Celebrity Edition” thing really threw me for a loop.) I couldn’t care less about regular mother-daughter problems. I also couldn’t care less about celebrity mother-daughter problems, but watching them try to handle said problems … well, get out the popcorn.

MotherDaughter Experiment
There will be tears. Oh yes, there will be tears.

I screened the first episode — it’s definitely a guilty pleasure. I won’t spoil it. (But I will recap it, tomorrow night, and you can find it right here! So come on back to the blog and get snarky with me.) In the first episode, some of the women throw shade at each other, which is fun; some of the daughters throw shade at their own moms, which is even better. Throughout this series, under the direction of a counselor (Dr. Debbie Magids), the trainwrecks women will live together in perfect harmony in a house and attend group therapy to repair some of their issues, many of which stem from their fame.

Here are the pairs:

  • Heidi Montag Pratt (The Hills) and her mom, Darlene Egelhoff. Remember when Heidi got all that plastic surgery years ago, and went from being a very pretty person to being a very pretty person who looked nothing like she used to? Mom was vocal about that, and it hurt Heidi. So there’s that to contend with.
MotherDaughter Experiment
Heidi Montag Pratt (R) and her mom, Darlene Egelhoff
  • Kim Richards (The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills) and her daughter, Kimberly Jackson. If you know anything at all about Kim Richards, you can probably already guess that the main beef here is that the daughter has to do the mothering in this relationship.
  • Natalie Nunn (Bad Girls Club) and her mom, Karen Nunn. Natalie is wild, their relationship is dysfunctional, yada yada yada. These two seem like they’ll be fun to watch.
  • Courtney Stodden (Couples Therapy) and her mom, Krista Keller. Courtney’s fame doesn’t come from being on Couples Therapy (on VH1) a few years back. Courtney’s fame comes from marrying a much older semi-famous dude when she was 16. (She also apparently has a “solo” sex tape. That’s a euphemism for masturba–never mind. You get it.) She says her mom wanted to get with her husband, and therein lies the drama.
MotherDaughter Experiment
Courtney Stodden (R) and her mom, Krista (L).
  • Shar Jackson (Moesha) and her daughter, Cassie Jackson. Let’s be real here, Shar was on Moesha but we really know her as the woman Kevin Federline left for Britney Spears. Ugh, I could’ve gone the rest of my life without thinking about K-Fed, but I’m sure his name will come up now and then through the show. Shar is overprotective of Cassie.
  • Jessica Canseco (Hollywood Exes) and her daughter, Josie Canseco. You know Jessica’s last name because she was married to Jose Canseco for 3 years. If you don’t know who Jose Canseco is, congratulations, the rock you live under is even bigger than mine. (I admit it – I had to look a few of the aforementioned celebs up because I am an under-rock dweller. 😳) Jessica wrote a book about being a baseball wife, and appeared in Playboy. Her daughter wasn’t raised with many boundaries, and that’s becoming more and more apparent as Josie grows up.


This is going to be one big melting pot of botox, you guys! The Mother/Daughter Experiement: Celebrity Edition airs Tuesdays at 10pm ET/9pm CT on Lifetime, starting March 1.



Photos courtesy of Lifetime/A&E Television Networks © 2016. Photo credit Karolina Wojtasik

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  1. I wanna be on the show! The only thing different from my daughter, Laney/23 yrs young, we get along just great! She went to New Orleans to attend UNO! And she did…..did! She got depressed, didn’t tell me at that time. It hurt so bad for me to be needed and I’m 3+hours away in Alexandria, LA.

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