John Oliver takes a giant Drumpf on Donald Trump in latest “Last Week Tonight” clip

Jeff Pfeiffer

In a much more funny, generally more mature and cerebral take than the approach taken by those who would accuse Donald Trump of peeing his pants, or of basically having a small penis, John Oliver, in his imitable fashion, finally tackled The Donald after purposely avoiding him on his HBO show, Last Week Tonight.


In case you didn’t see Oliver’s takedown of the man he compares to a back mole — something you might ignore until it becomes so big, scary-looking and out of control that you must deal with it — last night because you were watching the Oscars, it’s worth a look, and it has spawned the #MakeDonaldDrumpfAgain trend on Twitter (it currently is still the No. 2 trend in the United States).

Whether or not this has an impact on Trump’s apparently inevitable trajectory toward the Republican presidential nomination, or on his supporters’ loyalty, will be seen, but, man, it is satisfying, nonetheless.