Jane the Virgin Chapter 35 recap: Owning Your Choice

Amanda Watter

On last week’s episode of Jane the Virgin, we saw Michael confess his love for Jane and she told him that she loved him back. Is he really the one? Has Jane finally figured out her one? Now that the two have spent 216 days apart, they have a lot to catch up on. Such topics include Michael not really having a girlfriend and Jane sort of having dating her Professor. There are happy things they were able to talk about such as little Mateo growing up and the two sharing kisses all night long. However, Jane knows that all good things must come to an end and that means talking about Rafael. The two will eventually have to talk to each other but Jane wants to be the first one to talk to Rafael. I don’t think Rafael will take this lightly.

Jane gets straight to the point when she meets with Rafael. She tells him that Michael still loves her and she still loves him. I want to cry for Rafael because I know that’s what he wants to do in that very moment. All he can tell her is no, she can pick anyone but Michael. She continues to say that she doesn’t love anyone but him. Ouch! That had to cut Rafael deep. Jane argues that while Petra was dangerous for their family, she played nice and even hosted a baby shower for her. Since Rafael knows that Jane is right, he agrees to have lunch with Michael. Let’s hope they can both act like gentleman and no one gets hurt again.

Luisa has really dug a hole for herself now. She’s a recovered alcoholic but with everything she’s been through, she’s returned to alcohol for the pain. In fact, she’s been stealing alcohol from the hotel which made Scott think that Lina was the culprit. Jane and Lina catch Luisa in the act but Luisa’s glad that they did because she knows she needs to stop. Why can’t Rafael just talk to her like he is with Michael? She needs support.

So Michael gave Rafael a sincere apology but that might have been because Jane scripted the whole thing. Right after the apology, Rafael lets his true feelings out and compares Michael to a cockroach who keeps coming back where he doesn’t belong. That lunch only lasted about five minutes before Rafael gets up and leaves. You can’t blame the guy! Someone is trying to step into the relationship, take his girl and possibly play a father figure for Mateo. Plus, Rafael still loves Jane. He’s already told her but she’s picked someone else over him.

JTV213-Jane-Rafael-MateoRogelio has a stalker! To make things worse, he’s hired her as his new assistant but doesn’t know it because she’s changed her name to Paola. Rogelio’s new assistant is actually his old pen pal Lola, who he once told all his secrets to. She was in prison for ten years but now that time has passed and without his knowing, Rogelio has hired this underwear sniffing stalker. I wonder how Xo would feel about that?

At Mateo’s first swim class, Rafael tells Jane that he might be jealous of Michael but that’s not what this is all about. It’s about Mateo’s safety. Michael has always made dangerous choices with his job which puts Mateo’s safety at risk. I have to admit, Rafael is right.

Remember how Rogelio and Xo broke up in last week’s episode? Well you can forget about the two having any harsh feelings towards each other. In fact, the two slept together and Rogelio had to try and sneak out of the house like a teenager. Jane saw him running out of the house and told Xo that Rogelio is still clinging onto hope that she’ll change her mind about having kids. I just want Rogelio and Xo to get back together.

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Michael texts Jane to ask how things went with Rafael at Mateo’s swim lesson. She tells him what Rafael said about how he thinks Michael’s job puts Mateo at too much of a risk. Michael immediately texts back that he’ll quit. Jane calls Michael and tells him to not quit his job but Michael is serious. He says he’s not going to lose her again so if he needs to quit his job, he will. Wow, didn’t think they’d pull that one on us!

Oh no! Rafael can’t handle the pain when Jane visits him one last time to tell him that she’s made her choice and it’s Michael. He even begins to cry which makes my heart break but that all quickly changes. Rafael goes to see Petra and tries to make a move on her, playing it off that he wants to be there for her and the babies once they come. However, Petra is a smart girl and realizes that Jane must have told him that she doesn’t want to be with him. She also tells him that she’s no one’s second choice so Rafael leaves. Not knowing what to do since he’s heartbroken and being rejected, Rafael turns to some stranger at the bar. Looks like he’s back to his old Playboy days.

Paola has really outdone herself. When Rogelio comes home, he finds Paola sitting on his couch in the dark. He thinks it’s a relief because it’s not some creepy stalker but that’s exactly who it is. She shows Rogelio all the new locks, security system and gates she’s installed on the windows so no one can get out. That’s when Paola reveals her true identity and Rogelio knows that he’s in trouble. Will he escape or will this be a new telenovela version of Room?

What were your thoughts on this episode of Jane the Virgin? Do you think Jane is making the right choice by sticking with Michael? Do you think Michael will really quit his job for Jane? I don’t think I could ask for someone to quit their job, especially since Michael isn’t Mateo’s father. I guess that’s what true love is? Will Rogelio and Xo ever get back together? Why do you think Rafael felt the need to run off and find someone to hook up with right after Jane told him that she’s made her decision? That really made me want to switch teams but I’m hoping that he’ll wake up and realize that he just can’t stop fighting. Will Petra ever find her Prince Charming? Leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

Jane the Virgin airs Mondays at 9/8CT on The CW.

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  1. NO, NO, NO to Michael. Why can’t the writers see that majority of viewers are rooting for the father of Jane’s son?

  2. I am glad to see I am not the only disliking Jane’s return to Michael. I think she and Rafael made a better couple. Petra may have upped the ante by having Rafael’s twins, and I know they are trying to make her character more sympathetic, but it is not working for me.

    I like Rafael. I want Rafael for Jane.

    • Still rooting for Jane and Rafael. Please, please, please. Stop forcing us to like Michael for Jane. You writers might like Michael for Jane, but we viewers like Rafael for Jane. He is the father of Mateo anyway. Why not just remain a true telenovela and make them one big happy family 🙂

  3. I feel the same way they gave him no time with Jane They all favor Michael. They have no problem saying that they all suck because she should marry tha baby’s father . I hope the writers read this and see how the fans favar Rafael on the show the hole cast don’t like Rafael but I don’t know y he truly loves Jane he’s so good to her. they made Jane such a bitch!!! This season . When is she gonna find out that michael was never fired I hope that the twins aren’t his. They should have Petra and Michael fall in love that would bring in the rating. Rafael and Jane!!!!!!!!!!

  4. I can not stand the relationship between Michael and Jane!!!!! The only reason I will continue to watch is for Jaime Camil, if he was not part of this show I most certainly would have stopped watching, because the writers choose the wrong guy. They celebrate a broken home, something this society has way too much of. Having a family stay together because of love not out of obligation would help the Hispanic community be celebrated. By celebrating a single mother choosing someone other than the biological father, only helps fuel the negative image Latinos have in this country. I am saddened by this choice, just don not hurt my Jaime or the show will most likely be canceled.

  5. I’m disappointed in how the storyline has gone for Jane and Rafael. I hope that they will find there way back to each other but for now I’m gonna stop watching and hope there will be a chance for that to happen on the show unless it gets cancelled.

  6. Also, I don’t think you should be hard on Rafael for running off and sleeping with someone… Jane clearly said she doesn’t want him, and neither does Petra. He has every right to try and make himself feel better after being rejected twice and besides it’s not like he’s Jane’s anymore, the writers have really fucked up his life

    • I don’t think I was being hard on Rafael. I just stated that it appeared he was going back to his earlier days. He does have every right to make himself feel better, but will sleeping with some random girl really fulfill that emptiness he’s feeling? He loves Jane and needs to continue fighting for her. If he did sleep with this girl from the bar, that’s something he’s going to have to apologize for or hide from Jane if they get back together. I think the writers have a reason for what they’re doing. We’ll just have to be patient and see.

      • Well it appears that Jane is going back to her earlier days also with Michael. I don’t think Rafael needs to apologize to Jane about anything. She made her feeling clear. How many times does she have to shut him down before he moves on. Clearly it is time, albeit with some random chick or NOT. It is not so much that Rafael loves Jane but the heartbreaking part is that he thinks that he is being replaced as far as his son is concerned, with Michael being the present step-father. Rafael has said numerous times that being a “present father” is important to him. He wanted to be there as his child grows, watch him as he sleep, wake up in the morning and see him; not just when he babysits or his days with Mateo. It unfortunate that he had a baby with someone as needy and shallow and connected to someone else as Jane. Rafael did not pursue Jane, this was all accidental and she makes that clear every time she tell the story. It was a mistake but Rafael tried to make the best of it. #Giverafaelabreak.

  7. I hate jane the virgin, the writers seriously favor Michael, and they don’t spare Rafael, they use every opportunity they get to ruin his life.

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