Hallmark Caves To Fan Demands: Moves Up Karen Kingsbury’s The Bridge, Part 2

The Bridge Kellie Freeze
Faith Ford, Wyatt Nash, Katie Findlay and Ted McGinley star in Karen Kingsbury's The Bridge.
Faith Ford, Wyatt Nash, Katie Findlay and Ted McGinley star in Karen Kingsbury’s The Bridge.

In response to overwhelming demand, Hallmark has decided not to hold the second part of Karen Kingsbury’s The Bridge until December, and will instead premiere the film on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries on March 20 at 9pm ET/PT. And for those fans whose cable providers don’t offer HM&M, never fear; Part 2 of The Bridge will have an encore presentation on Hallmark Channel on March 27.

In addition, Hallmark Movies & Mysteries will re-air Part 1 of The Bridge immediately preceding the world premiere of Part 2. Hallmark Channel will also have a back-to-back airing on Easter Sunday, March 27 – with Part 1 replaying at 5pm ET/PT, 4pm CT with Part 2 premiering at 7pm ET/PT, 6CT.

Karen Kingsbury’s The Bridge stars Katie Findlay (How to Get Away with Murder), Wyatt Nash (Petals on the Wind), Ted McGinley (Hope and Faith) and Faith Ford (Murphy Brown). The first half of the movie concluded with Molly following in her father’s footsteps as CEO of a large corporation, and Ryan pursuing his dreams of being a professional singer.

“With thousands engaging with Karen Kingsbury’s The Bridge across our social media platforms, it was a clear message from our loyal viewers that they simply could not wait to see the conclusion to the movie,” said Michelle Vicary, Executive Vice President, Programming and Publicity, Crown Media Family Networks. “We were truly moved by the viewer response and passion this compelling story ignited, and it is an honor to premiere part two of The Bridge this March on both of our networks – Hallmark Movies & Mysteries and Hallmark Channel.”

This is such wonderful news! When the magical movie premiered in December, fans all over the world rejoiced at the beautiful adaption of Karen Kingsbury’s beloved book. But that elation turned to frustration, when it was revealed that the second part of the saga wasn’t going to air until Christmas, 2016. For fans, an entire year is simply too long to wait! Hallmark loves and respects its fans and in response to fan feedback, moved the film’s premiere. So bravo, fans!

The Bridge
Katie Findlay and Wyatt Nash star as Molly Callens & Ryan Kelly in Karen Kingsbury’s The Bridge Credit:
Image Credit: Duane Prentice

Hallmark reveals that the second installment of the tale begins seven years after the first, with Ryan returning home from being on the road touring as a professional singer and Molly working at her father’s corporation. After they both receive devastating news regarding The Bridge and their beloved friends Charlie and Donna, Molly and Ryan meet again in Franklin, Tennessee. They are reminded of their unspoken love and dreams about a possible future together, which never happened.

I wonder if this bodes well for The Bridge‘s handsome star, Wyatt Nash! I have been wishing that we’d see more of him, so perhaps there is something exciting in the works!

 Pre-production is already underway for the movie adaptation of Karen Kingsbury’s A Time To Dance, the first novel in the author’s “Timeless Love Series.” The film is scheduled to premiere later this year.

Karen Kingsbury’s The Bridge Part 2 > Hallmark Movies & Mysteries > Sunday, March 20 at 9pm ET/8pm CT

Karen Kingsbury’s The Bridge Part 2  > Hallmark Channel > Sunday, March 27 at 7pm ET/ 6pm CT (note change in time)

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  1. OMG, I thought I was the only one that got things mixed up, but the guide had it mis labeled and i recorded the wrong one, now I can’t find it anywhere to watch the Bridge part 2. I am going nuts trying to find it.


  3. Is Part 2 going to be available on a channel other than the Hallmark Channel? I’ve seen Part 1 on a non-Hallmark Channel. The Hallmark Channel is not available in Canada.

    • Don’t bother worrying about Part 2. I have HMM Channel and I’ve tried recording Part 2 twice, both times what is being shown is Part 1. I think Hallmark is just scamming people to try to get them to watch Part 1 over again. I have serious doubts at this point that there is even a Part 2 being made at all.

  4. I was excited for the early release of part 2 after the frustration of learning that part 2 would be aired a year after part 1. Now I am frustrated again because it was not released on the same Hallmark Channel that part 1 was on. Instead it is on the Hallmark Movies and Mysteries which I don’t have access to. Will we be able to somehow watch it??? I love the Hallmark movies but this is very disappointing.

  5. Please re air The Bridge part 2 on the regular Hallmark Channel not HMM! I missed part 2!!! Please, please re air, so I can enjoy the complete story. Thank you!!!

  6. When
    will The Bridge air again back to back on the hallmark channel? One and two?

  7. Will they be airing Karen Kingsburys The Bridge again soon? I watched most of it and fell asleep during part 2 🙁 I would also like to know if they will be coming out on DVD soon so I may purchase them.

  8. I have yet to find part two of The Bridge anywhere.It is listed several times for showing on the Hallmark channel in March ,but instead we get the new ,different movie.What gives?

    • Same here! The part two episode has been listed twice, but when it airs it is still part one. Will we ever get to see the second half?

  9. I live in Louise, Texas, South Texas close to the Gulf of Mexico. I have read all of your books. I must have missed The Bridge 1 when it aired as a movie. I am wondering is there anyway a person can see that movie since Bridge 2 will be airing in the near future?
    I have really enjoyed reading all of your books.

    • Hi Marilyn,
      Part 1 of the film will re-air right before Part 2 premieres. It’ll be the perfect way to catch the entire story. You’ll love it!

  10. loved the movie saw it every time it aired cant wait to see it march 20. love all the actors. Wyatt Nash part is like my girlfriend son drew from North Carolina who went to Nashville Tenn with his guitar,and played at all the bars and the he was offered a back up player for the kelly pickler . And then married a girl with a lot of money . The story is a little different but almost the same. still love the story.

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