H2 becomes Viceland Feb. 29

Meredith Ennis

On Feb. 29, H2 becomes Viceland, a 24-hour lifestyle channel aimed at millennials. According to filmmaker and creative director of the new channel Spike Jones, “It feels like most channels are just a collection of shows. We wanted Viceland to be different, to feel like everything on there has a reason to exist and a strong point of view. [The shows on Viceland are] all unscripted shows, made by filmmakers. We’re trying to make a channel that’s personal, that feels like a group of people trying to understand the world we live in.”


A list of shows that will air on Viceland includes:

Gaycation: Actress Ellen Page and her friend Ian Daniel explore LGBT experiences around the world.

Flophouse: Chronicles the life and standup routines of a group of aspiring comedians on the underground circuit. Clare O’Kane and others are featured.

Huang's World VicelandHuang’s World (pictured): Eddie Huang, chef and author of the best-selling book “Fresh Off The Boat,” takes a personal and political look at food culture.

Noisey: Created Andy Capper, Noisey is a music documentary series. Correspondent Zach Goldbaum gets a firsthand look into the most interesting music scenes in America and around the world. Each episode focuses on a single city – from Compton, to Chicago, Miami, Las Vegas, Toronto, London, Sao Paolo and beyond.

F*ck That’s Delicious: Action Bronson is a famous rapper from Queens, New York and a classically trained chef. Every episode follows Action and his crew as they travel from concert to concert enjoying all manner of fine foods, wines, and herbs along the way.

Balls Deep: Correspondent Thomas Morton embeds himself into the lives of others to experience what life looks like from their point-of-view. From a Pentecostal preacher to a Muslim-American family to gay bears in Provincetown, Thomas absorbs every part of his counterparts’ lives: their customs, philosophies, their habits and habitats.

WEEDIQUETTE VicelandWeediquette (pictured): Krishna Andavolu chronicles the science, culture and economics of the emerging “green” economy,  explores the impact of marijuana legalization across the U.S. and internationally, examining how people on all sides of this issue are dealing with the growing popularity and acceptance of marijuana.

Fashion Week International: Host Hailey Gates travels the world seeking fashion and beauty customs far from the glossy runways of New York, London, and Paris. From Pakistan to the Congo, Venezuela, Russia, and beyond, Hailey uncovers fascinating fashion trends while confronting the issues they conjure, from gender, to race, to politics, religion, and economics.

Vice World of Sports: Sal Masekela and a team of reporters travel to communities in Ghana, Michigan, Serbia and Argentina to meet athletes, explore their rivalries and understand the games people play.

Viceland’s premiere lineup: Noisey, Weediquette (March 1 at 10 and 11pm); Gaycation, Balls Deep (March 2 at 10 and 11pm); F*ck, That’s Delicious, Flophouse (March 3 at 10 and 10:30pm).

Viceland is available on Channel 121 on Dish; Channel 271 on DTV; Channel 257 on AT&T and Channel 127 on Verizon. Otherwise, because channel lineups vary from region to region, checking your local listings or try Google for information on where to find the channel in your area.

Images courtesy of Viceland


  1. when i couldn’t find H2 1 thought it was because of contract expire and negotiations vice channel is terrible bring H2 back and add channels like syfy,bbca i was thinking wait and sling would add more channels i never dreamed i would lose one of the channels i considered to be a channel i could always go to for some great programming you need to put H2 back up i have dish and sling and am thinking about going direct tv after all these years of loyalty since 9/97 sling really needs to listen to their subscribers!

    • I have DIRECTV and lost H2 as well. As a matter of fact, I upgraded my package just to get H2. I am contacting them tomorrow to go back to my old, cheaper package.

  2. Another reason to cancel tv and watch air free one, or : Hullu, Netflix,Google,Amazon,Apple etc… Cable or satelite will be dead soon anyway.

  3. This is beyond ridiculous! Replace an educational and entertaining channel like H2 with trash! Since history decided to go to “reality (read that scripted) shows” H2 was the only place where you could see some decent documentaries and be entertained also. Thanks History Channel for doing your part to c0ntinue the coarsening of our culture!!

  4. H2 was one of the reason I paid more to TWC so I could watch something smart.
    History used to have actual programming g about history which was replaced with useless reality shows. But at leas H2 had all those documentaries and programmings with educational values.
    Now that’s all gone and replaced with another cheaply produced reality channel which definitely creates a bigger profit margin. It was another big step to generate even more ignorant and clueless people. The true danger of it is when crap like reality shows sold as “education” leads to more and more stupid people who would embrace people like Donald Trump for U.S. president. Hey, money is important than actual good programming right?

  5. Viceland is a garbage channel with terrible shows.
    Hey Sling this is why we cut the cable because of paying for channels like this.
    a channel focused towards millennials? that’s what Maker Studio is for. Get us SYFY, anything.

  6. Let’s only hope the History Channel will start showing actual historical themed programming. Go have the American Pickers pick their nose on Viceland.

    Try the Smithsonian Channel. You’re best bet for a substitute. History is dead.

  7. This is a sad day for TV. Today culture and history died. They were replaced by crass vulgarity and people who live in
    swamps who like to hunt alligators. Do the owners and programmers of these corporate channels get amusement and
    pleasure by taking away shows like Ancient Aliens and replacing them with Weedediquette? What is their motivation?
    What is their reasoning ? They have such disrespect for the American people.

  8. OH NO, not another Fag PC channel!! All I saw today was 2 wierd girls answering phones! What the hell was that?? It all looks like an amateur thing to me. There is too many of “those ” people in MY country.
    GOD, I hope Trump can fix these kind of things in MY country !!
    Why are there NO fag animals??? Hmmmmm!

  9. Wow, I can’t believe you took away H2 and replaced it with this worthless channel that I can’t block my kids from watching. Are you serious. That is not what I signed up with Sling TV for.

  10. Just called directly TV ; car did not know about this channel and called it stupid question why I liked h2 I no longer need sat TV dish or direct

    • Me too and they were clueless.
      Was told that the History Cannel would carry all lost by H2 which is not possible.
      Squeezing two channels into one won’t do well.
      If this is what young people watch……God help us!!

  11. This was the biggest programming disaster I can recall since satellite became available . They should have taken History 1 . I think the idea may be to force people into contracts and equipment they don’t want . Obviously History 2 was a extremely popular channel . The people involved in this deal do not belong in this industry. The whole idea behind entertainment is to give the public what they want not what you think is better than what they have . Poor choices lead to bad consequences . Good luck with Vice , I will not be tuning in to contribute to your ratings .

  12. I think this is a worthless thing. I will never ever what this crap. Thanks for ruining another nice viewing channel.

  13. WTF, why is H2 going away??? Fine if you want to add a weird channel but don’t take away a good one! Very disappointed!!!!!!!

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