How to Get Away with Murder Recap Season 2 Episode 12: It’s A Trap

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This week’s episode of How to Get Away with Murder digs a little deeper into Annalise’s connection to Wes’ mom — which leads to a shocking ending.

(ABC/Mitch Haaseth)

We start with Wes reading files on Charles Mahoney and trying to make sense of what Annalise dropped off. We go back to 10 year earlier in the restaurant where Annalise is trying to find out what Rose knows from “that night.” The scene is cut into another of Annalise questioning a defendant and trying to see if his story matches up with Rose’s. That way Rose, a cleaning lady, could testify in the trial. Mahoney was accused of killing his fiancée, Vickie Moran, who was going to expose his parent’s company’s wrongdoings. It turns out the Mahoney company was being investigated for swindling millions from clients. Rose is the key to getting the son off the hook.

Back to current time where Laurel is still processing the fact Frank killed Lila. She leaves and goes to Wes’ place, getting all nosy about what Wes is doing. This leads to the two going to Cleveland, Ohio to investigate the case further.

Meanwhile Connor seeks the help of Annalise about the mysterious email threat and incriminating video from, they believe, Philip. Another email comes in. Whoever this person is goes all James Bond villain, requesting $1 million be put into his account within 36 hours or the footage from the Hapstall mansion goes to the police.

Annalise and Michaela go to visit Caleb for some help. Annalise wants a $250,000 retainer and for him to try to get more information from Philip. She doesn’t prove much help. Later on, Annalise sends the guys and girls home. Michaela goes to “check” on Caleb, which leads to hot and heavy loving.

Asher tries to think about what to do if the cops do find out what happened and hopes to have Bonnie for comfort. She clearly still has feelings for him, but turns him away. Annalise has Nate over for dinner. He says he came because he forgives her for everything (which covers a lot of ground considering everything she has done to that poor guy.).

Connor reveals to Oliver his intention to apply for a transfer to Stanford. The craziness is becoming too much for him.

The next morning Annalise gets professional advice from Nate regarding the blackmailing emails. Nate suggests she doesn’t negotiate. The deadline comes and goes. Connor gets another email with video from the night before of Annalise and Nate. This person has been watching them.

We flash back to Annalise and Frank as they travel to Ohio for the Mahoney trial. Rose agrees to testify, but anonymously. She is worried about her immigration status. When Annalise goes to the feed from the separate room, Rose is nowhere to be found. The Mahoney parents are not pleased. The dad in particular comes off sexist and racist. There is a definite fear of what could happen to Rose if she doesn’t follow through. Annalise finds Rose at her house, but is sent away.

Wes and Laurel delve into the pieces of the puzzle in present day. They get closer with Laurel talking about her daddy issues and why she gravitated toward Frank. Wes is there for her, which leads to a kiss (Not okay! I don’t know how I feel about this.). Wes feels he has reached a dead end after he reads his mom’s death was deemed a suicide. Laurel finds something else, but doesn’t tell Wes. Instead, when they get home, she goes to Annalise and confronts her.

(ABC/Mitch Haaseth) KARLA SOUZA
(ABC/Mitch Haaseth)

Annalise said Rose could testify anonymously from a separate room, even though there would still be a risk of deportation. Charles was accused of murdering his fiancee, who was going to expose fraud in his parents’ company, with Rose presumably able to give his actual whereabouts at the time of the killing.

Looking at court records, though, Wes and Laurel learned that the mysterious unidentified witness didn’t show when she was called to testify. Wes concluded his mother was killed for not testifying, but it was made to look like a suicide — and that a guilt-ridden Annalise’s involvement is why he got into law school, onto her team, and under her protection.

Deadline comes and goes. Connor gets another email with video of Annalise and Nate from the night before. Laurel comes back and demands to talk to Annalise. Laurel shows her a paper saying it was being investigated in actuality as a homicide … with the primary suspect being the 12-year-old son!!! The OMG moment follows with Christophe/Wes as a boy with a knife in his hand and his mom bleeding to death on the ground.

Did Wes kill his mother? The crazy train gets crazier.

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