David Hasselhoff’s “Hoff The Record” gets Premiere Date

Hoff the RecordStop hassling the Hoff. His docu-comedy Hoff the Record finally has a U.S. premiere date.

Beginning March 31 at 9pm PT/6pm PT, AXS TV will be the U.S. home of the U.K. series, Hoff the Record. The six-episode scripted comedy series stars David Hasselhoff as a humorous fictional version of himself, who moves cross the Pond” to get his career back on track, and must navigate increasingly surreal—and hilarious—circumstances. Lured by promises of starring in a new biopic about his life, Hasselhoff quickly finds that nothing is as he thought it would be, as he is forced to audition to play himself in a low-budget production and he doesn’t get the part.

I’ve already shared my history with the Hoff, so you know I’ll be watching; but I won’t hold my breath for a mention in the series.

In addition to the new series, on Saturday, March 26, AXS TV will host a Hasselhoff-hosted Hoff-A-Thon. The half-hour special will be packed with career-spanning clips curated by Hasselhoff himself, including snippets from the “True Survivor” music video (21 million YouTube views and climbing), as well clips of his roles in Sharknado 3, The Spongebob Squarepants Movie, Click, Piranha 3DD, Dodgeball, Ted 2, Baywatch and Knight Rider. Hasselhoff will introduce each clip, and recount never-before-revealed anecdotes.

The special immediately precedes the premiere of Hasselhoff’s sit-down with Dan Rather on The Big Interview, where the legendary newsman will get Hasselhoff to open up about his new series, and his multi-faceted career in music, film, and television. Hasselhoff will also host the season 6 premiere of Gotham City Live on March 31.

Hoff The Record > AXS TV > Thursdays beginning March 31 at 9pm ET/6pm PT & 11 pm ET/8pm PT.

Hoff-A-Thon > AXS TV > Saturday, March 26 at 3pm ET/ 12pm PT

Take a look at the clever teaser-trailer from when the series aired in the U.K.
I’m glad to see that the Hoff can laugh at himself. ‘Cause — you know — we’re laughing to.