WWE Total Divas Season 5 Episode 6: End of a Friendship?

Nikki Bella is feeling lonely this week on Total Divas, but it turns out to be more than just separation anxiety.

As the episode starts, her boyfriend, John Cena, is away, fulfilling his business commitments. She wants to stay with Brie while he is gone. However, her sister believes Nikki is too needy and clingy.

John suffers a broken nose in a match and is sidelined at home. This time around, Nikki is on the road and wants to stay with Brie in the hotel room, but Brie wants some alone time. Nikki doesn’t get the message. Brie kicks Nikki out of her room.

Bella Twins Total DivasNattie lets Nikki stay with her room. Nikki reveals she gets scared being alone because she has nightmares and hears noises with her imagination running wild. And she has a fear of death. Nattie plays psychologist and feels this could have to do with something in Nikki’s childhood. When Nikki lost her grandfather, it hit her hard as he was the central father figure in her life. She felt a little lost without him. Nikki comes to the realization that John’s injury stirred up all these thoughts because he’s the man in her life these days and she worries about losing what she has.

Insert random Dennis Haskins “Mr. Belding” cameo backstage at a WWE show. Nattie goes to Brie about Nikki’s anxiety and how there might be a deeper issue with her. Brie extends the invitation for Nikki to come to Phoenix and talk about her problems. Brie listens to Nikki and believes she dealt with the death of their grandfather differently. She didn’t know all this was going on with Nikki and now plans to have her door open for her sister.

Elsewhere, Paige and Alicia Fox get into some hot water when a video of an incident they were involved in at a bar with another female patron makes the news rounds. WWE does some damage control and the two get another taste of the downside of being a public figure. The ordeal gets Alicia thinking about lifestyle changes in order to avoid being put into bad situations. Paige has other ideas. Alicia takes Paige furniture shopping and is looking forward to a quiet and relaxing weekend.

Alicia Fox Paige Total DivasPaige would rather have a few drinks and play dirty bingo, which turns out to be regular bingo. Watching them in this environment is pretty entertaining. The ladies are a hit with the senior men in attendance, but Alicia is starting to feel the age difference between her and Paige.

Alicia is tired of doing only what Paige wants to do. Fed up with everything. Alicia tells Paige she doesn’t want to be that party chick. At the same time, she knows Paige should have fun and enjoy being young. Paige had a similar situation with the Bella Twins and feels like she abandoned Alicia. She isn’t ready to settle down. She wants to have fun, but sees Alicia taking her lifestyle changes seriously and she plans to respect that and be there for her friend.

Paige takes Alicia to a taxidermy store to make up for being a bad friend. It’s a terrifying experience for Paige, but she knew Alicia would enjoy it. That’s love right there.

Rosa Mendes Rosa Mendes is worried about her fiancé/baby daddy, Bobby Schubenski, meeting her mother. This is because Bobby is an atheist and Rosa’s mom is deeply religious. Her mom and Bobby’s dad come to town, planning to come over for dinner later on. Rosa wants Bobby to not reveal he is atheist. This leads to a conversation and argument about their baby daughter Jordan getting baptized.

Things start out well for supper with Bobby getting points for bringing flowers to Rosa’s mother. Rosa gets food professionally prepared for the dinner. When it’s time to pray, Bobby says he doesn’t do that. The cat’s out of the bag and what Rosa didn’t want to happen has happened: Rosa’s mother makes it clear that the baby has to be baptized and being taught about having one God. The disagreement leads to Bobby leaving the house. Rosa feels stuck between a rock and a hard place. He comes back to the table, but there is still lingering problems. Bobby’s dad reassures Rosa everything will work out. Bobby’s dad seems like a cool guy.

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