Survivor recap Episode 2: Bromance, cray-cray Debbie and being out-dumbed

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Survivor recap Episode 2: “Kindergarten Camp,” Season 32, Episode 2 (original airdate Feb. 24, 2016): The Brawn tribe was the first to lose a member last episode, they gave the boot to Darnell. It was a last-minute switcheroo, actually, as they were originally gunning for Alecia. Poor Alecia, she’s confused. She doesn’t know where she stands. Her tribe thinks she’s dumber than dumb. More on that later.

survivorCatching up with Beauty
Tai got busted the last time he tried looking for an immunity idol, so he was a bit more careful when he started back at it again. This time he was a little more successful. He unearthed a clue that said he had found the idol, only thing was the idol was probably 15 feet up a tree. Being the monkey-like climber that he is, he thought he’d give it a go. Barefoot and bear hugging the base of the tree he started to shimmy up the tree. And OMG was that painful watching him — his feet eventually started bleeding, as they were ripped apart by the dryness of the tree. How did Ozzie do it?, Tai asked himself, and willed himself to climb further. The clue to the idol also included a slingshot looking decide that was meant to help get the idol, not sure why he opted not to give that a try. Tai made remarkable progress up the tree, his strength amazing but it was enough and he had to stop about 5 feet short.
So there’s a bromance of sorts between Tai (the gardener and lover of all life) and Caleb (the chiseled country boy/bounty hunter). Sharing some fish Tai tries to kiss Caleb. A bit odd, but it didn’t faze him — those two “get” each other and look like they might become stronger allies.

survivorCatching up with the Brains
OK, so Debbie is crazy. Like really cray cray. And annoying, too. Honestly, she adds a new occupation to her resume every time she talks. She’s a personal trainer, a chemist, a survival skill expert (really, she can make fire, not!). She’s constantly trying to validate everything she does and says through her past careers, because “it’s absolutely within her realm of experience.”
“Debbie marches to the beat of her own drum,” observes Peter. “My first question to myself was does she have 30 cats or 40 cats? The answer probably is 40 cats, at her house, right now.” Hilarious. OK, I’m starting to warm up to him a little bit this episode.
Brains was getting a little bitchy. Debbie and Joe (the former military guy) like each other and think they are holding up the camp. Liz (the Brooklyn strategist) and Joe butt heads. Joe thinks he’s at kindergarten camp with Liz calling the shots with her analytics and inflated vocab. Liz has a private emotional breakdown, not appreciating Joe’s harsh comments against her.

survivorTrying to understand Brawn
“We may look brawny but we are weaklings,” Jennifer accesses. Agreed. Jason has probably third degree sunburn but hey, he can handle it. Honestly, why they don’t take a cue from Naked&Afraid and rub some mud on their skin to protect themselves from the scorching sun is beyond me.
True colors start to show by day six now. Jason and Scott seem to be enjoying more naptime than the rest of the tribe. While they sleep, Alecia is busy (like five hours busy) trying to make fire. She’s successful. That, however, doesn’t stop the boys (mainly Jason) for demoralizing her.
At first it’s private: “Blondie, she’s a ditz in a half. I’m sure she has a good heart, but she’s just dumb,” Jason says. “She’s like an ostrich, she’s a bird but she can’t fly. So she’s useless. We’ve got to get rid of her. ”

survivor-recap-episode-2-1bImmunity Challenge
Survivors need to race down a river to retrieve a very heavy log. They carry the log through a series of obstacles, which at the end they unlock a ball that is used to torpedo via a slingshot thing to knock down two targets. First place gets an ultimate fishing kit and a boat. Second place gets a smaller fishing kit. Losers go to Tribal Council. Debbie and Julia sit out.
The log weights about 300 pounds, so it’s a brutally exhausting challenge.
Beauty takes first place. Brain wins second (Peter bringing home the victory). Brawn is back to Tribal Council.

survivor recap episode 2The Pre-Tribal Scramble & Tribal Council
It seems like a sure thing, where Brawn is going to vote out Alecia. But Jason is so cruel, ripping on Alecia to Scot that Jennifer starts to second-guess her alliance with them. Once Alecia heads out to look for an immunity idol, Jason mocks her: “She’s so stupid. Every day she blows your mind a little bit more.” Kind of like how smart it was to stay in the sun even though you know you probably had third-degree sunburn? He’s being a mean jerk now.
For Jennifer she’s starting to question her alliance after spending the last six days getting to know who and what these people are all about – and she’s not liking a side to Jason, particularly his attitude. She approaches Alecia and Cydney on an all-girl alliance. They are in. But things backfire in a major way.
Never in Survivor history can I remember anyone getting so trapped in his/her lies as Jennifer did at tribal council. There are a lot of ways Tribal could go tonight, Jeff began, suggesting that he could easily see a three-woman alliance. That comment triggered a quick bout of verbal diarrhea for Jennifer. She starts spewing out that things were up in the air after hearing different stories at camp. “Wow that actually might make sense. Oh damn, this isn’t as solid as I thought,” she starts telling. “There was definitely some back and forth and what do we do.”
Ahem, oh Jenny, who was that with? Cause your alliance with Jason and Scot wasn’t aware of that. Realizing she made a grave error, she desperately tries to save face, casting blame at Alecia saying the all-girl alliance was her idea. Not it wasn’t, Alecia fights back. Jennifer is flustered and really tried to dig herself out of this self-described “nightmare.” Cydney who knew the truth, as she too was involved in the all-girl convo – sat quietly – knowing Jennifer was going down and realizing she completely lost their trust.
When asked by Jeff, Cydney assessed the situation perfectly, saying tonight was about being at the wrong place at the wrong time and saying the wrong thing at the wrong time to the wrong people. And Jennifer got out-dumbed (yes, I know that’s not a word) in the end. The vote was 3 for Jennifer and 2 for Alecia. Jennifer goes home.

Who was voted off Survivor tonight? Jenny from the Brawn tribe.

The Standings
Brains: “Chan Loh”

Peter Baggenstos (34), ER doctor from Minneapolis
Aubry Bracco (29), social media marketer from Cambridge, Mass.
Joseph Del Campo (72), former FBI agent from Vero Beach, Fla.
Neal Gottlieb (37), ice cream entrepreneur from Sausalito, Calif.
Elisabeth Markham (27), qualitative strategist from Brooklyn
Debbie Wanner (49), chemist from Reading, Pa.

Brawn: “To Tang”
Cydney Gillon (23), body builder from Douglasville, Ga.
Darnell Hamilton (27), postal worker from Chicago 1st person voted off
Alecia Holden (24), real estate agent from Dallas
Kyle Jason (31), bounty hunter from Detroit
Jennifer Lanzetti (38), contractor from Salt Lake City2nd person voted off
Scot Pollard (40), NBA champion from Carmel, Ind.

Beauty: “Gondol”
Michele Fitzgerald (24), bartender from Freehold, New Jersey
Anna Khait (26), pro poker player from Brooklyn
Nick Maiorano (30), personal trainer from Redondo Beach, Calif.
Caleb Reynolds (28), Army veteran from Hopkinsville, Ky. and former Big Brother contestant “Beast Mode Cowboy”
Julia Sokolowski (19), college student from Boston
Tai Trang (51), gardener from San Francisco

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