Recap Little Women: Atlanta Episode 5 “Bad Apples”

Little Women: Atlanta Episode 5 Kellie Freeze

It’s been a busy week, Atlanta-lovers! Last week, after I posted my interview with Miss Minnie, I was contacted by Ms. Juicy’s team. She wanted to respond to Minnie’s statements. Of course, I was thrilled to let the Queen of the ATL speak her mind, so on Monday, we had a chat that was in a word — juicy. Ms. Juicy shared called Minnie a liar several times saying not only was Minnie’s relationship with Troy a lie, so is her pregnancy. Read the sizzle here.

Little Women: Atlanta Episode 5

On to the episode! We know there’s going to be a fight tonight, and it’s going to be un-be-weave-able.

The day after Minnie’s party.
Minnie is still reeling from the ratchet way Monie acted at her birthday bash. She’s stunned that her bestie acted so crazy. “There’s enough Minnie to share” she says.

Little Women: Atlanta Episode 5
Amanda is rollin’

The twinnies want wheels. Their parents always babied them, so now that they’ve taken the first step towards their independence by moving away from home, they’re ready for the next step, which is learning how to drive. Their instructor has the patience of a saint, and Amanda is up first. While she’s learning to drive, Andrea and Jordan are dying in the back seat. At first, she’s terrible, but she eventually gets it. Good job Amanda, no one is Mario Andretti the first time behind the wheel. You’ll be a motorist in no time.

Minnie stops at Ms. Juicy’s house to repair their friendship and talk about the party. Minnie wants to know if Juicy’s apology was sincere. Juicy wants to move past their issues and is eager to rebuild their friendship. They have a heart to heart, “We’re gonna have our ups and downs, we gonna fight, every now and then, and we’re gonna have to kiss and make up.”

Juicy is still surprised that Minnie has a loose cannon like Monie for a friend and thinks the Monie may be worried that she’ll lose her BFF to Juicy. “Everybody can’t be juicy,” Ms. Juicy laughs.

At Monie’s house, Morlin missed the party and when Monie tells him about the night’s drama, he tells her that she needs to check her temper. She tells him, “I have an allergy to bulls@#$.”

Tonight we learn something that sucks about being small: trying to buy a bike. It you have short legs, the only bike that fits is a short bike — one that is built for a child. And most bikes for kids are humiliatingly babyish. While the bike tech fixes up a bike and removes the training wheels, Andrea tells her sister that she’s worried that Chris is going to leave her and abandon their son. I don’t know Chris, but I don’t like him. He needs to do something magical to earn my respect.

Later, when they go out for dinner, I’m not sure if Chris is sleepy or just stoned. He’s just too low energy for my preference. Andrea is still upset that when their son Andre’s chronic long issue required a one-month hospital stay, Chris was totally absent. Chris promises to do better. Amanda, this is a major red flag and here’s why. You says that you want to be with him forever, but think of the vows you will say on your wedding day. Regardless of your religion, you will likely promise to love each other in good times and bad, in sickness and in health. Chris wasn’t with you in a bad time, in a time when you really needed him. What’s going to happen the next time Andre gets sick? Or if you get sick?

Little Women: Atlanta Episode 5
Now they’ve both go their roll on!

Let’s keep this bike narrative going, since I don’t want to take away from the upcoming fight, even though this scene comes up later in the episode. Now that the twins have wheels, they can get rolling for exercise. Before their first night a Boogalou, they take a ride and use the time to rag on Emily and Bri. They laugh, “I don’t know why they’re called ‘Left Cheek’ & ‘Right cheek’; they don’t got no ass.”

The cheeks are on the prowl. They are having hot and sexy promo photos taken so they can get more gigs. The bikini photo shoot is made awkward because Emily’s pregnancy is starting to show. We love sexy babes, but not sexy babies.

Guess the activity that’s lots of fun for small people? Apple picking!! This is the first time the group’ll be together since Minnie’s disastrous party. The twins are #TeamMonie and like that gurl was standing up for her friend. Minnie and the twins and their lazy boyfriends drive to the orchard and bash Monie for losing her cool.

When everyone gets together it’s totally awkward. First of all, WTF is Monie wearing? She has on her best Thigh-high stiletto boots, which are not farmer approved. She’s also got on a sweatshirt that reads, “I COME WITH NO FILTER,” which is perfect, but clashes with the hot, club-wear boots. And when did Monie get a nose piercing?!? No me gusta. I hope it’s a clip-on. Bri’s sweet son Malik looks like he’s having the best time ever, everyone else looks like they’re being forced to pick apples because they’re short and this is a TV show.

Monie finally pulls Minnie aside to talk about the party. Monie is still flummoxed that Minnie yelled at her for throwing a drink at Juicy. Juicy can’t believe that Monie isn’t taking responsibility for acting crazy. Monie asks, “Could there be some truth about what Juicy said about Pastor Troy?” Then Minnie makes my jaw drop by admitting it was a lie. A LIE!!! Minnie made up the relationship with Pastor Troy because she didn’t want to be the only woman in the group who was single. So Juicy was right! I bet she’s smiling tonight!

I can’t believe that she even told her mom she was dating Pastor Troy. It’s a brave step to admit her lie, and she tells the group the truth. She’s beyond humiliated. Immediately, Emily rushes to give Minnie a hug and the girls support and forgive her. Well, almost all of the girls, because now that Monie knows Minnie was lying, she worries that her friend may lie about other things.

Now that Minnie has come clean with her friends, she has to come clean with her mom. I love Tammi, whom we’ve met her before. I love a woman who doesn’t accept b.s.. Minnie tells her mom the truth about her relationship with Pastor Troy and Tammi is disappointed. She didn’t raise her daughter to be a punk and reminds her daughter that her friend did something really stupid protecting what she believed to be the truth. Tammi puts Minnie in her place, and tells her, “you better put your big girl panties on and keep it moving.”

We’ve been waiting for it all night; it’s time for the fight… Get yourself a drink and pop some popcorn, it’s coming!!

The twins want to book as many gigs as possible before Emily gets too pregnant-looking. But shortly after they arrive at the club, the twins show up too. The four women are all wearing their cheekiest outfits and the Emily and Bri tease the twins for serving drinks in addition to dancing. Soon, the women are jawing in each other’s faces and you can feel it rumbling in the air — a dance-fight. But this isn’t Michael Jackson’s “Beat It” video; this isn’t going to be well choreographed and it’s gonna get dirty.

Little Women: Atlanta Episode 5
Emily makes fun of Twins for serving drinks at the club, but she mops the floor with a smile.

The fight is a blur of ass, hair and cursing. So much ass! Just so much. Too much. Thankfully, pregnant Emily isn’t pulled to the floor, but she does grab one of the twins and pull her across the floor by her hair. The women are soon pulled off of each other and kicked out of the bar. I guess the motto of this story is: if you fight at your job, you will be out of a job. We’re left with the sad image of a lonely piece of hair extension lying on the floor.

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