Little Women: Atlanta Drama — Ms. Juicy Says Minnie Is Lying

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Miss Juicy

On Monday, Feb. 22, I interviewed Ms. Juicy from Little Women: Atlanta. The feisty red-head reached out to me after I’d profiled Miss Minnie and wanted to add her side of the story. That interview, including the origin of her famous moniker and catch phrase, her status as a radio personality, and more on her fight with Monie will come later.

But first, I wanted to put up the most explosive part of our interview, where Ms. Juicy called Minnie a liar and said that Minnie’s recently announced pregnancy (which was confirmed to me by a source close to Minnie) is a lie.

Let’s jump right into the tastiest tea… where Juicy calls Minnie a liar. Repeatedly…

CG: Ms. Juicy, why is it important for you to expose Minnie’s relationship with Troy?
Ms. Juicy: It’s not that I’m exposing her relationship with him, it’s the fact that she came out on the show that she was dating him for eight months. By me knowing her longer than eight months and me knowing him; I’m not going to say we was best friends, but most people’d says we was best friends because you didn’t see with anybody but me. We weren’t best friends, but we were real, real, real tight. That’s the only person I basically took out with me. That’s the reason a lot of people thought we were best friends. It’s not that I’m exposing her, but when the show came up, she said that they were dating, and they were dating for eight months. I’m like, “How did that get by me? I know both of you all, and I know damn well you guys haven’t been dating.” I’m like, “when did this start?” Because I know him and because I know her, I’m going to know the truth.

It wasn’t that I was trying to expose her. I tried to even talk to her about it. I just didn’t want her to lie. As a friend, you don’t have to lie. That’s exactly how I was about it. It’s not that I was trying to expose her, but when she stopped taking my phone calls, and everything, I’m like, “what’s really going on?” The only other way that I had to do that was to say, “Hey, uh-uh. She’s lying.”

CG: In episode two of Little Women: Atlanta, you and Minnie had a very explosive argument. From your side of everything, how did it move from a discussion from an argument? How did you feel when you saw it on TV?
Ms. Juicy: Well, the way it went from a discussion to an argument is, she felt like I was spreading rumors on her. I’m like, “How am I spreading rumors when someone had to tell me that she said that you have this famous boyfriend and he’s a rapper and blah, blah, blah, blah, blah?” When it came back to me,
I’m like: “Oh! I’ve been out with Minnie almost a year now, and she didn’t have no boyfriend.”
They said: “Yeah, he’s a rapper.”
I be like: “Pastor Troy?!?”
They was like: “Yeah.”
I was like: “No!”
They was like: “yeah she’s been telling us they’ve been dating for like 8 months.”
I said: “That girl lies. She is not dating him. And had not been dating him. That’s a lie.” She’s been knowing him for years, she’s been knowing him for over 10 years. ‘Cause like I said, she’s a fan. She followed his career. She follows everything.
I said, “But they’re not dating. They’re just friends. They text each other back and forth or whatever, but they’re not dating.”

CG: I interviewed Minnie a week and a half ago, after the second episode had aired. In the second episode, she said you were jealous of her. So I asked her, “Is Ms. Juicy jealous of you?” And she said, “No comment.”
Ms. Juicy: On the show she said that I am jealous of her. Just like I told her … I didn’t tell her but I said when I saw that, I’m like, “How am I going to be jealous of you? You were the one who reached out to me? I have a job. I’m working in my career. I have a damn good job. I have my own car. I don’t live with my mom. I have my own house. I really don’t have no reason … I’m doing what I want to do, so why would I be jealous of you when I’m trying to help you out?” I don’t have a reason to be jealous. It bothers me that that would be said, even the rumor situation. How am I spreading rumors, when I wasn’t the one who said she was dating him? You put that out. I’m trying to clarify this up. I don’t want you to look bad. As a friend, this is a show, and even if there wasn’t a show, if I heard you say that, I’m going to come here and say, “Hey, you ain’t got to do that. You ain’t got to do that to fit in.” But because you wasn’t returning my calls, I had to say that. I had to say it on the show.

CG: What do you have to say now that Minnie is pregnant by Pastor Troy?
Ms. Juicy: I’m going to say the same thing about the baby situation. That’s a lie. People can believe whatever they want to believe. They can believe what they want to believe, like they believe the baby situation. I’m going stick with, “Come on, it’s a lie.” When Ashley and I met, I don’t think she was pregnant at all, even more than that, pregnant by Pastor Troy.

CG: So you’re saying… First of all, you’re saying she’s not pregnant. Second of all, you’re saying if she is pregnant, it’s not Pastor Troy’s baby. Do I have that right?
Ms. Juicy: Yeah, that’s exactly correct. Yeah. Yeah, it’s a lie. I mean that’s the way that I look at it. He said, “I wasn’t in her bedroom,” and she wasn’t in his bedroom. But I know reality; because I know he can and I know he didn’t. And yes, they on Instagram, but he is playing. But if you know Pastor Troy, you know he’s a playful person, and he’s not going to say anything bad about you. But to sit this out and flat out lie and say that you’ve been dating this man for eight months and now saying she’s pregnant by him, come on, boo.

CG: What is your relationship like with Minnie right now?
Ms. Juicy: Non-existent.

CG: It’s non existent. Is that as far as episode four? Or as of today, February 22nd?
Ms. Juicy: …Oh, God. Episode four — it was okay. It was getting back on track. It was getting back on track because we didn’t find out that she was supposedly pregnant until after we finished filming. That’s when we found out she was pregnant.

CG: I heard that news last Monday (Feb. 15) that she’s pregnant.
Ms. Juicy: Yes, right. Me too. I heard it at the same time you heard it. I was working on our relationship at that time. It was like, “Wait a minute. This sounds fishy.” So, of course, I called her, and she kept with the story. It just made me mad all over again because our little talk, it’s just Minnie running her mouth to others.

Miss Juicy
Miss Juicy is trying to be your friend, but you gotta be real.

CG: You reached out to me is you wanted to say your side; what haven’t I asked you about?
Ms. Juicy: You basically covered everything. My only main concern is stop looking at it as I’m being messy because I called her out. I’m not going to let somebody that I’m supposed to care about go — I’m not going to sit there and just be quiet about a situation that I know they’re lying about, when I feel like she don’t have no reason to lie. Like I said, she’s a beautiful young lady, and you don’t have to lie to fit in. That’s the only thing that I was trying to do; stop it. At that time, I had enough. Stop it. Stop lying, because you don’t have to.

CG: So your intent was not to make her look bad?
Ms. Juicy: I didn’t want her to regret saying it, whenever you hear it later. When you saw it on TV, you’re going regret it. When you hear it later that you started a rumor, it was her who started the rumor. In other words, you started a rumor that you were going with this man, and in reality, you’re not.

CG: You said that as of today, your relationship with Minnie is non-existent.
Ms. Juicy: Correct.

CG: How do you think you and she can work together?
Ms. Juicy: Stop lying.

CG:Would you be open to working through these issues with her?
Ms. Juicy: I’ve tried. I’ve tried. The only think, to me, that will help our situation and for us to become friends again is stop lying because you don’t have no reason to. And now, this is an even worse lie. Because in nine months, what she going to do? You’re not looking at the big picture. I mean not “you,” not you. Not you, I’m sorry. Not you, but Minnie.

Check back for more of my interview with Ms. Juicy including: how she got her nickname, and why she’s too good for bar fights.

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