Face Off Season 10 episode 7 recap: The Gauntlet 2

Inspirational Ships Face Off Season 10 episode 7

Remember The Gauntlet from last year? Well we’re bringing it back in Face Off Season 10 episode 7. Let the games begin! Will there be ranking shenanigans again? Cause last year, shenanigans.

Stages 1 & 2 top looks will be assured safety & won’t even have to participate in the final stages. That’s pretty sweet – I’m sure they’re all running on minimal sleep these days.

Round 1 – create a captain character based on his signature ship in 2 hours. The catch with this is that they have to hand-lay a beard. So anyone hesitant about laying a beard should go for the Egyptian for sure.

Inspirational Ships Face Off Season 10 episode 7

Nautilus (captain Nemo’s submarine) – Anna, Mel
The Flying Dutchman (legendary ghost ship) – Robert (his captain is Captain Dishwasher in German), Kaleb
Naglfar (Norse ship made from dead enemies) – Walter, Rob (side note: OF COURSE there’s a Swedish black metal band with this name, cause duh.)
Manjet Barge (Egyptian funeral barge) – Melissa, Yvonne

The mainstage judges are judging this round of The Gauntlet, which intimidates the artists even more. As the artists get feedback from the judges, we get this exchange:

Glenn to Robert: “You are a strange, strange man.”
Robert to Glenn: “Thank You.”

I think Glenn is going to offer Robert a job after Face Off wraps.

The top stage 1 looks are:

Walter and

Walter's Stage 1 Makeup Face Off Season 10 episode 7
Walter’s Stage 1 Makeup


Melissa's Stage 1 Makeup Face Off Season 10 episode 7
Melissa’s Stage 1 Makeup

so they get a night on the town with the stage 2 winners. They get to leave the other artists to the next stage. We’ve abandoned the idea of ranking & points entirely, which I like.

For Stage 2 we’re visiting Pandora’s Box. Not the drag queen. In this challenge the artists open a box with 3 disparate prosthetics that they have to use to create 1 cohesive challenge. They also cannot use the prosthetic in the way it was intended. A chin piece can’t be used on the chin. A brow piece can’t be used on the brow.

In this stage, Robert decides that his character is a demon sent to put a spell on the judges so that he will win. He also thinks about what he’s going to order for dinner.

So who came out on top of stage 2? This time it’s Rob and

Rob's Stage 2 Makeup Face Off Season 10 episode 7
Rob’s Stage 2 Makeup


Robert's Stage 2 Makeup Face Off Season 10 episode 7
Robert’s Stage 2 Makeup

So left for tomorrow’s stage 3 is Anna, Kaleb, Yvonne and Mel. Melissa, Rob, Robert and Walter get a limo ride to the restaurant Castaway for wine & a nice non-craft services meal.

winner dinner Face Off Season 10 episode 7

So stage 3 is the embodiment of Hear no Evil, See no Evil, Speak no Evil. Each artist gets 3 models, each one losing one sense. They’ve got 5 hours to put this tableau together. Kaleb decides to go a slightly different route & create 3 demons that try to get people to speak, see or hear evil. Probably not the right direction, Kaleb.

The interesting thing with this Gauntlet format is the only way to ‘win’ the Gauntlet is to lose the first two rounds.

In the top are Yvonne and

Yvonne's Stage 3 Makeup Face Off Season 10 episode 7
Yvonne’s Stage 3 Makeup


Mel's Stage 3 Makeup Face Off Season 10 episode 7
Mel’s Stage 3 Makeup

and Anna and

Anna's Stage 3 Makeup Face Off Season 10 episode 7
Anna’s Stage 3 Makeup


Kaleb's Stage 3 Makeup Face Off Season 10 episode 7
Kaleb’s Stage 3 Makeup

are in the bottom. Mel gets a “F$&! yeah!” as feedback from Neville. Glenn calls Kaleb’s creations “David Bowie remaking Rocky Horror Picture Show High Fashion” and Ve thinks they look like a couple of hookers and their pimp. Ouch.

So who won Face Off‘s Season 10 Gauntlet? Mel takes The Gauntlet. She thinks it feels like winning The Hunger Games. The artist eliminated is Kaleb. Not really surprising – he didn’t follow the challenge. But it’s time for him to pack up his kit.

Did you think they were going to use the save this week, just because the Gauntlet is so hard?


  1. Hey Ruthie!!!!!

    Ok, i admit I was worried when I 1st saw the Gauntlet was back. You and I remember it well from last year, and as you said SHENANIGANS! That whole point system was skewed and it just didn’t make sense, so i’m glad they did away with it and just stuck with a “if you won this round, you’re safe!” Although like you said, kinda odd that the WINNER of the Gauntlet actually has to get to the last round (by losing) to win it. I agree with all the judges decisions for the first 2 rounds, we can’t really SEE the hair laying work so I trust what they say. I loved Roberts concept from the second round though, I am really rootin for him, I like that he actually gives his character a story and background b4 or even if he doesn’t have to. A real concept makes a character come alive! now let’s talk about these final looks!

    1.) Yvonne: I LOVED her concept and her costumes, they were so intricate. and her seams were FLAWLESS..I mean did you see the one around her “speak no evil?” I DIDN’T EITHER! It was perfect.

    2.)I told you Mel knew what she was doing last episode!!! I am really impressed by her, for someone who seems like she likes non-horror challenge, she rocked this one. The looks of the self pulled out features was great, and it looked so real and wet. I was quite impressed, and I loved that her models were really felling it and going for the whole tortured souls act!

    3.) Anna…her concept would’ve been interesting if like I forget what judge said it but they looked slightly tanned and very SHINY, which would be the result of sweat and she put them in front of a frozen background. I liked where she was going, it just didn’t get executed well. Like the judges said, a ripped out mouth would’ve been fine if it hadn’t looked like she put it OVER TOP of the models lips, it just looked bulky.

    4.) Oh Kaleb…I mean the teeth on the outside? Black eyes? and I didn’t get the “hear no evil” concept…so yeah it was his time.

    • Yeah – I would’ve loved to have gotten a closer look at Yvonne’s speak no evil. It was soo creepy.

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