Recap: Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Episode 12: Josh and I Work on a Case!

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Recap – Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Episode 12: “Josh and I Work on a Case!” – The CW, original airdate Mon. 2/22/16
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Tonight on Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, there’s a water truther and a coupon faker. Oh, and a boyfriend faker (guess who?). In an attempt to get close to Josh, Rebecca meets him for dinner — and unwittingly treats his crew to a huge meal. And in another attempt to get close to Josh, Rebecca convinces him to become her client. Oh, and Darryl has a sexual awakening of sorts.

💬 Best quotes from tonight:

Valencia, to Rebecca: I don’t trust you as far as I can throw you — which is not far, because you eat bagels after 8pm.

Josh, discussing Rebecca at Home Base: I just hung out with her and I gotta say, she seems like she’s in a good place. She’s keeping her car in great shape and she’s even got a boyfriend who went to Harvard and has a name that sounds like a newscaster! Kid: Connie Chung?

Discussing the “secret” opening into the water system – Darryl: So, this is like the vagina of the system. Bert: It’s a manhole. Darryl: So this manhole is a vagina. Bert: You’re saying a lot of crazy stuff.

📝 The recap:

Rebecca’s freaking out because Josh hasn’t contacted her after the whole text-erasure-fake-break-in thing (he’s even ignored her Instagram post with the baby penguin surfing), so Paula promises her that by the end of tomorrow, Josh will have asked Rebecca out for dinner. And with a little cunning, a well-timed visit to an autobody shop (to correspond with an “accidental” ding in Josh’s car), and a totally fake coupon for free drinks and apps at Jalapeño Jack’s, she’s right. Josh seems a little wary of going out, but it’s cool, because Rebecca casually brings up Trent, her (fake) new, Harvard-educated boyfriend, who she and Paula found online, and who she doesn’t know from Adam. Er, from Trent. Whatever.

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Episode 12
Josh: “That’s a pricey place. How can they afford that?”
Rebecca: “I don’t know … I don’t make the coupons!”
Photo: Scott Everett White/The CW

As Rebecca and Josh sip a giant margarita at Jalapeño Jack’s, Josh reveals that he hasn’t had a hot shower in weeks because the hot water has been out, and he hasn’t complained because he lets Valencia take care of that type of stuff. Except, Valencia isn’t on the lease. (She has bad credit, having taken out a loan to sell diet supplements that turned out to be rat droppings.) And then Hector just happens to show up. And then White Josh  … and Ken … and Beans (who earned his moniker from organizing Beanie Babies meet & trades). And, after a song about how much it sucks to be just out of reach in a group hang, the check comes, and everyone gets weird. (I forgot my wallet. I only had nachos. We all know how this goes.) Of course, Rebecca can’t let it be known that the coupon was fake, so she picks up the check. The $978.46 check. And while she waits for her picture taken for the wall of fame (for anyone who’s spent over $600), donning a sombrero, mustache and poncho, she overhears Josh telling Hector that he’s glad they all showed up to dinner — he did, after all, call them and ask for backup, because he’s still a little freaked out by her.

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Episode 12
Photo: Eddy Chen/The CW

The next day at the office, talking to Paula and Mrs. Hernandez, Rebecca wants so badly to bo back to the way they were. There’s a short montage with flashback scenes of her and Josh, set to soft music, that makes me laugh, because it (unfortunately) reminds me of me in various times throughout my life:

🎼 Romantic moments you had that he didn’t know were romantic … or maybe he did, a little, we’re not really sure … but most likely not. 🎼

Rebecca’s afraid that Josh will never want to be alone with her again, and all 3 women get the same idea, to get Josh on a case with Rebecca, when they hear a coworker talking about how he sees one client more than his wife and how he feels like he can never be alone. “What case can you help Josh with?” Paula muses. “Or do we just get him arrested and go from there?” Rebecca doesn’t want to lie to him (hahahaha, okay …) so she has to figure out a legit case — and she does: they’ll go after the landlord for the hot water issue.

When Josh comes in to talk about the potential case, Valencia tags along, and spies the picture of Trent. When she asks Rebecca about it, it’s obvious she’s onto her, somehow. And, when Rebecca tells Josh that he can sue the landlord for all of the rent he’s paid since he moved in, PLUS damages, Valencia is even more suspicious. And, even though it’s not V’s choice, she tells Rebecca they’re not doing this, and they leave. At Home Base, Josh is trying to defend Rebecca, and the case in general, and Greg argues that Rebecca is crazy and this case is just a pretext so she can get closer to him. (He also points out that Trent sounds like a great name for a fake boyfriend.)

Rebecca figures out that there’s more than meets the eye with this landlord stuff, and races over to talk to Josh, but Greg’s there with Valencia. The two have teamed up and are trying to find something to “get” Rebecca (and Rebecca calls them out on it); thus far, all they have is some stuff Greg’s found online about local tenant laws. Josh arrives home, and Rebecca tells him that if she goes through county court, and he can get his whole building to sign up, she can get them all a ton of cash. (Greg points out they also could just call a plumber. Shut up, Greg.) Valencia shuts this all down, and when the door slams in Rebecca’s face, she goes to work and gets the whole building on board with a song about lack of hot water leading to crack addition.

With the whole building in, Josh comes to the office (and we finally, though anticlimactically, hear Mrs. H’s voice when she offers him some water) and, before the two have much time to talk (or plan meals), the landlord calls and wants to settle for a million dollars. Rebecca is not only dismayed that this would end the case (and her time with Josh), but she realizes that a landlord wouldn’t pony up that much money unless something was seriously wrong. So she calls a water “truther” (whom she saw on a poster at the restaurant) and she and Darryl go investigate. This truther takes them on a tour of the central switching system, and explains his conspiracy theory that an entity called Greater City Water is in cahoots with local landlords to divert small amounts of water from their buildings (thus making hot water heaters underperform due to low water pressure).

This whole time, mind you, Darryl is asking some hilarious questions about water, but, you know, not really about water. The side plot in this whole episode is Darryl’s confusion about White Josh kissing him after that party he threw. White Josh is gay, it turns out, and Darryl starts to question his own sexual leanings. He’s always been straight, but after some deep thought (and some time in a barefoot cardio mambo class), Darryl figure out that he’s bi. (“Oh my God,” he thinks. “Could I be …” “BYE! BYE!” the other patrons shout, as class lets out.)

Rebecca and Darryl head over to Josh’s, after their meeting with Bert. When they open the door, there’s … Trent. (Valencia found his picture online and, with the help of Greg I assume, they brought him over.) Rebecca, trying to hide her lie, tells him it’s so good to see him and starts a full-on makeout session with him, that we know won’t end well. Or will it? Cliffhanger! I guess we’ll find out next week.

🎥 The Videos:

Group Hang: The gist – not only does it suck to be just out of reach and feel a little left out in a group hang, what the hell even is this food we’re eating?

Cold Shower: A slippery slope – no hot water means cold showers … next thing you know your kids will be on crack. This is, so far, one of my very favorite songs.

I’m starting to feel like this show is getting closer and closer to jumping the shark. Don’t get me wrong, I still find it funny (and I still occasionally go back and watch reruns of the Fonz actually jumping the shark, because shark-jumping can be funny). I do still love it (especially the songs). After tonight’s cliffhanger, though, I don’t know how this can keep going on. By now, if this were real life (and believe me, I’m good at suspending disbelief, but …) everyone around Rebecca would’ve totally ostracized her. Am I right? I am.



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