Jane the Virgin Chapter 34 recap: Jane the Virgin?


We had a week off from Jane the Virgin, but now it’s game time, ladies and gents. And Jane might be losing her v-card to Professor Magic Mike this episode! Being a virgin mother just doesn’t make sense to Jane anymore.

Michael didn’t waste any time finding out who the first altered face was on that chip Rose had. He called the man in and told him that he would work with the police in order to get Rose to come down and buy the chip off of him. Too bad that Rose and Elena already know the cops are the ones who have the chip and not this Russian mafia man.

Jane is such a sweetheart! Since Petra’s mother is in jail and that’s the only companion she had, Jane offers to throw Petra a baby shower. She also is willing to help Petra pick out the essentials when it comes to baby things because the creepy, old fashioned stroller Petra bought isn’t exactly the latest trend.

Professor hottie and Jane’s date night is finally tonight! They close down the restaurant, not paying attention to the time because they’re too busy kissing. At the end of the night, Chavez invites Jane back to his place but she’s hesitant and tells him not tonight. What the heck?! I thought she was all gung-ho about the idea? Chavez won’t take no for an answer so he asks Jane to stop by his place tomorrow night so he can make her dinner. Oh yeah, it’s on tomorrow night!

Remember those “Scientology” films that Rogelio didn’t want Xo to see? Well, he finally revealed his big secret to her by showing her the infamous clip — he was a gigolo back in his earlier days. Xo tells Rogelio that she thought it was something way worse. Rogelio proposes again to Xo and tells her that he’s okay with them not having kids, as long as he has her by his side. Cue the happy tears!

Jane-the-Virgin-chapter34-Jane-PetraI guess Jane and Petra won’t be able to be best mommy buddies like Rafael envisioned. The two couldn’t agree on baby products since Jane is more practical and Petra is a spoiled brat. Buying the most expensive things doesn’t mean that they’re always the best, Petra. Listen to Jane. She kind of has a child already.

As an insurance policy, Rogelio asks Xo if she’d think about possibly freezing her eggs so they could one day have a child together. He mentions that she’s changed her mind about him once before, so she might change her mind about children in the future. Xo doesn’t seem to mind the idea of freezing her eggs and agrees to consider it.

I have never seen a moment go from steamy hot to ice cold so fast before. Jane and Professor Chavez headed straight for dessert after their meal and things were going in the right direction for Jane. Now if only Jane could have kept her mouth shut about the whole promise to her grandmother about staying a virgin until marriage thing. Chavez calls things off and lets Jane know that maybe they shouldn’t be going so far. I guess that means Jane truly isn’t ready … and Chavez isn’t the right guy.

Oh my god! Rafael has professed his love for Jane once again! I knew there was a reason why Jane couldn’t sleep with Professor Chavez. Apparently Petra thought Jane still had feelings for Rafael so she told her about the kiss she shared with Rafael. When Jane went to go pick up Mateo, she asked Rafael why he didn’t mention anything. And that’s when the big “L”- word slipped out. Sadly, Jane lets Rafael down and tells him that her feelings have changed. Come on Jane, why can’t you two get back together?

Jane-the-Virgin-chapter34-PetraI never thought I’d say this but Jane and Chavez begin to sext each other after Petra’s baby shower. Can you picture the wild imagination of two creative writers as they’re sexting each other? I guess it was enough to get the Professor to tell Jane to get over to his place and Jane listened. Since he requested that she not dress up for the occasion, Jane isn’t wearing any pants.

She also isn’t paying attention to her speed as she’s driving and gets pulled over. This ought to be good!

Luisa gets into a car crash, it but turns out it’s all an act to set up Rose. Michael knew that Rose and Elena would know the cops had the chip, so he had to think of a public distraction — such as the car crash. When Rose disguises herself as a doctor to have access to Luisa, Suzanna comes in with a gun.

Just when you think the cops are ahead of the bad guys, things get ugly. Rose has someone feeding her information in her ear about Suzanna’s little brother and tells her that she’ll order her men to kill Suzanna’s family unless she puts her gun down.

Suzanna follows Rose’s orders but eventually fights her for the gun.  Suzanna gets shot in the arm, allowing Rose to run off. When Michael comes in with backup, they find Rose dead in a stairwell with blue silk ties around her neck, like Mutter’s.

Jane-the-Virgin-chapter34-JaneSo Jane didn’t end up having sex with Chavez, because she cried once she arrived at his place. I’m not exactly sure why she cried, but she could’ve blamed it on the fact that she was pulled over and still shaken up about it.

This whole time Jane thought she was keeping her possible sex life a secret from Alba but no. Alba knew. Alba even reveals a secret — that she had sex with someone named Pablo before meeting her husband. Surprisingly, Alba tells Jane that she realizes she’s an adult now and won’t judge her if she does lose her virginity.

Xo has finally come to the decision that she doesn’t want to have any more children. She enjoys being a grandmother and that’s just enough for her. Xo gives Rogelio the engagement ring back and tells him that he deserves to have children if he wants to. I think she’ll realize that he’s more interested in keeping her than having children.

Oh boy! Now Michael has come back to profess his love for Jane. He lets her know that Rose is dead and now that he knows she and Mateo will be safe, he can come clean about his feelings for her. He asks her if she still loves him and she says yes. So does this mean they’ll pick up right where they left off? What about Rafael?!

What were your thoughts on this episode of Jane the Virgin? Did you think Jane was actually going to lose her virginity in this episode? Do you think Chavez is the wrong guy or is Jane just not ready yet? How about Jane’s two past loves confessing their true feelings for her? I just don’t understand how she easily shot Rafael down but was giddy when Michael told her. I hope Rafael doesn’t lose hope and go with Petra. Leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

Jane the Virgin airs Mondays at 9/8CT on The CW.

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  1. I am getting a bit tired of the will they won’t they between so many- glad she’s supposed to decide for good this season. However, I never felt like she and Raf were right together. And I hate that Raf messes with Petra’s emotions, sometimes intentionally and sometimes not, but it’s terrible. Michael isn’t perfect by any means, but he always does what he can for Jane. Admittedly, though, they’ve both made very similar mistakes (lying, breaking the law, pretending not to care for her sake) but it always seems more genuine and less selfish when Michael does it. When Raf said he didn’t love her it was in the middle of them dating and he knew it broke her completely. And it was just because he didn’t think he could be what she wanted (rather than just working on being what she wanted, which he magically feels capable of now.) When Michael said he was dating someone it was after she broke things off with him *again*, and it was to keep her alive. And he didn’t say he didn’t love her.

  2. I’m over Jane and Michael already. I don’t get why the writers can’t have Jane and Rafael together–give the audience some happiness or stability already. No one is happy on this show, it’s getting harder to watch. Have Jane and Rafael fight together against crazy drug lords. Their differences would keep the relationship interesting. Totally agree with so many of the comments already posted!

    • I’m still rooting for Jane-Rafael. And i also agree – it is harder to watch and keep my interest. In fact, i stopped watching way back from episode 18 of season 1. I just read reviews and recap from time to time to find out if finally Jane and Rafael got together. Totally so over Jane and Michael even as far back as episode 2 of season 1 i think. Right now, I just want to see the ending. Is Jane getting married like they said before season 2 was shown? Or is she intended to be a virgin and they will milk it for what it’s worth. I am just so tired. Please end it already.

  3. I have watched every single episode of this show and all I can say is that it is perfectly clear that poor Rafael never stood a chance with Jane. No matter how kind and supportive he was, it was never good enough. Of course, Xo’s dislike of him didn’t help (not that she is in a position to pass judgement on anyone anyway!). Jane just insists that Michael can do no wrong, which is absurd because he has proven that he has no character. This list of stuff he has pulled is too much to even go into, but to suffice to say that he has proven to be a liar, a manipulator, and a criminal all in the name of his “love” for Jane. He actions put Mateo in danger twice and Jane still thinks he’s great. She’s not stupid, so what’s the deal?

    When Rafael told Jane he didn’t love her, it was awful, even though he didn’t mean it. But Jane had Xo and Alba to support her through it. When Jane told Rafael she didn’t love him, it was worse, because not only did she really mean it, but she strung him along and made him think if he just gave her time, he still had a chance. The only reason she told him when she did was because of her conversation with Petra. He has no one to support him and it will be interesting to see how he handles it.

    Petra’s babies could very well be Roman’s. She slept with him in Episode 19 and inseminated herself in Episode 23. She could have already been pregnant when she inseminated herself. Can’t wait to find out.

    Rogelio and Xo break up. Rafael and Jane are done. Could the writers give us a break, please? I really love this show, but I can’t stomach Jane and Michael together. Talk about a recipe for disaster!

    • Yes, yes, yes. Not Jane and Michael. I don’t know but I have never seen any chemistry between them from episode 1 even.

  4. Maybe Jane & Michael deserve each other. They are both so judgemental and shallow. She is constantly telling Rafael that they are sooo different. She and Prof. Hottie are both writers, and probably wanted the same thing so what happen there. Well he did say he was looking for something casual because he is leaving.

    Still waiting for Petra’s twin self to show up. In episode 33 Petra had no idea what the lady that was having the wedding at their hotel was talking about when she said Petra got her fired. I still hope her babies are Roman Zazo’s kids. At the end of episode 34, I became disenchanted with this show. When are they going to let Milos come back and tell Petra what Magda is hiding from her. They are still married and he still own 1/3 of the hotel.

    It will be TRULY disappointing if Rafael turn out to be the one that killed Rose . Retaliation for Rose killing his father and using the blue silk ties to set his mother up.

  5. Rafael and Jane need to get back together or the show will not be worth watching anymore! Michael is not the right guy!!

  6. i have mixed feelings about the show now. i was completely team jane/rafael but the last scene was really sweet and emotional between jane and michael, maybe bc of the good writing on the show! i don’t know where this is gonna go, but the thought of jane and rafael not being together just makes me so sad. worse would be rafael and petra getting back together, i don’t think i can continue to watch if they do. just think of all the HELL she put him through last season.

  7. Total letdown. The show has lost its magic. No interest in seeing boring, dopey Michael with Jane. Get back on track with Rafael. She seems cold and shallow and it’s hard to root for Jane now.

    • Totally agree. I thought it was just me and i just lost interest. But you said it right. There’s no magic anymore. Magic was when i anticipated that Jane and Rafael would be together – they have Mateo after all.

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