How to Get Away with Murder Recap Season 2 Episode 11: She Hates Us

Scott Fishman
(ABC/Michael Desmond) CHARLIE WEBER

Annalise is back in action for the first time since getting shot, and we get a little bit further in her and Wes’ back story this week on How to Get Away with Murder.

We start off with a flashback from 10 years earlier with Annalise visibly pregnant and what look to be an earlier incarnation of the Keating 5. This includes Bonnie, who appears to be, and this may shock you… the teacher’s pet. Annalise talks to Sam about having to reschedule her sonogram due to another trip to Ohio for a case.

(ABC/Michael Desmond) AJA NAOMI KING
(ABC/Michael Desmond)

Back to present day and Annalise is more focused on returning to some semblance of normalcy. She is trying to get more maps and maybe move past the repeated car crash that has been her life. Wes is also seeing a doctor in order to obtain sleeping pills. When he doesn’t get them, he makes a comment in regards to offing himself. Even though he wasn’t serious, the doctor had no choice but to take it as suicidal thoughts and wouldn’t let him leave. He is now stuck in a psych.

The rest of the students (Are they even students at this point? Nobody goes to class.) apprehensively return to the courtroom, knowing Annalise really doesn’t want to see them at the moment. Annalise’s new case involves a man named Jason who shot Tyler over a girl. Tyler’s mother Joyce is in the room during the plea deal proceedings. She actually wants him to have a shorter sentence than the 15 years offered. This leads to talk of a restorative plea and case postponement. Jason ends up coming clean to the mother that he meant to shoot Tyler and it wasn’t an accident.

(ABC/Michael Desmond) JACK FALAHEE
(ABC/Michael Desmond)

He even texted her posing as Tyler after the incident. The mother believes Jason is a product of his environment and doesn’t believe he should get to prison for the crime, but the damage had already been done with his confession. The go from second degree to first degree with death penalty sought. Not even Annalise’s lawyer magic can help Jason really as the District Attorney’s Office will only reduce their offer to life in prison. When Annalise and Joyce try to fight against it, Jason accepts. The mother is adamant in staying in touch with Jason and getting to know him. Now that’s something you don’t see every day.

The flashbacks threaded throughout the episode delve further in to exactly what kind of case Annalise worked on a decade ago. We get to see Frank, a little less brooding and about the same level of womanizing, growing in his role. We also watch how Bonnie and Annalise get so close. So there is that. But back to the case itself, which we find out has to do with Wes’ mom Rose. Well, maybe since Annalise brings a file for a murder trial for a hedge-fund heir named Charles Mahoney (Could this be Wes’ dad?).

Back to current event where Wes is answering questions about his childhood and why he might not be able to sleep. The doctor knows about the shooting of his professor and comes to the conclusion that it could have brought back memories of his past with his mom. Laurel tried to get him out of the place, but failed.

She tried to get Annalise to help her, but that also didn’t help. Laurel then tells the gang about Annalise’s lack of effort. They are not pleased, worried Wes would spill the beans on everything that has happened. They storm off and refuse to work any longer. They eventually go to the ward, and retrieve Wes. The Keating 5 bond appears to be stronger than ever in some warped way, even though Asher is overstaying his welcome at Casa Connor/Oliver.

(ABC/Michael Desmond) CHARLIE WEBER
(ABC/Michael Desmond)

Michaela continues to lose in love with Caleb, who is on the hunt for Phillip. He doesn’t have to go looking too far with Connor getting a mysterious email at the end of the episode. After everything that has happened Annalise brings the file containing details of what we believe is pieces of the puzzle to Wes’ back story, which involves that Mahoney case. Laurel is tired of the relationship her and Frank with each lying to one another. It turns into a confessional with Laurel admitting Wes was the one who shot Annalise. Although Frank one-ups her saying he shot Lila.

Speaking of shots, I may need a few to get me through until next week. I mean this show has more turns than a NASCAR race.

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