The Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Soundtrack Is Out!

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Will Greg sweep her Rebecca off her feet if she settles for him? (Photo credit: Greg Gayne/The CW)

Maybe you’re like me, and once you get a song from a TV show stuck in your head, you want to listen to it 8,000 times in a row, but you also want to play phone games at the same time and if you minimize YouTube on an iPhone, the audio cuts out, so you know you HAVE to download said song if you want to play Two Dots or look at Facebook while you listen. Gah!

OK, you’re probably less crazy than I am. Still …

If you can’t get enough of the songs from Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, you’re in luck. CBS Television Studios and The CW just announced that they’ve released a 25-song soundtrack, featuring songs from the first 8 episodes of the hit series. (It’s Season 1, Volume 1, so they’re planning on releasing more. 😍)

“Our songs are the heart of our show,” says Crazy Ex‘s Rachel Bloom. “From start to finish, the creation of each song feels like playing in the sandbox for all of us. (Executive Music Producer) Adam Schlesinger is a genius …”

The show’s music, IMHO, is truly what makes the show as great as it is.

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend: Original Television Soundtrack (Season 1 – Volume 1), which is distributed by WaterTower Music, features songs like “The Sexy Getting Ready Song,” “Settle for Me,” “Sex With a Stranger,” “I’m in a Sexy French Depression,” and “Where’s the Bathroom.” I found it on iTunes and Amazon Music this morning (spoiler alert, it’s cheaper on Amazon). Of course, you can buy the whole album or just a single song, if you go the digital route. I’m not sure if CDs are available, but I’m considering asking my boss if I can leave 4 hours early today so I can go see if it’s available at any brick and mortar stores. You know, for research.

But for now, I’m going to download “The Sexy Getting Ready Song” and listen to it 8,000 times on repeat while I do my job.

Oh, and in case you need a refresher on the Crazy Ex songs, here’s a link to a YouTube playlist of them. (Just don’t try to minimize it on your phone, or it will go quiet and you will feel sad.) Happy Friday!

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