WWE Total Divas Season 5 Episode 5: Come Reign or Shine

Scott Fishman

This week on Total Divas Nikki Bella becomes the longest reigning WWE Diva’s champion in history.

However, it’s not without sacrifice as the dedicated performer is wrestling with pain in her neck and back. A lot of the problems stem from the execution of her move called the Rack Attack, which she does an almost nightly basis. Her twin sister Brie becomes concerned and wants Nikki to put her health first. With the record in reach, Nikki looks for ways to get her through including getting ozone injections to loosen the muscles in the neck.

Nikki Bella Diva's ChampionIn the end, this episode provides some insight into what Nikki endured to accomplish her goal and have that milestone title reign. She wouldn’t let anything get in the way of realizing her dream. A glimpse into the kind of dedication it truly takes to be successful in WWE.

On the opposite side of the spectrum, newbie Mandy Rose is finding out what she needs to do to make it to the ring. She is getting some image tips from Eva Marie, who has brought a social media guy on her team. Mandy hopes to build her social media following with the help of her red-headed friend. Mandy also asks Natalya to train with her for a bit. The veteran appreciates Mandy’s intentions to learn.

Natalya and Mandy trainHowever, Natalya loses patience with Mandy when she shows up to the WWE Performance Center late and unprepared. Nattie starts to question if she is more concerned with Instagram than picking up the skills necessary to be pro wrestler. Nattie heads for the door, but Mandy goes to explain herself in the parking lot. She says she was in a car accident and that she is serious about competing. Seeing potential and appreciating the fact she admitted she was wrong, Nattie gives Mandy another chance.

Nikki Bella dressDuring Nikki’s Bella-bration for her championship reign, those in attendance ask Mandy questions regarding motivations of signing with WWE. She passes the test by saying fame is short-term, but she plans to do whatever necessary to make her own history.

Rosa Mendes isn’t wrestling much these days, in the final months of her pregnancy. Paige and Alicia Fox volunteer to throw her a baby shower. However, their idea of shower is more of a college party. They even go to a store looking to make it Goth and “haunted,” thinking it goes well with Rosa and her baby daddy.

When Paige gets booked for a Conan O’Brien Show appearance the same day the shower is scheduled, things start falling apart between Alicia and Rosa. Alicia calls Rosa selfish for wanting to move the shower from Florida to California. Rosa believes her voice isn’t being heard about the kind of shower she wants. The situation gets heated to the point where Alicia doesn’t want to even sit next Rosa during the Bella-bration. By the end of the show Alicia apologizes and tells Rosa she should be more understanding of what she wants. They put the whole ordeal behind them.


Just some random thoughts: John Cena reveals to Nikki during dinner he recently bought 55 suits in one shopping trip! Why does a guy who wrestles in jorts and CeNation t-shirts crossing every color of the rainbow need so many suits? I guess when you’re John Cena it doesn’t matter. And it’s funny how Dolph Ziggler finds himself in every episode lately. It’s like we are one step away from a Ziggler “Show-Off” spin-off. Perhaps something for E! to look into?

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Photos Courtesy: WWE