Get Tough in the Buff — Naked and Afraid Season 5


Get ready to get naked; Discovery’s Naked and Afraid returns for a new season on Sunday, March 13 at 10pm ET/PT.

For 21 days, one man and one woman – meeting for the first time in the nude – and tasked to survive in some of the world’s most extreme environments … with no food, water or clothes. This season, a new crop of survivalists will tackle international locations from Australia to Croatia and Canada, along with domestic destinations in Alabama and Texas. They’ll suffer hostile climates, encountering deadly animals and will endure emotional turmoil in their quests to create shelter, forage for food and find water. 

Of course, I can’t wait for the new season and am really interested in seeing what Croatia is like. The best part about Naked and Afraid is judging the survivalists from my well-fed place on the couch, so naturally, I’ll be recapping each week’s adventure. And I’ll look forward to the weekly snark from some of the series’ biggest fans, and their analysis of what the challengers could have done better to boost their survival changes. And of course, I look forward to laughing at the absurdity of the show’s Primitive Survival Ratings (P.S.R), which seem arbitrarily assigned to the contestants.

The biggest challenge I’ll face in Naked and Afraid Season 5 is making sure that the images that I post are not porn. Apparently, the internet isn’t a fan of butts, boobs and crotches — even when blurred — so I’ll have to be more careful (whoops!).