Face Off Season 10 episode 6 recap: Death’s Doorstep

Robert duck Face Off Season 10 episode 6 Channel Guide Contributor
Duck in progress

Face Off Season 10 episode 6 gives us a bit of the Beetlejuice. The artists must create a character based on a short obituary. They get to take a field trip to a large printing press to learn about their new challenge. It’s a little weird that there’s no mention of the printing company at all. Where’s the product placement tie in? It’s bizarre when it doesn’t happen.

Here are the artists and the name of their whimsical dead characters:

Mel – Sally Slopes
Johnny – Sarah N Geti
Kaleb – Finn Waters
Rob – Wendy Wand
Robert – Thomas Watts
Yvonne – Jerry Rig
Walter – Seymour Sharp
Anna – Rose Mary
Melissa – Suzanne Stitches

Mel’s character was snowboarding, so she fell & twisted all the way around. So she decides to “challenge herself” and make a front-butt sculpture. It’s a huge mold that goes from her model’s knees to her waist. While the mold is huge, I’m wondering how the model is going to move with that thing on. Mel’s also wondering if it’s worth the massive amount of work. SPOILER ALERT: It almost never is.

Detox in the RuPaul's Drag Race finaleRob’s taking the opposite route – stick to one idea that he can execute well. Smart move Rob. He has also decided that his character was a 1920s magician’s assistant so she’s going to be all in grey scale. Now where have we seen that before?

Johnny decides to go subtle with just some hoof prints to indicate a trampling. He also thinks that adding porcupine quills will add that touch of whimsy. We’ll see about that, Johnny.

Roberts’ death-by-electrocution focuses on one thing – the rubber duckie in the bathtub. Priorities Robert!

Robert duck Face Off Season 10 episode 6
Duck in progress

With the help of a couple other artists, Mel manages to get the full body mold created & cleaned out. It’s a massive amount of work for a thing that’s going underneath her model’s costume. She’s got next to no time to create anything for her model’s face.

As per usual, there’s a flurry of activity resulting in varying levels of confidence. Let’s see how they did!

Mel, Johnny and Kaleb are in the worst category this week.

Yvonne and Rob are in the best design group this week.

The mediocre middle was Melissa, Robert, Anna and Walter.

Kaleb’s feedback is the best in the ‘bad’ makeups category. Glenn tells him he could’ve won if he had made some better choices & not made so much of a fish/elf hat. Mel obviously knows what she did wrong and Johnny’s is neither challenge appropriate nor well done.

Yvonne was worried about this makeup since she doesn’t do whimsy, but she ends up winning. Johnny’s time on the Face Off stage is over. Not surprising really, given how subtle his makeup was. This was not the challenge to be subtle.

Did you think Johnny should’ve gone, or that Mel went too far? Were you surprised Melissa wasn’t in the top? Tell us what you thought below!


  1. Now THIS is my kind of challenge Ruthie…not that last weeks wasn’t, I loved last weeks as well.

    Wasn’t really feeling the change the race/gender challenge only cuz I felt it was kinda boring even for the winners but this is last weeks challenge is the fun stuff! I dig a Tim Burton style challenge, one of my fav make-ups is still the Bell-hop/wardrobe and woman/cello from the Burton challenge!

    I can honestly say besides a few, I’m a bit disappointed because this was a WHIMSY challenge, and once that focused on the ghostly fun world. One of my favorite movie scenes is when Barbara and Adam are in the waiting room and you see all the different ghosts and ghouls, and as I got older I noticed all the different eccentricities that went into making the ghouls different and I get more impressed ever time, so i was excited.

    First things first, Yvonne and Rob definitely deserved the top especially Yvonne, her’s looked like Bettlejuice waiting room material and I loved your DeTox comparison which is awesome. But I agree that Rob should’ve twister her up a bit more (and don’t think I didn’t forget that a sawed off magician assistant was in the original scene of the movie!) I think if Mellissa would’ve added more sewing stuff to her girl, she would’ve been tops as well, but I liked what she did. Sad she got the middle.

    With the Anna, Robert and Walter…where was the fun???? They were well done but just so muted, they could’ve went so much further without going overboard and had a good time. I mean electrocution with no electricity? An kitchen explosion with no sign of the spaghetti on her? A clown…that’s kinda just an old hobo clown? They could’ve done better, but I get the safe play, they just needed to do more.

    Now the bottom, Mel knew better, but I appreciate her wanting to try something new, we know she’s good so I’m sad that at this challenge she didn’t get to have fun with it. Kaleb could’ve chosen an octopus or a weird creature and had it wrapped around the guy, I didn’t have a problem with the blue color of him, I understand him wanting to have that contrast with the red of the fish but he could’ve done more. And then there’s Johnny…I mean the he didn’t even do DIFFERENT footprints stomping over her, and you could barely tell there were footprints at all. I mean he’s the one who said one side of her would be in dirt, she didn’t even look dusty on one side. I swear it’s like every season, on the challenges some of them can go all out they don’t want to and then on the challenges that just a foundation or make-up one,, they fabricate like mad! But good choice in sending him home, happy for Yvonne.

    • You’re so right about Anna’s makeup – it would have made it so much better with some spaghetti strewn all over her.

    • I think you’re right too about the lack of actual whimsy in a whimsical challenge. Robert’s personally hilarious, but he hasn’t demonstrated whimsical yet. Not sure that he can. And Mel, oy, she just got way too wrapped up/attached to an idea that wasn’t ever going to translate well on stage.

      • Yeah I mean, I know it was supposed to be a frozen make-up but she was right, it got very muddy, and she put NO icicles on it..it’s a whimsy challenge!! I needed more whimsy!!!

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