WWE Total Divas Season 5 Episode 4: Talk of the Town

Scott Fishman

Nikki Bella has always taken her role as WWE Diva’s champion seriously. She wants to inspire and empower other women. This week on Total Divas, she strives to expand her reach and explore other avenues to lead by example.

It all started when Nikki and Brie participated in a Best Buddies International event chaired by Maria Shriver. Nikki watched in awe at the way Maria carried herself and spoke. The experience of meeting the respected figure gets her thinking about taking up speaking engagements. In the past Nikki has turned down these gigs for fear she wouldn’t do well in that type of environment. Would they take her seriously? Would they be interested in hearing what she had to say?

Total Divas Best Buddies

Brie feels Nikki’s penchant for provocative dress isn’t that of a motivational speaker and is worried how she would be perceived. Despite her sister’s words, Nikki accepts a speaking engagement at The Centre for Women in Tampa.

Mama Bella helps Brie see her negative response to Nikki’s aspirations has her coming off as a dream crusher. Brie knows she was just being a bit protective, but she should have been more supportive in her approach and delivery. Brie calls her sister minutes before Nikki takes the podium.

Total Divas Nikki

The encouraging words, coupled with boyfriend John Cena being on hand, gave Nikki a confidence boost. We see Nikki ace the speech via shots of woman listening intently as she talked about her unique journey in a male-dominated industry. She even borrowed from John’s own mantra to “Never Give Up.”

Elsewhere, Alicia Fox has found love in the form of Darryl, but Paige and Rosa Mendes aren’t so quick to accept the new man in Alicia’s life.

Rosa convinces Alicia to spend that $3.99 for a background check. The results reveal Darryl lied about his age and that he is actually 50! When the 29-year-old Alicia confronts him about it over the phone, he is less than forthcoming with the information. There are other details that rub Paige and Rosa the wrong way about the guy — like that he is letting his ex stay in the same house as him.


Despite the romance issues, the “Three Amigas” continue their weekend of fun, which includes a run-in with a snake and an armadillo in Alicia’s jungle-like backyard.

Darryl sends flowers, which seems enough of an olive branch for Alicia to accept his apology. Rosa and Paige reveal that things aren’t 100 percent rainbows and butterflies in their own relationships — so who are they to judge Alicia’s love life?

Mandy Rose and Eva Marie continue to grow closer, bonding over their similarities. Mandy sees all of Eva’s training paying off for her, and she can see potential in Team “Red ’n’ Gold.”

The problem is Eva tried to get a similar thing going with Summer Rae, but with  less than favorable results — which Mandy only found out because of Nattie. Shame on Mandy for not binge-watching Total Divas before joining the cast! But I guess we can forgive you.

046_td504_220-3148095261Then viewers are introduced to Mandy’s guy, Mike. He joins the ladies for dinner, which takes an awkward turn when Mandy tells Eva she was asking the other girls about her. Eva is hurt by this and feels her new friend should draw her own conclusions firsthand. Mandy later apologizes. Eva put herself in Mandy’s shoes and realizes she would have done the same thing. The two hug it out.

We only get a little Natalya this episode — just enough to find out Cesaro got TJ’s action figure before Nattie did. Good to know the bromance between Cesaro and TJ remains strong.

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