Recap: Little Women: Atlanta Episode 3 “Tiny Twin Takeover”

Kellie Freeze

First of all, the BIG news on Little Women: Atlanta — Minnie is pregnant! The reality star hinted at her big news when I interviewed her last week, and today a source close to the show confirmed the pregnancy. Congrats Minnie, best wishes to you and your baby!

On to this week’s recap, Little Women: Atlanta Episode 3. This week, the Tiny Twins cause BIG trouble!

Little Women: Atlanta Episode 3 The week starts off in a barn. Emily grew up as a competitive equestrian, and while she hasn’t been able to ride since she moved to Atlanta, she’s eager to return to her love of stallion-mounting. Confident Emily reveals that because of her size, people have always tried to put her on ponies, but she’s always been determined to make it work, and succeed.

You go girl! You ride a big-ass horse because you reign as the Queen of the ring! (or can I throw in a little horse humor and say that “you rein”) I, however, will ride the pony. JK, I would totally break a pony.

Emily tells Bri that their height (especially with their shorter legs and different centers of gravity) makes riding a challenge for people of short stature. But she still wants to share her love for horses with the other girls and plans a day of riding for the entire group. I think this challenge is a great way to encourage her friends to try something new.

Minnie and her mom Tamie get pedicures. (We saw this same scene with Kristy and her mom in LW:LA.) I love mother-daughter time! The twins arrive too, and Minnie tells them about her verbal fight with Juicy. (Read some of the fight’s lowlights here.) Minnie says she’s going to play it cool the next time she sees Juicy.

Little Women: Atlanta Episode 3
That awkward moment when your mom hopes you’re not pregnant … but we know you are.

Minnie says “What the hell?” about Emily’s pregnancy announcement and the twins still think Emily is lying.
Minnie laughs that she doesn’t care, “As long as Minnie ain’t pregnant.”
“Amen!” says her mom. “Cause I ain’t trying to be no Grammaw.”
(Ummmmmmmmmmmmmm…………………… see above.)

After releasing their “Bridled” passion, Emily and Bri go shopping. Emily and Lontel are still on rocky terms, but Emily is confident that he’ll eventually get excited about their baby. Bri thinks Emily is toxic and their relationship can’t be fixed. Emily thinks that Bri shouldn’t talk, she and her own baby daddy, Wooda, aren’t together either, but they live together.

FYI-I’m digging how the twin’s hair looks when it’s pulled back! It’s too cute.

Little Women: Atlanta Episode 3
Snaps for these cute ‘dos (especially Andrea’s curls!)

Minnie has decide to let Morlin become her love-in lover, and today’s moving-in day! Every time I get the itch to move, I need only to watch other people move to remember that moving sucks. Monie is learning the beauty basics at Minnie’s salon and in the meantime, she wants Morlin to pay her bills and give her an allowance until she becomes a working voice over artist. There are so many incorrect life choices happening in the above sentence that it makes me cringe!

Little Women: Atlanta Episode 3
Let’s get cohabitating!

The twins arrive at Emily’s house bearing gifts for Emily’s baby. Awww! They look like they’re trying to make amends with Emily, but double trouble is actually snooping. The twins still don’t think that she’s pregnant, but if she is, “that gives up more jobs,” they laugh. (How the hell far away did the twins park from Emily’s house? They’re walking for what seems like a million hours! Or do they live around the block in a convenient-for-filming enclave?) Emily is touched that the girls brought her gifts, but she knows that the twins have shady motives. Emily isn’t going to work as much as she has been, “I’m not going to advertise as “Right Cheek … and bump.” Although I think it’s got a nice ring to it.

And then Emily invites the twins to go horseback riding. Their faces be like 😨😨… Because who goes horseback riding when you’re pregnant? Ummm, Mary did and her son turned out pretty well. Maybe you’ve heard of him?

Little Women: Atlanta Episode 3

The twins still think it’s shady and they leave. And they begin their Loooooog walk either home or to their inconveniently parked car.

Bri wants Wooda. She wants to be in a relationship with her son’s father, but he isn’t interested in more. Wooda says that they’ve both cheated and they aren’t loyal. Bri wants to be a family, for Malik’s sake, but Wooda doesn’t think he can give it to her. This seems to be his blessing that Bri is free to pursue another relationship. Wooda confuses me, is he really high?

How can you act like such a schmuck with cameras pointing at you? This is a permanent record that women forever and ever will be able to find that will warn them that you are not a good relationship partner. So if your future woman is wondering, “Hmm, I’ll ask the internet if Wooda is a the right guy for me to date,” she will find this article and my words will reach out to her like the mist of a ghost and beg, “Don’t do it sister!”

Bri, Emily and Minnie head out to the club. Minnie is surprised that Bri is out but Bri insists that she is single and ready to mingle. “Your mind’ll be open, and Miss Kitty’ll be closed.” Minni says that her relationship with Pastor Troy is over and she’s looking for love. Emily still thinks that the timing of the breakup is still shady.

All of the girls like tall men and list some of their pet peeves with average-sized men. They hate when men pat them on the head, tell them they’re cute, or bend over and talk to them like they’re children. Happily, two bearded hotties come over, and one is LOL. When they head out to the floor to dance with them, Bri meets another man named Andre, who asks her out.

The next day, Minnie arrives at work and the salon’s owner tells her that Monie’s been there for 30 minutes and hadn’t done any work. Today’s the day that Paula is evaluating her work performance. Monie admits that this isn’t her dream job, and Paula wants only people passionate about becoming hairstylists working at the salon. So Paula fires her. And Monie leaves with a few parting shots, which is mortifying to Minnie! Isn’t this the salon where Monie gets her hair done? Or where she used to get her hair done?

Minnie picks up the twins for a job interview. Now I get it, the twins don’t have their drivers licenses, so that’s why they were walking to Emily’s house. Thanks TV, for that bit of info. 😉 The club that they’re interviewing at is Boogalou, a place where The Cheeks also do promotion. (and by promotion, I mean twerking atop the bar.)

Little Women: Atlanta Episode 3
Twerking is so much stranger when the lights are on.

The meet the club’s manager and floor manager. The club features bar-side swings and before long, the Tiny Twins are encouraged to hop up and “Show us what you got!” After some awkward climbing, (let’s be honest, it was A LOT of awkwardness) they t-werk it. And it is even more awkward to have two women enthusiastically admiring the twerking of two women whom they’ve just met. Apparently the two women that the twins have met with are powerless, because they have to check with the bar’s owner before hiring them. Which is nonsense. Hire them, let them do their jobs — which is to make horny guys buy more alcohol.

Back at Bri’s, somebody’s getting glam. Wooda’s not thrilled that Bri going on her date with Andre. In fact, he admits that he’s a little jealous, but says that since he “explores,” he can’t hate on Bri for exploring a new relationship too. Wooda says, “I’m gonna hate from a distance and wait … Works every time.”

Bri and Andrea meet for their date and ride the Ferris Wheel at Skyview Atlanta. Bri hopes that Andre doesn’t have a little person fetish and tells Andre about her complicated relationship with Wooda. She also reminds us of the heartbreaking loss of her father when she was 9. Andre is trying waaay too hard, but his heart seems to be in the right place. Or he wants to be on TV. But Bri isn’t ready for a second date … yet.

Little Women: Atlanta Episode 3
Big smile … tiny helmet

It’s horseback riding day! Bri is excited to share this part of her world with the other women. But first, Emily tells Bri that the Tiny Twins went to Boogalou trying to get booked. The other women arrive (wearing their best flannels and bandanas) and reconsider riding. After some light-hearted music to make their mounting struggles less humiliating, they’re all astride their mighty steeds. And Andrea is wearing an extremely ill-fitting helmet. After their rides, Emily shows them how amazing she is on a horse. But it’s not bragging, she’s really talented! The twins still can’t believe that horse-riding Emily is pregnant and they have a plan to make her prove it.

Little Women: Atlanta Episode 3
This is the perfect place for a pee-soaked showdown!

Horseback riding has left the ladies famished, so they settle in along a river for a picnic. The twins reveal that they’ve been hired at Boogalou and that it was Minnie who set up their interview. The Cheeks are pissed that Minnie is trying to give away their gigs, but first they want to set the twins straight. But the Twins strike first and whip out a pregnancy test.

They challenge Emily to prove her pregnancy and Emily is happy to oblige. One of the twins comes with her to the outhouse to watch her tinkle.

Little Women: Atlanta Episode 3
Totally dignified.

“This is a very interesting picnic,” says Bri. My thoughts exactly! But now, I can’t stop worrying about where Emily is going to wash her hands! The river? Maybe someone has their diaper bag and can pull out a wipe?

Emily returns triumphant. “Boom bitch!” she exclaims, slamming down the easy-to-read digital test. We saw Episode 2’s ultrasounds, so this isn’t a surprise, but the twins finally admit defeat (I still love their hair pulled back.)

What did you think of this week’s episode? Are the Tiny Twins double trouble? Have they been served humble pie now that Emily has proven that she’s pregnant? What is your reaction to Minnie being pregnant?

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  1. I love the little women Atlanta, it show the real side of these women.I think that Minnie is jealous of juicy a little more than juicy is of her.I believe left cheek and right cheek would get along if it weren’t for miss Minnie.

    • I don’t understand why you said left cheek and right cheek would get along if it wasn’t for Minnie. Left cheek and right cheek aka Bri and Emily do get along. In fact, they are best friends as well as partners in work.

  2. I think all of these shows are equally strange…not bc there little woman but bc they have such crazy attitudes. These twins are obnoxious, Mo is a bum and I like Emily and Bri but they have settled for the typical bummy baby daddies which makes them look bad…and Minnie being Pregnant good for her or did she just settle too…Birds of a Feather …

    • IMO the purpose of these shows is to educate. It takes us into the life of little people and there daily struggles with things average people take for granted. It also depicts that even though they are little women they still have men problems like average women. Before these shows I really had no knowledge or gave any thoughts to the life of little people. It’s interesting to see average men loving little women. It’s also interesting to see them exude confidence.

  3. Little Women Atlanta is a joke. I like Little Women LA and Little Women New York was okay but this new show is HORRIBLE and these tiny twins are retarded. I watched the first episode and they talk and act like retards. They are disgusting and I hate them and this show. Shame on you Lifetime!

    • I don’t think they are retarded. Little Women of ATL depicts little people of various age groups. Of course the tiny twins act immature because they are young!!! It is also their first time living on their own. Hopefully, the show will show them maturing over time. Different generational she group have different problems and look at things differently. Little Women of LA has Brianna who wants a man so bad she quickly married a dominating creep. Matt is not working either. Tonya wants a man so bad because the ones she had, had no problems walking away. She is turning to her daughter’s dad who is in a relationship. Tonya wants Kerwin to kick his woman to the curb and take her back. Tonya, wants people to bow down to her talking about she is going through somethings because she is in between relationship.

  4. Those twins are absolutely horrible!!!!! I cringe when I watch them… They are waaaaaaaay to thirsty for their own good. It’s a horrible look on them… Worse than those twerking outfits they made their debut in. Left Cheek, Right Cheek, I’m sooooo sorry u have those two, annoying, little girls copying your every move. Consider it a form of flattery…. And shoo them away like an annoying little fly that won’t stop bothering you!!!! The past couple episodes you’ve been handling them with class… Keep it up!!!

  5. People that watch this carp!!! Must have a sorry life. U can tell they didn’t learn how to talk in school. Grammar is carp. They fight over the stupidest shut. This is what’s wrong with the younger generation. Our country is in big trouble!!!! What tv will do for ratings, so sad!!

    • Well, I love watching crap. Entertainment comes in many different forms and shapes. Society is a melting pot of various cultures and classes. Not everyone is the same because it would be boring. Yeah, they fight over nonsense, but that’s life. The younger generation behave how they behave whether they are on TV or not. You have grown folks who still don’t know how to talk. How can you equate how the twins talk to what they did or didn’t learn in school. You don’t know what prejudices they faced in school if any. Also, not all education is equal. Yup, that’s entertainment and I love laughing and getting entertain when I put my feet up. I love the show!!!!

  6. While I love the Little Women franchise in general, I’m not really into Atlanta for some reason. I think it’s because the format is so different from LA and NY. For some reason in Atlanta, the “leader” (Emily) doesn’t seem to either be friends with or know anyone on the cast very well. In LA and NY, however, Terra and Lila were friends/ acquaintances with everyone as they are the clear “ring leaders” of the casts. I also find Emily to be more unlikable than Terra and even harder to relate to. I mean….isn’t she a stripper that doesn’t take care of her kid?? I also can’t get over that girl Monie. I mean….what the h*ll is the story there?? She’s SOOO unlikable and arrogant for absolutely no reason at all- she’s contributing absolutely nothing to the show and her acting is TERRIBLE. Oh, and don’t get me started on the Tiny Twins. I really wanted to like them at first, but they’re just so…..ignorant. I think the better option would be for Minnie to be the leader of the Atlanta circle as she’s hands down the most likable and at least tries to socialize with the other ladies so the show stays interesting.

    • Well, if you really follow the plot when it started your comprehension of the cast might be better. Emily knew the tiny twins for over 5 years. They met in Texas and Emily was the one who motivate them to get into the club scene and encourage them to relocate to. Atlanta. Juicy and Minnie has been friends for a number of years. Tonya from LA and Juicy are friends. Tonya was on the 1st episode of Little Women ATL Minnie became friends with the twins when they relocated to Atlanta. She took them under her wings because they were new to the area. There is nothing wrong with that. We all should be so lucky to find friends when we relocate. Emily and Bri are best friends as well as work partners. Terra and Joe was absolutely unlikeable when they first started ( research the internet). Terra was always instigating her unwanted opinions into Briana’s life. Terra became somewhat likable after she had her daughter Penny. Tonya of LA acts like a bully especially, to Jasmine. Minnie has stated on numerous occasions that she, Emily, and Bri has been friends for a number of years. IMO, your post regarding the cast lack of prior friendship was not justified. Also, even Minnie stated that little people in ATL is so small that everyone knows each other. Besides, even if they had no prior friendships, which they do. Nothing is wrong in building new friendships via a TV show.

    • No one is ring leader of anything. It is just the opinion of certain people on the internet. Everyone on all the various little women series are their own person, with their own ideas and can stand up for themselves when the need arises.

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