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Minnie from Little Women

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In the two weeks since Little Women: Atlanta broke on the scene, Ashley “Minnie” Ross has emerged as the show’s drama diva. The sassy stylist is outspoken about everything and has been at the center of the series’ drama. She’s already broken off a suspicious relationship, had a major fight with a former friend, and has tried to ease the tension between The Cheeks and the Tiny Twins. So how is Ashley adapting to being known as “Minnie from Little Women“? we asked, and she answered!

I had a chat with the group’s Mama Bear, and for a relative newcomer to fame, she already handles the media like a seasoned pro. Perhaps it’s because she’s a Southern belle, or maybe she has major game, but she can throw a lot of shade with just a few words (we’re taking about you Ms. Juicy!). Read my interview below, and come back for recaps of all of the LW:ATL drama!

Channel Guide Magazine: Hi! How are you Minnie?
Minnie: I’m fine, how are you?

CG: I’m great. Thank you so much for taking time to chat with me today, I really appreciate it.
Minnie: No problem, thank you.

CG: What has it been like for you since Little Women: Atlanta premiered?
Minnie: It’s been so amazing. It feels kind of weird seeing myself on T. V. It’s like, “Oh that’s Minnie, okay.”

CG: Have people started to recognize you?
Minnie: Yes. I cannot go shopping by myself because people just go crazy. I went to my hometown yesterday — I went to the mall — and I couldn’t even step one foot in the mall. People was just running and taking pictures with me. I really felt like Justin Bieber or something.

CG: But it’s a good thing, right? I mean, it’s a good problem to have.
Minnie: Yes, yes it is.

CG: Great. So tell me, how did you get involved with Little Women: Atlanta?
Minnie: Well, I just seen the opportunity, and I just ran with it. I just love my group of girls. I love them to death. We might fight, we might argue, but what family — I call them my family because they are — what family doesn’t argue or fight? And at the end of the day, we have each others’ back.

CG: Had you just watched some of the other “Little Women” series, and what did you think of them?
Minnie: Yes, I watched L.A. and I watched New York. I loved them. When I first saw them I was like, “Oh my God, they are just like me!” They’re showing the world how we deal with every day struggles, and everyday people staring, and people taking pictures with us. We’re just normal like everyone else.

CG: It seems like Atlanta is different from the other shows; it has a really young, fresh and sexy vibe. Is that what makes your show different?
Minnie: Yes, and that’s Atlanta for you. Atlanta is like a party city. There’s so much to do. There’s always something to do. That’s what Atlanta is known for: its parties, its fights. It’s constantly on the go.

CG: We’ve gotten to meet your mom, whom I adore. Tell us what your childhood was like as the only little person in your family.
Minnie: And it was my Mom who I tilt my hat to, because she raised me as a little person. Back then, there was no information about little people and what to expect. She didn’t know what to do, but she did a good job. She did the best that she could, to raise me and to equip me to survive the world, and how the world was going to adapt to me. She taught me, “Yes, people gonna stare, but give them something to stare at.” That’s why it takes me two hours to get ready and walk out the door!

CG: I love that. I love your mom’s advice!
Minnie: She’s just my rock because, when I was growing up, people teased me. People made fun of me and I’d just run to her and cry. I’d be like, “Mom, why? Why am I so little? Why am I a little person? Why am I not normal sized?” My mom always told me, “You were brought to this world at that size for a reason.” Now, I see why. Look at me; I’m owning who I am. I’m owning that person now.

CG: When did you get involved in doing hair?
Minnie: I’ve had a passion for hair since I was younger like, ten years old. When I was playing with Barbies, I used to just get Barbies just to do their hair. I didn’t want to play with them; I just wanted to do their hair. I knew then that when I got older that I wanted to be a hair stylist.

CG: Is needing a stool the only challenge you face as a stylist?
Minnie: Yes. A stool, that’s all I need. Hand me a stool and I can whip your hair in seconds.

CG: Atlanta is not only the Mecca of partying, but it’s the Mecca for hair and nails. Do you have any famous clientele that you’ve worked on? Or famous people you’d like to work on?
Minnie: I don’t have any celebrity clients but I would love to have an A-list clientele. (and you know that she will soon!) Atlanta is like the capital of hair. It’s a big competition. You have to work on yourself to compete with these people. There’s a hair salon on every corner. It’s a big competition.

CG: You describe Monie as your best client and your best friend. How did you meet?
Minnie: We met at the hair salon. She had to get her hair done and she loved how I did her hair. And we just clicked, right then and there. I loved her vibe and now she’s my best friend. We’ve been best friends for years. That’s my girl.

CG: When you found out you, Monie, Bri, Emily, Amanda and Andrea were going to be on the show together, you knew there was bound to be some drama. What went through your mind?
Minnie: I mean I was like, “Lord, just take the wheel. Give me strength to handle this.” But, it’s going good. Like I said before, everybody has drama you just have to be there for each other.

CG: So, speaking of drama … Ms. Juicy. How did you first meet?
Minnie: We’ve also been friends for years and a long time ago I just reached out to her. We met each other and we were friends ever since. We hang out with each other and for the first of it, I really got a concept of, “here’s another little person that I can relate to and I can talk to,” because she’s older than me. I can get her point of view of being a little person and growing up and stuff. She was really like a mentor to me at first.

CG: When did these issues start between the two of you?
Minnie: It’s been a couple of months.

CG: We’ve seen two episodes and obviously you guys had an epic fight. How do you feel to see this drama on TV?
Minnie: It’s different to see it in your face. Like the meeting with us. I know that it happened and everything, but now that I see it I’m like, “wow, okay there it is.” The choice of words that you in that moment, you don’t know what you’re saying but it comes out. You just handle it the way you can.

CG: How did you feel when Juicy accused you of lying about your relationship with Troy?
Minnie: I felt that she’s jealous. It is what it is. Like I always tell everybody, “you can think what you want to think.”

CG: But do you think that her meddling ruined that relationship with Troy?
Minnie: Not really, no. Not really.

CG: You mentioned that maybe she’s jealous. Is she jealous that you’re on TV and she’s not?
Minnie: I have to say, “No comment” on that one.

CG: Oooooh! In the fight, she said that you’re trying to be her. What do you say to that?
Minnie: Miss Minnie can only be Miss Minnie. Miss Minnie is not trying to be anyone else; I should only be me.

CG: In episode two, you told Juicy to kiss the crack of your ass, which was amazing. Do you think you won the fight?
Minnie: I think I handled it in a classy way. I didn’t step out of my character; I didn’t step out of who Minnie is. I handled it like a woman. Yeah, I said a few words, but I think I handled it well.

CG: Is the drama between the two of you over, or are we going to see more?
Minnie: You’ll just have to watch and see.

CG: What do you think it’s going to take for the two of you to be cool with each other again?
Minnie: Like I said, you’ll just have to watch the show and see.

CG: What can people get excited about in next week’s episode?
Minnie: Just know that it’s going to be interesting, it’s gonna keep you on the edge of your seat. Just tune on Wednesday and you will see.

CG: Is there anything else this season that was an experience that you are so excited to share?
Minnie: Yeah, I feel that a lot of people can relate with the situation that my life is at. A lot of girls and women are going to relate to it. Just stay tuned.

UPDATE: Media outlets are reporting that Minnie is pregnant with Pastor Troy’s Child. A source close to the reality star confirmed the pregnancy, but wouldn’t comment further. 

CG: Is this going to put you into the role of an advocate?
Minnie: I have to say that I feel that a lot of people, a lot of young ladies and women are going to think back and think, “wow, I’m not the only one that’s going through this. I thought I was the only person that was going through this but look at her, she’s going through it.”

I feel that, like you said, they’re going to try to come and reach out to me and I’m an open book. I can share my story. That I’m happy I was able to share my story.

Minnie from Little Women
Mwah! Minnie loves you!

CG: What do you want to say to your fans?
Minnie: I just want to tell them to continue to support Minnie. Thank you for being #Team Minnie and just continue to watch Little Women: Atlanta at ten o’clock eastern on Lifetime.

CG: Is there anything else you want to add, Ashley?
Minnie: No, I just want to thank my fans and it means the world to me to see people Tweeting and Facebooking, saying that they love me and I love them back.

CG: How did you get the name “Miss Minnie”?
Minnie: I was in the sixth grade and the movie Austin Powers came out and this was a character named “Mini-Me.” My best friend started meddling with that, she started calling me “Mini-me” and as I got older the “Me” dropped. Then as I got older, the “Miss Minnie” came out.

CG: How did you feel when you first got that nickname?
Minnie: At first I was like, “don’t call me that.” Then, I thought about it and was like, “okay, it’s cool.” Then when they dropped the “Me” and just started calling me “Minnie” I was like, “okay, I can adapt to that.”

CG: So you kind of took something that might have started off as a tease and you owned it.
Minnie: Yes.

CG: Awesome. I’m so glad I got to talk to you Ashley. Thank you so much and the best of luck. I can’t wait to see what happens next.
Minnie: Okay, thank you. Bye now
CG: Thank you, have a great day. Bye, bye.

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  1. Hey Minnie Your embarrassment over the whole pastor troy thing is understandable, but so is the reason u did it. I think everyone has embellished or just flat out made things, including being in a relationship, up at some point in their lives. I’m glad the other ladies didn’t judge or at least acted like they didn’t. I know u said u made up the boyfriend thing because u felt like the others have someone and u don’t, but girl, take a real look at the other girls’ relationships. One of the twins and her man argue constantly. Neither of the twins guys work or even try. Bri’s man, as nice as he seems, goes out and does who and what he wants and she stays home and takes it, waiting for him to realize what he has at home. Emily and her “man”,whatever, have been trying to have a baby for 3 yrs? But yet he doesn’t give a f that she’s pregnant?!? Come on! R those the relationships u would want?? The other girls r lying too! To themselves! Minnie, u don’t need to lie girl. A good relationship will come to u when it’s supposed to. Keep smiling! One more thing. Morlon, dude. U can do so much better! U seem to have a good head on ur shoulders. Use it to get a woman who appreciates u and all u do for her. No shade just keeping it real.

  2. And Pastor Troy never wanted u he never was ur boy toy u sad. Miss queen of the ATL was not lieing on u. Sad

  3. Miss Minnie I thought u was down to earth and down with ur girl Money, Money had ur back and u went to church on her in a club. You should have been glad Money check Miss so called queen of the atl. Money had ur back and u let her go. Please u should have help her put that thang out of ur party then went right back partying. But ur a lier I guess u do want to be like the queen of the atl . You sad and I dont like u know more.

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