Feeln offers “Your Perfect Valentine’s Date” in the form of Fabio

Jeff Pfeiffer

I, frankly, wasn’t aware Fabio was still around and doing things (glad to see he’s feeling better following that incident with a goose, though). Of course, in Fabio’s case, “doing things” generally meant hanging around looking sexy, and that’s what he’s up to again in his latest gig, for the Feeln streaming service.

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Feeln, the SVOD service and subsidiary of Hallmark Cards, has enlisted the Italian supermodel and romance novel coverboy to appear as a virtual “date” for viewers this Valentine’s Day. The stream of the date goes live starting today, Feb. 10, at feeln.com, and begins with Fabio, clad in all white, lounging on a rose petal-strewn bear skin rug, in front of a crackling fire as he gently murmurs, “So, tell me about your day.” Then over the course of the date, he listens attentively, nodding occasionally, smiling, and looking seductive, as smooth jazz plays in the background. He offers a glass of champagne, roses, and quotes from favorite romantic movies, which are also available on Feeln in the “Always and Forever” collection. Fabio is accompanied by two cute kittens, who are available for adoption (see thecatclub.org for more details). To me, it all bore a passing resemblance to the old Christopher Walken sketch on Saturday Night Live when he portrayed “The Continental.”

For his part, Fabio said, in a release, “I am grateful to Feeln for allowing me to provide pleasure to so many women this Valentine’s Day.” He may also be grateful to Feeln for the work, I would imagine.

So, what do you think? Are you feelin’ Fabio on Feeln? Did you withstand about 20 minutes of Fabio without melting in passion? Is this your perfect Valentine’s Date?


  1. I love it! Jeff speaking of outdated – your goose reference is over 15 years old already. Fabio is still cool – and you, not so much….

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