Face Off Season 10 episode 5 recap: Foreign Bodies

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Face Off Season 10 episode 5 begins with McKenzie in the workroom with a bunch of microscopes and tubes. The artists are working in pairs to select a parasitic microorganism that is feeding on & bursting from their models. It’s a super gross challenge!

This week’s teams are:

Melissa & Mel
Kaleb & Rob
Katie & Robert
Yvonne & Anna
Johnny & Walter

After only a few minutes of collaborating & sketching, McKenzie and Lance come back in because OOOPSIE! They forgot one important element – slime. This is the designers first foundation challenge – they must create a slime that goes with their final design. It has to look good & work physically & with their design. The winning team gets immunity for the spotlight challenge. They’ve got 2 hours – go!

The lab is turning into a Nickelodeon horror show. Some designers are using applesauce; some are using laundry detergent; some are using corn syrup; glycerin is also a popular choice. And did you know you could add brightness with a highlighter?

The poor models get slimed as a ‘test’ or really for an opportunity to blow off steam. The Mels get good feedback,

The Mels' slime Face Off Season 10 episode 5

as do Walter and Johnny.

Walter & Johnny slime Face Off Season 10 episode 5

But the versatility to the Mels’ slime ultimately wins the day.

Robert creates another song this episode – Hans the brain worm. Don’t be mad – it’s just his nature!

There is no mediocre middle this time, as all of the artists will be talking with the judges. Walter & Johnny get good & bad feedback. The judges love the Mels’ bursting through the mouth creature. Robert & Katie get nailed on their cowl, which they knew they would. Rob & Kaleb also get praise for the distinct colors between the parasite & victim. Anna & Yvonne get called out on their decision to bifurcate their model. That decision didn’t help with the idea that something was bursting out of their model’s face.

So the top teams were:

There was a mediocre middle!

Walter & Johnny Face Off Season 10 episode 5
Walter & Johnny’s parasite makeup

And everyone else ended up on the bottom:

Rob ends up winning this challenge and Katie is not given the save, so she’s headed home. She knew it was coming with that seam.

What do you guys think? Was it Katie’s time to go home? Should the Mels have won?


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