How to contact Tyler Henry the Hollywood Medium

how to contact Tyler Henry the Hollywood Medium

Since the premiere of E!’s new series Hollywood Medium With Tyler Henry (Sundays at 10pmET on E!), a lot of fans have been asking how to contact Tyler Henry. The star of the series had quite a following prior to the start of his show, so he already has a waiting list.

“As far as getting or booking a reading, I do have a manager who takes appointments, and so I have a website —[updated:] — where people can reach me and book a reading,” he tells us. “But I currently have a waiting list, about six months, that we’re working with, but I definitely am looking forward to new clients, so I’m open to it.”

how to contact Tyler Henry the Hollywood MediumHenry, who turned 20 last month, has been finessing his gift for some time, and although he has plenty of fans, he does deal with skeptics as well.

“I remember when I was first starting, around 16, I had a woman who came to see me who was very skeptical, and I told her that she had a susceptibility to an intestinal hemorrhage that I, I saw was a rupture, and hemorrhage,” Henry explains. “And she was a little cynical and she laughed, and then I was contacted by her a couple weeks later, and she told me that she was hospitalized because she dealt with an intestinal rupture very shortly after meeting, and so that was really a wake up call for her.”

When pressed to explain how exactly he saw that coming, he explains the process as being more of a visualization and his body’s own physical feelings.

“Medical intuition goes around a couple different subjects. So, it’s clairvoyant in the sense that I receive information about people’s health through visions that I get, and there’s also a very strong physical component where I really click on the physical attributes of the illness. So, for example a chest pain or a head pain. But in this particular case I was just given an intense stomach pain, and then had a visual image of an intestine rupturing.”

Clearly it’s not easy to deliver any troubling news about a person’s health, but Henry has learned to work through that.

“I would say that there are for sure subjects that come up in readings that can definitely be really heavy, sensitive; and me being a complete stranger to these clients, and meeting them for the first time, it’s a little tough sometimes to say, ‘Oh, you know, I have to now tell you about a very personal aspect of your life.’”

I would think most people would appreciate the heads up so they can look for symptoms and would maybe be more readily willing to get help. What do you think?

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  1. My father passed away a day after his 89th birthday 3rd May 2015. I miss him so terribly and I think because of that I am spinning into a depresion and becomes so irritable . I need to know how my father is . Though we had some arguments I hope he has forgiven me , I was so caught up in my emotions . Please help ….

  2. Hi Tyler, I am wondering if you had your medium ability when you were a child, because my ten year old sees visions and knows things I never told her!
    I don’t know if it’s coincidental or not

  3. Hi Tyler, I am wondering if you had your medium ability when you were a child, because my ten year old sees visions and knows things I never told her!
    She has dreams in which she sees visions of what will happen to people, and it does! I don’t know if it’s coincidental or not

  4. I would really love to meet you and want to see if my niece has any messages for me.

  5. Hi Tyler: You’re amazing, that’s all I can say. God Bless you for all the help and inspiration that you are giving to everyone!!

  6. Would like to get in touch with you I can do automatic writing and it had something’s happening to me

  7. I am sensitive too…through Automatic writing please contact me I have a question for you

  8. Hi Tyler, most of my life I have wondered about my grandmother’s passing. I was in my 20’s when she passed. She & my grandfather raised me from the age of 3. Her passing was very sudden & very surprising & very suspicious. I am now in my early 60’s & still can’t shake this feeling I have about her death. I really need you to tell me what happened & if someone in my family was involved with her death or caused it. I would greatly appreciate it if you could help me. Thank you.

  9. Hi Tyler I watched your show April 3rd, 2016. My mother passed away February 28th, 2015. I would like know how my mother felt when she passed because I was always with my mother 7 days a week and I got sick and wasn’t there with her. People think I’m crazy when I say I can hear my mother laughing in my ear when I talk a conversation with someone. I would like to know how she felt about me. I miss my mother so much. How can I get in touch with your services?

  10. I have watched your show from day one. I am watching final show tonite. I really feel you have something to tell me that I need to desperately hear. Please Tyler….❤️

  11. Hi Tyler interested in a reading my grandma and brother died two weeks of each other three years ago. I feel stuck and very much want to move on but I can’t help it. Looking for closure. Depressed and sad quite a bit. Please help.

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