Party Down South Clip: Walt and Daddy “Poof Themselves”

Party Down South Kellie Freeze

Party Down SouthIt’s the beginning of the end for CMT’s alcohol-soaked smash, Party Down South. Last week’s Season 5 premiere marked the start of the show’s final season and every time I think about the end of the gang’s good times, Semisonic’s “Closing Time” plays in my mind.

Tonight, Tiffany and Lauren share devastating news about fiancée, Santana with Lyle. And in an attempt to woo a woman into bed, Walt plays some sweet, out-of-tune tunes on his guitar. Also, Daddy brings the wrong girl home from the bar.

And check out this 😂clip of Walt and Daddy honoring Murray…

This season, after leaving a trail of discarded Solo cups in their wake on Murrells Inlet, Athens, Biloxi and St. Petersburg, the party-loving gang heads to Savannah for an unforgettable, last vacation. The drama continues as Lyle and his fiancé, Santana, deal with rumors of Santana’s infidelity. Meanwhile, Mattie may have finally found a guy who can keep up with her, and Daddy is determined to leave this vacation on a high note — with as many marlins in pretzels as possible. With everyone knowing that the party is coming to an end, will any of the revelers accept adult responsibilities, or will they try to keep the party going forever?

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