Recap: Little Women: Atlanta Episode 2, “Juicy Gossip”

Little Women: Atlanta Episode 2 Kellie Freeze

Last week I fell in love with Little Women: Atlanta. I have to say: I’m hooked! And by the buzz surrounding the show, you are too! Hooray, now we can gab about the gals. This is TV’s sexiest, sassiest, most guilty pleasure. I don’t think there have been reality TV characters who are this fun to watch since my TV took a vacay to The Jersey Shore.

I’ve been a big fan of the other shows in the Little Women universe. The gals in LA have a visceral love-hate relationship with each other and have shared life moments — like getting married having babies — with their TV audience. The cast of New York shares the unique perspective of little people who have careers in entertainment and offers the unique challenges of living in a large, but closely-packed city.

This third group of interesting women is all about fun. And it’s winter, so I want sunshine (and shade), fun and fireworks, and heaps upon heaps of drama. So I say bravo, Minnie, Monie, Andrea, Amanda, Emily and Bri; I am glad to get to know you.

On to tonight’s episode, tantalizingly titled, “Juicy Gossip.”

Emily is still upset that her baby daddy Lontal wasn’t thrilled that she’s pregnant. But how can you not be when she shares the joyful news with BFF Bri by saying:
“So, I peed on pregnancy, test … It’s positive.”
I hope that Emily puts that on page 1 of the baby book. It’s a classic.

Little Women: Atlanta Episode 2
So, I peed on a pregnancy test…

Emily thinks she’s moved on from this dud of a dad, which is good, because he’s a loser. But I kinda feel like he’s like herpes, and will return more often than we’d like.

Last week, Monie was pretty quiet, so this week we’re finally getting to know this diva. First of all, her style — I love it. I normally don’t love the half-shaved head look, but Monie owns it and she is fierce. I may encourage her to grow in a little more on the top so it’s more like only 1/3 of her head is shaved, but she’s still on fleek.

We learn that Monie has a 10-year old son who is average-size. So — if you’re keeping tabs — Monie, Andrea, Emily and Bri have children. Monie also has a handsome-as-heck boyfriend.

Miss Monie wants to ditch her job as a Customer Service Rep for a career as a voice-over artist. I dig her voice and she could definitely find work on the right project. But I have a few friends who work in voiceovers, and here’s my advice: don’t quit your day job. Seriously. The people who I know — who have done voice overs for major clients — have real jobs. Yeah the cast of The Simpsons are making bank, but if you look at even the most successful VO actors, they’re working a lot; which leads me to think that it’s not the best pay. For the time being, Monie should keep earning moola by keeping her job as a CSR; if she’s serious about giving VO a go, she can always move to second or third shift until her career takes off.

That’s the end of my career advice, dear Monie. 😘

Minnie is a good friend and encourages Monie to follow her dreams. She offers Monie a job as a hair assistant at her salon so she can keep earning money while she tries a career change. Mad props to Blendz Salon for being loyal to a good customer!

Over at casa de gemelas,  Amanda and Andrea are their household’s breadwinners while their boyfriends are their “house husbands.” Minnie stops over to see the twins and explains that since she doesn’t have kids of her own, she sees the girls as her kids. She encourages the Tiny Twins to have a party so their new friends can welcome them to the ATL.

Little Women: Atlanta Episode 2
Precious moments with Dr. Rogers

Emily takes Bri to her first prenatal appointment. If you’re looking for an OBGYN in the ATL, look in to Dr. Rogers, she seems incredible; and my rule of thumb is make sure that anyone who touches your lady-bits is amazing, because you are amazing. Emily, take note. 😉

Emily not-so-secretly hopes that her child is a little person because she thinks the challenges of dwarfism will make the child emotionally strong. But, she also hopes it isn’t plagued by some of the physical challenges that little people face. I wonder: since Emily’s daughter is average-sized, is she hoping for someone with whom she can share her experience of drawfism? Everyone wants to belong to a community.

Emily gets to see her baby’s first ultrasound and everything looks healthy and normal. (YAY!) She’s relieved, but sad that Lontel isn’t there to share in the moment. Emily, you are confusing me. A few scenes ago, you told Bri that you’re over him and you’ve deleted his number from your phone, but now you’re wishing he was there with you? Make up your mind, or let us make up your mind for you. See my above note about lady-bits, don’t let people who aren’t special touch your special parts. I have met Lontel in one scene of a TV show and I’ve already pegged him as a loser. Move on and be strong for your children. Be healthy for you.

Bri says that you like “bad boys”… but when boys grow up, they become bad men. Even if, by some miracle, (I stress “if” because the chance is slim) Lontrel becomes a decent father, he will always be a terrible partner to you.

Minnie and Bri meet a the wine shop to pickup a gift for the twin’s housewarming party. Minnie is still hurt by the spa trip and revels that she and Pastor Troy’s relationship is over because he went M.I.A. I’m not sure she was in a relationship or a booty call, but either way, she’s too good for him.

Monie is too cute and she and Morlin go shopping. She reveals that she’s quit her job and will be working at Minnie’s salon. Morlin is no dummy — he’s dumbfounded, “You quit your office job to do custodial work?” Slow clap, Morlin. He calls her out for being short-sighted and wishes she had come to him for advice before quitting. He then tells her that this may be a deal-breaker for him. Hey Morlin, remember what you said 10 seconds ago about being hasty? Slow your roll, bro.

Little Women: Atlanta Episode 2
Emily needs family support ’cause she’s “in a family way.”

Emily’s parents come down to visit with Emily’s precious 4-year-old daughter, Eva. The tyke is staying in Pennsylvania with Abuelo his wife while Emily is working (read: making a TV show). Emily’s dad is also a little person, and after Eva goes to play upstairs with Bri, Emily tells her father her big baby news. Jorje is protective of his daughter and doesn’t want her to deal with another dead-beat Baby Daddy. Jorje must have seen Lontel on TV too, because he basically calls him a loser.

Little Women: Atlanta Episode 2
Monie’s a part of the rhythm nation!

At the salon, Minnie is excited for Monie’ first day as her assistant and to celebrate her new gig, Monie rocks her best Janet Jackson outfit — (‘cause you know, she’s looking for a better way of life.) Can we just have a moment for that hat?!? Monie tells Minnie that she may have quit her job without thinking, but Minnie says it’s going to be all-right and she’s here for her friend. But once Minnie starts explaining her new job duties, Monie’s eyes start a-rolling.

Now that she’s pregnant, Emily has tossed all of the junk food that she’s been craving. I am ravenous, so she could have sent them to me, especially any and all potato chips. Bri comes over, and instead of fleeing at the sight of the empty pantry, she stays and they talk about the twins’ upcoming housewarming party. Emily is tired of being burned by the terrible twosome, but Bri hopes that they’ll change now that they’re all on the same TV show team. (And if not, yay for scream-y TV!)

Emily isn’t ready to tell the group that she’s expecting, but she’s going to tell them anyway to avoid questions and drama. Bri also shares that Minnie’s relationship with Pastor Troy is over.

After her first day at the salon, Morlin brings his lovely lady a lovely drink and apologizes for being harsh when she quit her job. Then he asks if he can move in. Monie’s like “Hold up. What?!? I asked you to may my bills, not be my husband.” Jk, she didn’t actually say that verbatim. Monie wants it to be “her house, her rules,” but Morlin thinks that since he’s paying the bills, he’s wearing the household’s pants. The scene ends with Monie throwing up her hands saying “If Monie’s happy, the house is happy,” but I’m not happy. Did anything get decided here? Or were clichés just passed back and forth like the sisterhood of the traveling pants.

The twins are excited for their housewarming party. And thankfully, their party supply store carries housewarming piñatas. Because when you’ve just moved into a new place, you definitely want people swinging a baseball bat at your light fixtures. Screw you, security deposit!

Everyone shows up, which is basically the six women and their significant others, who are quickly ushered to a dungeon and never seen again. Emily brought a million different kinds of jungle juice and is looking for something non-alcoholic. Emily, mad props for thinking of your baby and staying away from alcohol, but sad props for not remembering to bring yourself something without hooch! I used to call Pelegrino sparkling water “pregnancy wine” because drinking it made me feel fancy when I couldn’t drink. So head to Costco, buy yourself a case and cheers to you and your baby!

LWATL_EP2_1Minnie announces that she and Troy have ended their relationship. Emily thinks it’s a little convenient that as soon as Juicy called her bluff, the relationship ends, but I think everyone needs to give Minnie her space.

What to you think really happened?
1) Minnie and Troy were real and they broke up.
2) Minnie and Troy were just hooking up; she said it was a relationship to save face; she realized that she was being played; she is humiliated.
3) Minnie is a stalker.

Minnie wants to make sure that Juicy isn’t going to join their group. It seems like Miss Juicy is an instigator and Minnie calls her a “treacherous bitch,” but Emily knows that Juicy is connected to the club scene and doesn’t want to get knocked from the VIP list.

Little Women: Atlanta Episode 2
All it takes is the pitter patter of little feet to turn side-eye into googly eyes.

Emily and Bri head outside so Emily can get psyched to tell everyone that she’s pregnant. Emily blames her recent attitude problem on her pending motherhood and the group seems happy. Amanda says Emily can’t blame her bitchiness on pregnancy because she’s always been a bitch! But Amanda says it with such a darling smile that it’s hard to be mad at her. Emily seems relieved to share her big news with her friends and Minnie vows to keep Bri and Em out of her beef with Juicy.

The next day, Minnie and Monie pow wow about the Juicy issue. First, Minnie is sad that her relationship with Pastor Troy has ended. And Minnie feels betrayed that Juicy has been spreading lies about her status with Troy. Minnie is going to call a meeting with Juicy. “There might be trouble” she warns. (Luckily, I love trouble!) “You’ve got to check this ho,” encourages Monie.

Monie drops Minnie at the meeting (Monie is wearing a sweet “I Heart Haters!” hat that is totes a nod to Lisa “Left Eye” Lopez. I almost expected her to have a pacifier in her mouth. OG!) The restaurant is tapas and because climbing in a skirt is always dignified, they’ve been seated upon the world’s tallest stools. Ms. Juicy thinks that Minnie was using her and actually wants to be her. Minnie starts laughing and says that Juicy “Looks like somebody’s grandmaw.” Juicy says that she invited Minnie to go out and join her circle, but Minnie never calls her and doesn’t invite her to hang out. And Juicy says that Minnie is a stalker of Pastor Troy, so I guess that’s her answer in my handy-dandy quiz.

After they air their beef, they aren’t really sure how to end this fight (which I grade a D+ on the reality TV fight scale) so Minnie says she’s going to leave and Juicy gives the fight-ender, “Ooh, Jesus take the wheel.”

Little Women: Atlanta Episode 2

And then the convo heads to toilet town.
Minnie: “F@#$” you and the Ship (or possible S@#$) you sailed on.” (I’m not sure what the insult is on the second half, I wish it had been close-captioned.)
Juicy: “I tell you what, you gonna have to run and catch it.”
Minnie: “Whatever… Kiss the crack of my A$$, bitch!”
Juicy: “You can smell mine!”


Next week on LWATL: a date, a picnic and a pee-stick.

Before you go, don’t you want to applaud the people who re in the background of a reality TV fight? I would be laughing so hard if I witnessed a fight like this. Also, I would live-tweet it (Shameless plug: follow me on Twitter @ChannelGuideKF) or I’d do something obnoxious in the background like this…

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