Face Off Season 10 episode 4 recap: Covert Characters

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Face Off Season 10 episode 4 starts with using the new little deck off the workroom. Is this a replacement for the mansion? Did they not get to live in the mansion this season? Did the neighbors complain? I have many questions.

deck Face Off Season 10 episode 4

On to the challenge – McKenzie has taken over the workroom for the artists’ first individual focus challenge (Two days instead of three, mwahaha). The artists must create a realistic disguise for their model, making them virtually unrecognizable. We learn that apparently Michael Westmore has created disguises for celebrities (like Michael Jackson) and for the police. He created a masquerade disguise for a guy who said he was going to a party, but he instead went to Vegas to hold up a casino. Whoops! It’s pretty cool!

Another twist for this challenge is that the artists don’t get to pick their models. They’ve all been assigned. They’re all scared.

Agents Face Off Season 10 episode 4

Most artists with women are making their models male. Melissa is making her female model older. Apparently old age makeup doesn’t scare her, even though it’s been the bane of many a Face Off artists’ existence. It should. Mel is making her female model an older man. Good luck with that!

Melissa has done male disguises on herself before, so she’s feeling pretty good. Robert is the first person in the mold room, but he’s only doing a nose & a chin piece for some reason. He probably spends more time power-washing the clay out of his mold just because it’s fun. Mel is realizing doing both a gender swap and old-age was probably a little too much to accomplish in one day.

Melissa pokes in individual eyebrow hairs into her facial prosthetic while Njoroge just uses a bit of spirit gum to apply a beard & mustache. Robert uses a technique with tape. A few artists are screwing up skin tones.

Our special guest judge is a producer – Gale Anne Hurd. She looks less than thrilled to be there.

There are some rough edges on some of these makeups.

In the top & bottom are Njoroge, Robert, Kaleb, Rob, Melissa, Katie. Njoroge, Kaleb, Melissa and Katie are in the bottom.

The top is only Robert and Rob.

In the mediocre middle then are: Anna, Johnny, Mel, Walter & Yvonne.

This week’s winner is Rob! And we learn that Melissa was actually in the top, which her feedback certainly didn’t sound that way.

Going home tonight is Njoroge. It’s no surprise, since he thought it was a good makeup when it wasn’t. He’d also been in the bottom since the start. Seems like a nice guy though.

Did you think it was Njoroge’s time? Are you as concerned as I am about the artist’s living situation?


  1. I Thought Some Of The Makeups Were Honestly BoarderLine Offensive They Should Either Be Accurate Or Not Done At all. I was very disappointed by the attempts at the race change makesups the African American female, the Asian male, and the indian female were some of the worst in my opinion and we’re purely based on racial stereotypes. They lacked research and accuracy in so many ways.

    • Meh, I just think they were trying to do something challenging & it didn’t work for any of them, really. They were probably as well-researched as they could have been, given their time constraints. It was just so sad how delusional Njoroge was about his look. Dude, it was bad.

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