Recap: Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Episode 10: I’m Back at Camp With Josh!

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Recap – Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Episode 10: “I’m Back at Camp With Josh!” – The CW, original airdate Mon. 2/1/16
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On tonight’s Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, Rebecca and Josh head to summer camp for a night, Darryl throws a party with a pretty impressive spread, and commitment-phobe Greg has a revelation. Here are the best quotes from the episode and — for the sake of context — a short recap of what went down tonight.

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Episode 10
Josh and Rebecca discuss their past. (Will the two have a future together?)
Photo Credit: Greg Gayne/The CW

💬 Best quotes from tonight:

Rebecca and Paula, during their pre-camp discussion about why Rebecca doesn’t need to read that letter to Josh – P: You’re a grown-ass lady, you don’t need cutesy letters from childhood — you just need to use what God gave you. R: My charm and my wit? P: That’s a weird name for your boobs. R: Actually, my boobs are Bonnie and Clyde … My ovaries are Hustle & Flow.

Rebecca, upon waking up in the medical center after passing out from her mosquito bites: Where am I? Am I in the matrix? Am I Neo?

Teenage girl talking to Rebecca and her friends about guys who text her dirty pics with abbreviated sentences like “WYD” – It’s like, if you can’t even type out a word, I’m not going to take my clothes off. At LEAST send an emoji. Like the chipmunk eating the clock of cheese — I get that, I’m coming over, no questions asked.

📝 The recap:

Rebecca wants to find a way to get Josh to remember what it felt like when they were together at camp, and in a crazy twist of fate, it just so happens that Josh works with at-risk teens at a one-night youth camp each year. Rebecca wants to volunteer — she goes as far as to give an outrageously large donation to get herself a spot at the camp in order to become a counselor — and shows up looking (and chewing gum) like a 16-year-old. Her plan is to read Josh the letter that she wrote for him in their first go-round at camp (despite Paula’s , to get him to swoon over her, but first she has to get through a group of mean teenage girls, who aren’t buying into her whole “female empowerment” thing.

After a black eye, and an episode of mosquito-induced anaphylactic shock, Rebecca heads up to “Blowy Point” (which the dear girl thinks refers to the wind, rather than what normally happens at that spot) to take a sunset selfie with Josh and read her letter to him. Halfway through, he starts laughing, because she wrote this when she was 16 — when 16-year-olds are dramatic and absurd. She plays along, telling him yeah, that’s why she brought it, and throws it away as she walks off to go give her female empowerment speech to the at-risk girls.

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Episode 10
Josh rescues the letter from the trash.
Photo Credit: Greg Gayne/The CW

The speech doesn’t go well — she ends up in tears — and the girls who’ve been mocking her all along come to her rescue with a makeover and a song (where they don’t quite get the point of female empowerment). Josh shows up after picking the letter out of the garbage, and in front of a blazing bonfire he tells Rebecca he read it and is so touched that she believed in him, thought highly of him, and has never tried to change him. The two lean in for what seems like it’ll be a kiss, but he kisses her cheek. (The bullies-turned-allies are watching from the bushes and can’t believe he didn’t kiss her on the mouth, but she’s over the moon.)

We don’t see much of Valencia this time around; she bookends the episode, passive-aggressively trying to get Josh to stop going year after year at the beginning, and then irked at the end when he stands up to her and tells her that he’s going to keep going, despite what she thinks. (She wants him to focus more on working than volunteering. She, unlike Rebecca, doesn’t understand him or believe in him.)

Heather tells Greg she likes him, and wants to be exclusive, which (in pretty typical guy fashion, to be honest) freaks him out and he bolts. He, White Josh, Hector and Darryl end up spending a day together — at first, sans ladies, but after the boxing match gets boring and Hector encourages the guys to leave, to go meet some women at a bar, Darryl brings in some honeys. Well, he hires some honeys. (At first I thought this was going to be a bunch of prostitutes, but it’s more like the actresses people can hire to fill a room at a party, to make it seem more glamorous.) One such honey is a girl from high school (Ashley), who Greg used to crush on. She doesn’t remember him, but he ends up charming her. When, after a nice chat and some making out, she tells him that she could see him being someone a girl could settle down with, he realizes the error of his ways and goes back to Heather, in apology mode. And she accepts, in a very Heather-type way.

White Josh kisses Darryl on the cheek after Darryl’s party, and winks at him. What does this mean? Is White Josh … into … Darryl?! I’m not sure, and neither is Darryl. (At the end of the episode, when Paula is elated that Josh kissed Rebecca, she starts to tell Rebecca what a cheek kiss means — and Darryl quickly rushes over to find out for himself. “Sometimes it means everything,” Paula tells them.)

🎥 The Videos:

Aside from Rebecca’s letter to Josh being sung (“Dear Joshua Felix Chan”), rather than spoken, there are 2 full-out songs in this episode. The first, “Having a Few People Over,” is CLEARLY the best — techno beats, glow sticks, Darryl dancing, and neon-esque words (fromage, crudité) — did I menton Darryl dancing?!

The other song, “Put Yourself First,” sung during the makeover, is also pretty funny. It claims to be about putting yourself first for you, rather than getting sexy for a man (but it’s sung by teenage girls who don’t quite get it yet, so of course it’s really about getting sexy for a man).