Face Off Season 10 episode 3 recap: Lost Languages

Kaleb Mel makeup Face Off Season 10 episode 3 Channel Guide Contributor

Moving right along to the Face Off Season 10 episode 3 recap. In this episode we’re dealing with lost languages and what the speakers of those languages might have looked like. We’re introduced to David Peterson, a professional language creator. How cool is that job title?

David has created languages for the Face Off artists. Again, they will be working in pairs (which they get to choose themselves this time). Each team has to go into a ‘shrine’ to pick an artifact which represents an ancient tribe. That artifact corresponds with a language sketch.

This week’s pairs:

Njoroge & Ant
Robert & Johnny
Melissa & Katie
Walter & Rob
Kaleb & Mel
Yvonne & Anna

Wow, this is a really hard challenge. I’m kind of surprised none of the judges picked this challenge as a favorite. I’m totally geeking over it. Most of the languages sound a bit aggressive, which might be a problem. I’m hoping the artists got a few different voices & phrases on which to base their designs.

Most of the artifacts are pretty typical – jugs, masks, statues. Njoroge and Ant get a ray gun. I’m not saying it’s aliens, but…. aliens.

The rest of our ancients are priests/priestesses or warriors. Robert & Johnny focus on an octopus that’s drawn on their jug. Robert loves their idea so much, he makes up a song and names their character Octo-man.

Octo-man’s cowl is too big & the edges are too delicate to be molded without support. Instead of Robert & Johnny standing with their sculpt while it dries, the pop in some Popsicle sticks as support. They’ll have to fix that in post, but they think they’ll be ok. This is before they have issues with their fabricated tentacles. They’re not having a good time, our Robert & Johnny.

On the other side, you’ve got Mel & Kaleb making a bladder that will show up under their model’s neck, to further tie their character with their language. Yvonne & Anna create a gorgeous cowl piece. So some teams are doing quite well.

On to the main stage! Way to go actors, learning a line in their respective languages.

It’s great to hear feedback from David – pointing out things like elements of anatomy that simply couldn’t make the sounds of the language.

Mediocre middle are Walter & Rob and Melissa & Katie:

Yvonne & Anna and Kaleb & Mel are in the top:

Robert & Johnny and Njoroge & Ant make up the bottom:

This week’s winner is Yvonne & Anna’s team, with Yvonne taking the top spot. So this is Anna’s second time being paired with the winning artist. Always the bridesmaid, not yet the bride Anna. Am I watching Downton Abbey?

From the bottom looks, Ant is ultimately sent home. His semi-serpent cowl was deemed inadequate, so no save for him. (And really, there’s no way they’d use the save this early.)

What did you guys think of this episode? Did you agree with Ant being sent home, or did you think someone from team obvious Octo-man should’ve gone?