WWE Total Divas Season 5 Episode 2 Recap: A SummerSlam Engagement

Scott Fishman

Things heat up on Total Divas as the ladies of WWE heading to New York for SummerSlam week.

Nikki Bella and John Cena celebrate their three-year anniversary before the madness with a cozy dinner in Tampa. During the evening, John leaves the door open that he would marry Nikki. However, he isn’t budging on not wanting kids. The central story for Nikki continues to be the inner struggle of whether she can give up her dream of being a mom to be with her dream guy.


Nikki joins sister Brie and her ex Dolph Ziggler for an appearance that entails reading to children. She is impressed with how good Dolph is with the kids. Later, Nikki feels the same way as she watches John get honored for granting 500 wishes with the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

After the ceremony, John plays games with the young fans at the local Dave & Buster’s. Nikki thinks he would be the perfect dad. Seems she isn’t giving up on having it all with John.

Natalya is there for Tyson Kidd as he goes in for neck surgery. The time away takes her off the road during the Diva’s Revolution with WWE focusing more on women’s wrestling. She watches from the sidelines and feels left out. Tyson’s tag partner, and the best friend a guy could ask for, visits him in the hospital with balloons. Natalya vents to Cesaro about how she is torn between wanting to take care of Tyson and worrying fans will forget her if she is gone.


Nattie partakes in the SummerSlam festivities, but not wrestling: She appears at a Friskies event with Grumpy Cat.

Natalya is also backstage for the NXT and SummerSlam shows, but not used. Words of encouragement come from Natalya’s frenemy Summer Rae, who reminds her of how important she is to women’s wrestling within WWE.

Elsewhere, the friendship between Paige and Alicia Fox is tested. Paige brought some friends to do her makeup and hang out during SummerSlam. Alicia confides in Paige regarding what a particular someone said, and, sure enough, Paige goes on to call that person without thinking about what it would do to her Foxy friend. Alicia wonders if she can even tell Paige anything ever again and trust her.

The two wrestle in a three-team match at SummerSlam. Alicia believes Paige isn’t cooperating on purpose, given the hostility in the air as of late. Then she finds out Alicia gave her the ultimate diss — unfollowing her on social media. Paige is tired of what is going on and confronts Alicia. They realize where each was coming from and the open communication brings them back together as friends again. Crisis averted … for now. This is Total Divas.

Total-Divas-AliciaThen there is Eva Marie, who is feeling good about her match on the NXT card.

She is excited to be back in the mix and looking to see where everything stands with the other girls. We’ll apparently watch what unfolds with the signature redhead next week.

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Photos Courtesy: WWE