Recap: Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Episode 9: I’m Going to the Beach With Josh and His Friends!

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This is one way to get the group's attention, for sure ... (Mike Yarish/The CW)

Recap – Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Episode 9: “I’m Going to the Beach With Josh and His Friends!” – The CW, original airdate Mon. 1/25/16
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A lot has happened IRL since the last time we saw Rebecca Bunch. The holidays, a blizzard in the East and, OH YEAH, Rachel Bloom won a Golden Globe (Best Actress in a TV Comedy) and a Critics’ Choice Award (Best Actress in a Comedy Series)! Congratulations, Rachel. (We knew this show would take off!)

Here’s a recap of tonight’s episode:

After a teen-oriented tearjerker movie, which Rebecca watches alone, she stumbles out ot the theater and into the light — and groups of friends. “I have friends, I definitely have friends,” she sings softly, a reprise of her song from Episode 3 (the party episode).

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Episode 9
“I have friends, I definitely have …”
(Photo Credit Scott Everett White/The CW)

And there she sees them: her crew. Well, not really her crew — Josh’s crew (Josh, Valencia, Greg, Hector and White Josh). The crew is talking about their upcoming beach day. Greg wants to switch it up and go to the museum, but he’s vetoed. He agrees to come to the beach, but he wants to bring a girl (Josh vetoes this as well; they’d have to take 2 cars).

Valencia notices Rebecca staring at the group, and to her chagrin, Josh calls her over. When Josh pulls a piece of popcorn out of Rebecca’s hair (in glorious slo-mo), Valencia’s jealousy is evident, and she invites Rebecca to the beach day to everyone’s confusion — even Rebecca’s.

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Episode 9
A smile like this can only mean ulterior motives.
(Photo credit Scott Everett White/The CW)

It’s pretty apparent that she’s doing this just to cause Rebecca some embarrassment, but just so we’re sure, she backs it up with a hilariously catty song about women needing to stick together.

Paula thinks this beach trip is a bad idea, a trap — and Rebecca agrees this may be the case, but if so, she can just “chipmunk” herself out of it. It’ll be another disaster, Paula says, like “Taco fest, the spiders debacle, getting stuck in your shrink’s doggy door, begging a client to sleep with your mother and, lest we forget, Poopsgiving.” POOPSGIVING! Darryl wants to tag along (he makes the best bean dip) but Rebecca says no, it’s an “inside crew” thing. She steals his idea of renting a party bus, which makes Valencia feel even more threatened (so she peels off some layers and shows off her bikini body).

Rebecca thought the party bus would bring everyone together, but it doesn’t. Josh and Greg are at odds because Josh is resistant to change, and Greg is trying to make all of these changes (craft beer! new jams!). Greg, to Rebecca’s confusion, gets the driver to stop and pick up Heather in some parking lot (she was unaware they knew each other). Greg and Heather pair off, Josh and Valencia pair up, and all that’s left for Rebecca is White Josh (Hector overslept — that’s so Hector), but all Whi-Jo talks about is nutrition and workouts. Oh, but look! Darryl is stranded, outside, and he could save Rebecca from feeling like an outsider. He gets on the bus, bean dip in hand, and is mesmerized by White Josh (Josh Wilson), whom he recognizes from the gym (his idol, his “fitspiration”). Rebecca’s awkwardly alone again, and decides she knows how to shake things up: stripper pole.

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Episode 9
This is one way to get the group’s attention, for sure …
(Mike Yarish/The CW)

Rebecca, who took a pole dancing class in NYC, mesmerizes and horrifies everyone with her unexpected (but OMG, so GOOD) dance. Valencia accuses her of doing all of this just to get Josh to notice her boobs (vs. just trying to get the party started). Things just get more and more tense. Greg and Rebecca’s hookup comes to light, to Josh’s utter surprise, and Heather is a little put off by all the drama. Josh and Greg fight over Josh’s controlling nature and inability to change, and Josh calls Greg bitter. Valencia points out that they didn’t start all the infighting until Rebecca came along. And the worst thing … in an effort to explain herself, Rebecca exposes one of her biggest lies: She claims that she moved to West Covina because she got a killer job offer, but Darryl is there, and he innocently points out that no, it was she who called him. Her life is destroyed, or so it would seem.

But … it isn’t. Rebecca spins her story (which is all true, though she doesn’t mention she’s into Josh) — she moved to West Covina because Josh just kept talking about how great a city it was, how happy she was. She was miserable in NYC. And now, she’s in love — with West Covina.  Valencia is psyched, thinking that Rebecca has embarrassed herself to the point of exile from their crew, and leaves Josh with her to tell her off. He doesn’t (of course); he doesn’t think she’s crazy at all — he was miserable in NYC too, and he’s proud to be the one to have told her about West Covina. (Here, the duo sings a reprise of the song from Episode 1.)

Paula picks Rebecca up, and Rebecca finally fesses up that she’s in ❤️love❤️ with Josh (the few times we see Paula in this episode, she’s trying to convince Rebecca to admit it).

(How’s everyone going to get home? Where’s the bus going? The thing I love most about sitcoms is that there can be plot holes aplenty, but they’re easy to overlook when you’re laughing your butt off.)