Jane the Virgin Chapter 31 recap: Mother Knows Best

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JTV209-XO-MATEOWe did it, guys! We survived another long break from Jane the Virgin and things are moving along quickly!

Michael appears at Jane’s front door where she thanks him for the angel tree-topper. He then tells her that he’s smoothed things out with Rafael and hopes to do the same with her. Jane is thrilled to hear the news … but Mateo wakes her up from her dream with his loud crying.

If only things were that easy.

Rogelio’s mother, Liliana — AKA Glam-ma — comes to visit the Villanueva family. Since she’s not throwing her usual digs at Xo, something must be wrong. Ah. Turns out her husband is gay and has left her for a man. Wow, that’s a lot to take in. But Liliana only confessed this secret to Jane and made her promise not to tell anyone else — especially Rogelio. Let’s see how long that lasts.

Someone else not in the best mood: Petra. The police still think that she’s a murderer, thanks to her mom, and they won’t believe her story. Magda made sure that all the evidence could be traced back to Petra so she could be cleared once she came forward. Either way, Rafael knows Petra’s innocent and is willing to help her fight this. It’s nice to see Petra get some help since in the beginning no one really cared for her. At least they had their reasons.

It’s Jane’s first day as being a teaching assistant and all I’m thinking is why can’t she be my teaching assistant? Call me selfish, but at least I’d be paying attention and participating in class. I wouldn’t be like the rest of her students who refer to the class as “Books for Ballers” and pay Jane no respect. Show them who’s boss, Jane!


I told you Jane couldn’t keep that promise to Liliana for long.

First she tells Xo, who is obviously going to tell Alba. Eventually Jane decides to tell Rogelio the truth, too, since he thought his father was dying and needed to find a way to go see him. I guess under those circumstances it was OK for Jane to let him know what was really going on. After Rogelio thought about it, he realizes he saw the signs the whole time.

Xo told Jane about seeing Michael hanging out with a girl that she thinks could be his new girlfriend. While this discouraged Jane to continue thinking about what he truly meant by returning the angel, she knew they had to move on.

During another unsuccessful night of getting Mateo to sleep, Xo encourages Jane to creep on the girl’s Facebook. It’s rarely a good thing to snoop around, because something might happen that you just can’t take back. Say for example, Mateo using his feet to send a friend request to the girl under Jane’s account.


JTV209-JANE-RO-MOMRogelio tries hosting a dinner to show how “gay friendly” he is by inviting some guests — possibly including Ricky Martin — who are gay. Yeah. Liliana isn’t stupid and Rogelio wasn’t being very subtle with this dinner. That’s when Jane comes clean about spilling the beans to Rogelio.

Liliana gets so upset because she said her husband promised not to tell anyone until Rogelio knew. Now that he knows, her husband of 47 years is going to finally leave her and let everyone know. It’s all going to become reality for her and she’s not ready.

Rafael and Petra finally figure out that Magda tampered with the evidence. The murder weapon arrived at the hotel after Ivan was killed. Magda is immediately arrested and soon will be charged with his murder. As she’s leaving, Magda warns Petra that she’ll regret what she did. We’re told that those words will come back to haunt Petra but we don’t know exactly why yet.

JTV-209-JANE-MICHAELRemember that nice dream Jane had with Michael in the beginning of the episode? OK, picture that scenario, but not so nice. In fact, it’s awkward, because Michael does show up in real life but he’s questioning why Jane friend requested his girlfriend.

Jane explains everything that happened with the request but Michael doesn’t seem to care. He still doesn’t want to be in contact with Jane and only dropped off the angel because it meant so much to her and her family. Jane unfriends Michael in order to move on with her life. I think she made the right choice.

Looks like Luisa’s mother isn’t the famous drug lord, Mutter. Luisa’s mother, Mia, actually died of natural causes about eight years ago and DNA was able to confirm that the body was indeed Mia’s. Now the only other person that could still be alive and have access to Emilio’s company in 1983 is his other wife, Elena Solano.

It just so happens that Elena is just now having a heart-to-heart conversation with her son Rafael about why she left him. Rafael leaves to get her belongings from a box that I’m assuming Emilio kept when he realizes who she really is. He finds blue silk ties around some letters in the box. Rafael tries to call for help but Mommy Dearest is right behind him. She asks where the flash drive is that they traded for Mateo. Rafael tells her that they gave it to Rose, but apparently Rose doesn’t have it. Not getting the answers she wants, Elena injects Rafael with something to knock him out. I think she even beats Magda in the bad mom department.

What were your thoughts on the Season 2 return of Jane the Virgin? What do you think Elena is going to do with that flash drive once she has it? Also, how is it that Rose doesn’t have that flash drive when Rafael and Jane used that to get Mateo back? Did Nadine help them out? What dirt do you think Magda has on Petra? A lot of fans think the babies aren’t really Rafael’s. Do you think Magda knows something about this? For all you Jane and Michael fans, what was your reaction to today’s episode? Things don’t look too good for the two. Leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

Jane the Virgin airs Mondays at 9/8CT on The CW.

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