Shameless Season 6, Episode 3 Recap: “The F Word”

Some pretty heavy subject matter this week — not that there normally isn’t. I also found this episode fairly moving, so grab some tissue just in case. Here’s the Shameless Season 6, Episode 3 Recap: “The F Word” and you can decide for yourself.

Fiona: Not only does she wake up with some morning sickness, she discovers Frank’s new endeavor of renting out their yard to Mexican evictees who are a casualties of the gentrification of the hood and had their house snapped up over night. She then strolls downstairs to find a smorgasbord of food that Carl has bought. She inquires where he got the money for it, and accuses him of selling drugs again, but he says nope, he learned his lesson. He’s just selling guns at school now, Fi. So much better! Anyways, Ian now joins the conversation and tells him to be careful because if Fi doesn’t like what you’re doing, she will try to fire you from the family. Debs chimes in, adding, “… or get an abortion.” Ouch! Fi convinces Carl to drop Liam off at school so she can hang back and have a conversation with Debs. She confesses to Debs that she is pregnant and the pill is a big waste of money. Debs immediately gets super excited that they can raise their babies together as sisters/cousins. Then, pausing to ask whose kid it is — Gus’s or Sean’s? — she is filled with even more questions. Fiona stops her and says now she gets how this feels and apologizes for being so harsh and cold to Debs. After they hug it out, Fiona mentions they can not go through it together. It will be a family outing, like Disneyland, but with abortions! Gee, that sounds great — not! Debs, not really feeling this as a real apology, calls her out on being a disgusting person (but of course she isn’t — she only has the one guy that she trapped into getting her knocked up, right?) for being the one that sleeps around and for being a horrible human being. She couldn’t even divorce her husband; she just ghosted him. Looking confused by what that means, Debs explains it’s just that she left him and now she’s going to ghost her baby too. Fiona needs to run to the bathroom again, and  the conversation ends abruptly. Boy, did she luck out. Frank walks in and rambles on how there is a family breakfast, but no one bothers to invite him and he’s miffed. Debs tells him to walk her to school,  and he says, “Why? What am I? Your father?” Ha! Nice, Frank!

Fiona later spills to V about her pregnancy and how she doesn’t know whose baby it is,  Sean’s, Gus’s — or perhaps even Jimmys. V starts laughing at her, saying that it’s not funny-ha-ha, but funny slutty. Oh, what an ice breaker! Asking if she is going to tell any of the guys, Fiona says no because she’s not going to have the baby. Still upset with the ghosting comment from Debs, Fi tells V what she said and V totally agrees. Fiona then realizes that she never really did properly end things with Gus. Seeing on Facebook that he has a gig that night, she considers going so she can give him his ring back, clean up her crap and have some clout in convincing Debs to do the same. Wanting to leave work early and pussyfooting around with Sean as to why, she finally fesses up it’s because she needs to go see Gus to properly end things. Walking out the door, she runs into the very excited grandpa-to-be Frank, who desperately wants to meet the papa-to-be. Frank, tagging along with her at the clinic, tries to butt in, saying that they want to learn about pre-natal care as she is trying to set up an appointment for an abortion. Being the humorous guy that he is, he keeps trying to interject but Fiona is finally able to get her words out to make said appointment

Sticking true to her word to properly wrap things up with Gus, she and V go to his gig. She runs in to him right away and he seems surprised but happy to see her. He tells her to stay for the show because he wrote a song about her and says they can talk afterwards. Feeling good about her decision to end things, she convinces V it’s OK to stay. Once onstage, Gus gives her a shoutout from the stage and says it’s nice to see his wife that he hasn’t seen for awhile and that this song he wrote for her. Excited about this, she realizes it’s not such a good thing as he calls out what a slut she is to everyone in the room through his song, staring deeply at her while he’s singing. Guess they don’t need that talk after all, since he basically just gave her the big “F-you.” Oh BTW, look at the bottom of this post for an exclusive Showtime video of Gus’ “F is for Fiona” song

Feeling sad after that public flogging, Fi tracks down Sean at the diner. After a brief conversation about each other’s day, she starts crying and he thinks she is going to end it between them. She fessed up about the song Gus wrote, which Sean calls an amateur move. He would have just burned her house down. He at least cheers her up and she wants him to come over, but alas, he has another meeting to go to.

Waking in the morning with some more morning sickness, she stumbles across the “interbortion” waiting for her downstairs. Frank proclaims he does not want to see his legacy stripped away, V is there to back Frank, and Kev is still rambling on about what he did. So she calls Frank out on all his horrible parenting along the years and he just blames it on the Irish way. Then she calls out Carl about where he and his friend would stay, since she would have to turn their room into a nursery. Finally, she flips to Debs for blabbing her news to everyone after she trusted her.

After said interbortion and an emotional conversation with Debs (see below), Sean walks in to see her crying since she called in sick to work. He begs her to tell him what’s going on. After a long silence, she finally tells him she’s pregnant and that she is not having it and he gets no opinion about that — especially since she is not even sure it is his and she gets no opinion on him shooting up. Kind of speechless, all he says is he needs to go to the bank and asks if she wants to come with, so she does. Returning home, she is greeted with the big orange eviction notice on the door, just like the one the Mexicans had. Because she needs more problems…

Debs: While on her little stroll to school with Franks, Debs tells him the news that he is going to be a grandpa, then blurts out the news that Fiona is pregnant too. He’s excited to be a double grandfather, but she bursts his bubble by saying Fiona doesn’t want hers and is trying to convince Debs to do the same because she is too young to have a baby. Frank disagrees and tells her that, biologically, she is in her prime childbearing years — maybe even past it — and if Fiona waits any longer, her babies are going to look like wombats and them rambles on a variety of other things that will happen to her. WHAT?!?! Oh. Yes. This is Frank Gallagher talking. With that being said, he convinces Debs that she should have the baby and that Fiona doesn’t have the right to tell her what to do with her body. He mentions when Monica was pregnant with Carl, he had her handcuffed to a bed until he was too big to abort. Saying they will talk later about convincing Fiona, he chases off to his cancer support group in. Debs asks if he has cancer. Frank says not that he knows of! Good enough.


In the school lavatory — which sounds more like a porno set than a bathroom — you can tell that Frank’s little speech wore off on Debs. There is a long line for the toilets and she professes about how she is in her prime to have a baby and deems the handicap stall as a pregnancy stall too. Still under Frank’s spell, she goes with Frank to the welfare office and he shows her the ropes on what different disabilities can get her in the way of cash. He tells her she should back off on the pre-natal vitamins and also that Fiona already made an appointment for her abortion. Debs asks if he’s ever done an intervention. Saying yes, but laughing that he has never been on this side of one, he coins the term “interbortion.” Now at the counter, he requests the forms they need and, noticing they are one short, he proclaims he is not new at this and it’s like “bring your daughter to work day.” Oh brother.

After the interbortion with Fiona (see above), Debs comes home from school early and Fiona jumps down her throat immediately, asking if she is adding high school dropout to her resume. Debs begs that she at least support her decision to have her baby. If Fiona doesn’t want hers, that’s fine, just at least support her. Fiona tries to get through to her that she believes Debs will be a great mom, but just not now. The timing isn’t right. Debs then drops the bombshell that her pregnancy wasn’t a mistake; she did it on purpose. She lied to Derek about being on birth control because this is what she wanted. Fiona’s only response —  and a very calm one, at that — is that Debs is right. Frank is the only person who thinks that this is a good idea and for that, she should be crying. Fi also states that she will not help out with this baby in any way whatsoever should Debs choose to have it, because she will not be living under her roof. Well played, Fi. I doubt that threat will work.



Carl: At school with Nick, Carl tells him that if there is a bike he wants, just  let him know. Then he stumbles across his angel, Dominique. Telling her he misses her, she snaps back that he doesn’t even know her and he and his corn rows should leave her alone — he’s nothing but a white boy playing dress-up. He lectures her that skin tone is only on the surface and that he has a dark black soul. Debs then comes up and tells him Fiona is pregnant and she wants the whole family to try and talk her into keeping it. He snaps back “Hey white girl, I don’t know you.” Both girls have a look of utter confusion on their faces. Meanwhile, the principal comes up and says he would like a word with Carl in his office. Uh oh, is the word out about him selling guns? Sure is. The principal tells Carl that he has heard the rumblings from other students and also tells him about some school shootings that happened recently. Carl, not seeming to really care about his fellow man and playing hard-ass, is a little stunned to find out that he really just wants to buy a gun from him and has all this stipulations as to what type it should be. Say what? Does this really happen in real life, I’m wondering? Afterward, Carl again comes across his darling angel who is still blowing him off. Along comes the principal who just wanted to commend him on being an upstanding African-American citizen of their proud school. Dominique looks at him as if he is crazy and asks the principal is he sees that Carl is white? He just comments that more of their African-American youth should be like Carl. Dominique walks away rolling her eyes and then Carl and the principal shake hands and conduct some business. *scratching head*

To prove his bloodline point to Dominique, Carl offers to pick up Liam so he can take him to go meet her. When they show at Dominique’s house, her father — who appears to be a cop — answers the door. When he asks for Dom, Dad says she’s not there, even though she is standing right behind him. Carl says he wanted her to meet his black brother and that they are blood relatives and spews a bunch of other stuff that her father just laughs at. Grabbing a bat, Dom’s dad says he gets a 10-second head start before he pounds him. Oh, and take Shaq with him. Speaking of which, I wonder if his shadow Nick will ever speak?

Next day at school, Carl is approached  by another teacher who says that they need to talk. Guess she wants a gun too. Then, as he finally has a real conversation with Dominique in the lunchroom, a student drops a tray — which sounds like a gunshot —  and every teacher in the lunchroom pulls out a gun. Oops. Guess Carl is doing a brisk business. Looking a little “oh crap” over this, he just tries to play coy. Might be time to find a new illegal profession.



Ian & Lip: Thanks to Lip — or, um, Professor Youens — who got him a job at the university, Ian goes to hangs with Lip in his dorm, but finds Lip’s too busy with school for the moment. Feeling a little neglected, Ian takes off to go check in for the new job. Learning he is just going to be the low man on the totem pole trash collector — and lucky his name is 3 letters long, because you can only get 3 letters embroidered on the uniform — Ian seems a little less than thrilled with the situation. Hey, at least he can move on to learning how to clean bathrooms! On his rounds to empty trash, he comes across Lip and Professor Youens in his office and gives his appreciation for the job he got him. The prof confronts him about his young age and that he seems to be as smart as Lip, and Ian seems to feel a little uncomfortable on the course his life is taking him. Lip sees this and whisks him away to go grab some food or something.

Right away, Ian mentions what a jerk Professor Youens is and Lip says he’s harmless — he’s a privileged version of Frank. They encounter a pal of Lip’s and the pair start speaking about some quantum something or other that goes way over Ian’s head. Ian decides to take off and go punch out. Back at the dorm, he encounters a rather wild party going on in the hall. Curious if this happens every night, and seeing two guys making out, Ian tells Lip he thinks he likes college. Getting wasted, he has a little heart-to-heart with Lip, asking if he can crash in his dorm for awhile since life at home sucks. Lip, as nicely as he can, says no. He can crash for the night, but he can’t move his stuff in.

Next morning, doing his janitor duties, Ian starts to clean up the festivities from the night before. Lip, coming across this, offers to help — which Ian won’t accept and gives him a cold shoulder, saying this is it for him. This is where his life will lead. Lip tells him if he is that dissatisfied, he should go back to high school and a few other things that Ian doesn’t care to hear. Instead, Ian mouths off to him about how Lip thinks he is too good for him now and. of course. this gets settled the best way a Gallagher knows how — a good old brawl. Lip’s bud comes to his rescue to break it up and Ian storms off, done with it all.

Walking around town and pondering how his life now, Ian goes by the place he used to “dance” at that Mickey rescued from him back in the day. He later witnesses a hit-and-run accident and rescues a woman from a burning car. Suffering from some smoke inhalation himself, he passes out in the street only to be awoken by a handsome fireman that he just stares at as if he is an angel. Could this potentially be a new story arc/love interest for Ian down the road? Stay tuned!


Kev & V: The duo visit Yanis in the hospital and discover he is paralyzed. Blaming it on Lisa & Lisa for cutting his break cable, Yanis says they will have hell to pay. Kev feels insanely guilty and V, seeing what this might lead to and knowing that they have two baby girls that really need their father, tries to get him out of there before he spills the beans that it was really him.

They go to the diner since Fiona texted them 911 and Kev starts spilling the beans to anyone just so he can feel better. It’s a good thing no one else seems to give a crap. But, still feeling guilty, he goes to clean up Yanis’s yard some and make a nice welcome home banner for him. He also warns Lisa & Lisa that they maybe should just stay away from Yanis, as they are plotting a nice welcome home surprise for him too. Not listening to him, they decide to make a neighborhood project of it and clean up his yard. Yanis returns home and is upset that they are throwing all his stuff away, so he tries to storm out of Kev’s truck and falls flat on his face. Er, guess he forgot he is paralyzed.

Now settled in at home, Yanis is rambling on to Kev about what torturous things he will do to the Lisas. Kev can’t take it anymore and tells him it wasn’t them. As he’s about to fess up that it was him, V steps in and says it was because the Lisas were out of town. Yanis then jumps on to it being someone else, and Kev tries to calm him down by saying he needs to forgive. No way! Yanis has no forgiveness in him. He is MAD! Back at home, V tries to turn Kev’s guilt into feeling like a hero, since Yanis can no longer torture everyone in the hood. That V … she has a point.

So what did you think, Shameless fans? Need those tissues? What will happen next week? Can Kev curb his guilty feelings? Does Ian see a new purpose for himself in life? Will Debs go through with the baby, will Fiona? But mostly, will the Gallagher’s still have a place to call home!

OH and here is that exclusive video of Gus’s song to Fiona

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