Hollywood Medium Tyler Henry explains how he sees dead people

Hollywood Medium Tyler Henry debuts his new show on E! Barb Oates

Imagine being a 10-year-old kid and waking up in the middle of the night with a sudden feeling that your sick grandmother is going to die (like, now). For Tyler Henry, who turned 20 just days ago (Jan. 13th to be exact), that was his first introduction to his gift. Henry is the subject of E!’s new entertaining series Hollywood Medium With Tyler Henry, premiering Sunday, Jan. 24 at 10pmET/PT. Cameras follow him on some very personal readings with celebrities like Jaime Pressly, Monica Potter, Boy George, WWE Diva Natalya, Margaret Cho and Tom Arnold. Here we question him a bit more on his talents.

Hollywood Medium Tyler Henry debuts his new show on E!We’ve seen Hollywood movies like “The Sixth Sense,” where Haley Joel Osment says, “I see dead people.” Is that like what you see?
I always tell people that Hollywood has a different version of psychic abilities and that entire realm, so for me it wasn’t really like The Sixth Sense. I wasn’t walking around seeing dead people. I would find that I would actually have dreams of people who would come through, and then I would interact with people the following day. We’d find that there were things that would line up in my dreams to what I would tell them about their loved ones. And so I was getting visitations from people on the other side in my dreams, and it just kind of evolved into that, and then now, where I do my readings. I kind of really just get images, and little impressions that I basically have to put together, and interpret, and deliver to my client.

Can you shut it off? I mean, if you’re walking down the street, do you get these visualizations?
Pretty much everywhere I go I’m picking up on something, but I also kind of say that it takes me to really focus on one particular point to really get an idea of where the information fits.

Do you hear things like, “Hey Tyler, this is Grandma June”?
I’m primarily clairvoyant, so clairvoyance is basically the ability to see things, so just images and visual impressions. I’m not so much clairaudient, so I don’t really pick up on voices or hear voices much. I really focus on the message that comes through visually. I definitely don’t have people coming through on a constant basis, telling me who they are and what their name is and whatnot, but I do pick up on the visual impressions, and when I sit with a person, I get an idea of who their loved one is based on the images that I see.

I thought it was amazing that you blindly go to celebrity houses and sometimes you don’t even know who they are once you meet them. Awkward?
It definitely is interesting. It’s very tense, but I love that aspect of it. I love the surprise.

You purposely don’t want to know information about your clients. Can you explain why?
I really believe that it’s important to know as little as possible about clients. … I never want to become biased with preconceived ideas or, you know, really go into it knowing anything. My goal is to go into it completely blank and rely exclusively on my intuition, because my intuition comes through very, very clearly, and so for me, I really have to trust it, and that’s where the accuracy lies.


  1. Hola Tyler I would like to go visit you to LAX and have a reading Por favor
    You have such a glow and your Aura and you are so cute

  2. Hi Tyler, I lost my Dad 12 years ago. Not a day goes by that I have not think about him. He was a gentle soul, funny, kind and generous. I know that you are approached by millions of people, due to your exceptional gift. I am sure in my heart that you will contact me, because my dad will contact you. He was a general in Persian Imperial Army. He will salute you and will have so much energy. He will guide you to me. I live in Orange County, California and patiently waiting to hear from you. Never had a medium but I was drawn to you like a magnet for the reasons that I don’t know. My phone # is 949-510-5727
    May God bless you and your love ones, always.
    Best regards, Nasrin

  3. Hi Tyler, I love your show and would like to have a reading by you. I have lost a lot of family members and struggling with family issues now along with my own personal issues. Thank you!

  4. Hi Tyler my name is Valerie Martinez I would just like to know something about my boyfriend I just want to make sure everything between me and him is going good if you can please reply and let me know thank you ….

    • Since, I was adopted it would be very meaningful to me to find my dead, biological birth’s dad and family. I would appreciate your help with that thank you. I’ve been waiting a lifetime to look in their eyes and to wrap my arms around them.

  5. Dear Tyler,
    I lost my husband 8 months ago. I am so sad and I would like to receive a message from him. If possible I would like to have a private reading with you and I gladly will pay for your session.
    Thank you,

  6. Hi Tyler, I have a very different story.my parents are (90) there are 4 out of six living children. My sister has taken care of 150 drug addicted babies and is a saint. The rest of us are just middle class people., no drugs or tobacco, all of us need to know why we were abused, sexually, mentally and , beatings, and shame. The guilt we live with daily is that we are not taking care of them ((we see them weekly) and totally responsible for their happiness. The guilt and shame is relentless I realize you are a very charasmatic, person, , but 4 lost souls needed your help and in insight I feel this was not our true identity , for we are all (pay it forward) people

  7. Hi, I would love to arrange an appt. for myself and my son. A close friend of my son was accidently killed by a gun. He was 17. It was very traumatic for my son. For myself, my dad died and I miss him very much. We live in Boca Raton, Fla. – don’t know if you ever make it this way.

  8. Hi the only reason I’m doing this is because I would like to know about my dad I need help I need I need a lot of answers from my dad my dad passed away May 1st you 2015 please contact me

  9. Hello Tyler Henry,

    I wanted to say, “Hi!” and thank you for doing this type of work you do on television.
    I am a fellow Medium who has been doing this for over twenty years but never seem to have the courage to do it on TV.
    I guess, I have hit the age, I don’t care anymore and have decided to step out and do this.

    My sessions/reading are very similar to yours and we use the same type of style to read people: physical objects, photos, and I too do medical things as well as I can describe their home to them or other person homes to them from my visions.

    I refer to myself has a “Intuitive Counselor/Life Coach.” I combine my passion for psychology and psychic abilities to do my readings.

    Sorry just wanted to say “Hi!” and thank you for what you do.

    Send good energy to you!

    Douglas Wolcik Kuhn
    Delaware Medium

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