Face Off Season 10 premiere recap

I want McKenzie's shirt from the workroom walkaround

The Face Off Season 10 premiere introduces us to our new batch of artists. We’re also introduced to McKenzie saying “This is Face Off!” in front of something other than a battleship. We also don’t see the blue lady in the opening credits. So fresh Face Off!

This is Face Off Season 10 episode 1

The Face Off Season 10 artists are:

Anna Cali – Chicago, IL
Anthony Canonica Jr. (Ant) – Jersey City, NJ
Greg Schrantz – Allentown, PA
Jennifer Bowden – Allegan, MI
Johnny Leftwich – Los Angeles, CA
Kaleb Lewis – Los Angeles, CA
Katie Kinney – Litchfield, IL
Mel Licata – Jersey City, NJ
Melissa Ebbe – Milwaukee, WI
Njoroge Karumba – Atlanta, GA
Rob Seal – Lake View Terrace, CA
Robert Lindsay – Glendale, CA
Walter Welsh – Martinez, CA
Yvonne Cox – Alberta, Canada

And as this is the first episode of Face Off Season 10, the artists are working in pairs to create a bounty hunter character. (By the way, this challenge was judge Neville Page’s favorite.) This character of course has to coordinate with their ship. No clashing. It’s gauche. Jennifer, a member of the 501 club, is a little excited.

I want McKenzie's shirt from the workroom walkaround
I want McKenzie’s shirt from the workroom walkaround

Working together are:

Anna & Melissa
Ant & Johnny
Greg & Yvonne
Jennifer & Mel
Kaleb & Walter
Katie & Robert
Njoroge & Rob

We get a little more information about each of the contestants. Many have gone to different makeup schools. Some have worked on big movies. Robert actually grew up in Germany. He’s totally reminding me of fäde zu grau from Project Runway season 13. I’m expecting Heidi Klum to show up in the workroom so they can totally Mean Girls talk in German about other people in the room.

Project Runway German Mean GirlsMcKenzie lets us know that the judges will get a ‘judges save’ this year to save a losing contestant. So I guess even though this is a partnered challenge, unlike last year, someone will be going home tonight.

The Mediocre Middle this week are: Jennifer & Mel, Katie & Robert and Njoroge & Rob.

Kaleb & Walter are a top look, as are Anna & Melissa.

Ant & Johnny and Greg & Yvonne are in the pit of despair, I mean, the bottom. The phrase “so unsophisticated” is uttered about their design. Glenn deems elements of Ant & Johnny’s design “unforgivable.” Not good for either team.

Tonight’s top team is Anna & Melissa, with Melissa being given the win. Go Milwaukee!

Who was eliminated in the Face Off Season 10 premiere? It was Greg, partnered with Yvonne.

What do you guys think of the new season of Face Off so far? Have any favorite artists yet?


  1. RUTH-THAY!!!!!!!!!!
    Can you believe we’re back? I need my transformation shows! I have to finish watching then I’ll let you know what I think of this new crop folks!

  2. I thought Kaleb & Walter’s design was better than Melissa & Anna’s, which looked too sympathetic and not like a bad-ass bounty hunter. I picked Greg to go home as soon as I saw him. He just didn’t have the fire and tenacity needed to win this competition.
    And I’m glad that the show open finally got rid of the blue Avatar makeup. That look stopped being cool 5 years ago.

    • Yeah, I was pretty meh about Melissa & Anna’s, but the side view of the character was cool. Probably one of those makeups that looked better in person. On camera, it was a little flat to me.

      See ya blue lady!

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