Face Off Judges tell us their Favorite Challenge from Season 10

Glenn Hetrick Channel Guide Contributor

In anticipation for Season 10, we asked the Face Off judges – Glenn Hetrick, Ve Neill and Neville Page, along with host McKenzie Westmore – two important questions.

  1. What is your favorite challenge from the first 5 episodes of Season 10?
  2. If you were a contestant, what kind of creature would you have created for this challenge?

Here’s how each of them answered:

Glenn Hetrick

Face Off judge Glenn Hetrick

Favorite Face Off challenge:

For me, I really love the “Foreign Bodies” challenge in episode 5. I love that type of stuff because I am huge into video games.

What would you have done?

For this challenge, I would have done a spin of a Resident Evil character. I think my design would have had a parasite that was fully formed inside that was coming out and then using part of the host body as its outer skin.

Ve Neill

Face Off judge Ve Neill

Favorite Face Off challenge:

I loved the challenge from episode two, “Child’s Play” inspired by Pee-wee’s Playhouse.

What would you have done?

Oh that is a tough one! It would be hard to imagine bringing something to life that Pee-wee hasn’t already done. Perhaps I would improve an etch-a-sketch or a marionette puppet. Or, even though it has been done before, I would like to bring a super hero to life. I love the whimsy of this challenge. I actually worked with Pee-wee on Playhouse and loved seeing the kooky stuff he came up with.

Neville Page

Face Off judge Neville Page

Favorite Face Off challenge:

My favorite challenge is from Episode 1 “Wanted Dead or Alive,” the bounty hunter challenge. I love the classic nature of this challenge. Because it is a staple and has been done so much it places a greater demand on coming up with something new: I love that type of challenge.

What would you have done?

If I were to create a creature for this I’d first try to understand its world (or create its world). Knowing the rules is key to having a direction to take as well as sustaining cohesion with regard to aesthetics and function.  One very important thing to consider is to NOT use the design of the spaceship in your alien. My opinion. But, if you look at the similarities of humans compared to our vehicles, we look nothing like a boat, plane or car. The spaceship IS useful information, however. It can inform culture, technology, evolution, intelligence, utility vs. aesthetics, etc. However, you can also ignore it entirely and make the assumption that the bounty hunter stole the ship from an entirely different alien.

In other words, these are your creative choices to make. Just have reason behind them.

McKenzie Westmore

Face Off host McKenzie Westmore

Favorite Face Off challenge:

My favorite [was] Pee-wee’s Playhouse. Everything about it was so fun!

What would you have done?

As we were doing the challenge, I remember talking to Ve about what object I would make a creature with. There were giant roller skates that I think could have made a really cool make-up. You’ll have to tune-in to see what objects the contestants used, and you might be surprised by their choices because I was!

Face Off Season 10 premieres Wednesday, January 13 at 9/8 CT. Read our recaps here!