#TCA16: CBS confirms “Mike & Molly” will not return after this season

Mike & Molly Season 5 finale Ryan Berenz

Mike & Molly Season 5 finale

At the 2016 TCA Winter Press Tour, new CBS Entertainment President Glenn Geller made a few announcements and answered questions from TV critics and reporters. Geller is at the helm of a network that has the luxury of not having to reinvent itself year after year, with successful franchises in NCIS and CSI, the biggest sitcom behemoth in The Big Bang Theory, and reality TV stalwarts Survivor, The Amazing Race and Undercover Boss.

“Viewers are increasingly watching on their own schedule and on the platform of their choice, Geller says. “And here’s the important thing: They are watching. Now, when you factor in all forms of playback, more people are watching CBS shows than they did 15 years ago. And in today’s content‑monetization world, every viewer counts.”

In the era of “Peak TV,” Geller is pleased with where CBS is positioned among the 409 scripted shows. “CBS has the No. 1 and No. 2 most-watched series among those 40,” Geller says. “We also have six of the Top 10, 18 of the Top 30, and 28 of the Top 50 most-watched shows. In fact, the four broadcast networks combined have 47 of the Top 50 series of that 409. Now, I wasn’t a math major, but CBS is leading the Top 50 shows, and that leaves 359 somewhere way over there.”

Geller is a self-described reality TV fan, and he plans on programming more reality fare on CBS. “I think we found the next big reality hit,” he says. “I’m very excited about it. It was the first buy for me as the entertainment president. It’s called Hunted.” Based on a British show, Hunted has teams of two people going on the run and are hunted by real-life professional law enforcement. If the team can go 28 days without being caught, they win $100,000. Premiere date to be announced. In other news and announcements:

There will be no spinoff, follow-up or companion series to Under the Dome. This will come as disappointing news to both of the people clamoring for one.

“I can confirm that this will be the final season of Mike & Molly,” Geller says, admitting how “challenging” the decision was.

“We do have a series commitment to Kevin James,” Geller says. “I cannot wait to get that on the air. It was a real pleasure, and again, one of the first things I was able to do when I got this job was to hear that pitch and buy that show. And again, can’t wait to get Kevin James on the air.”

On new action/comedy series Rush Hour, Geller says, “It’s funny. Makes you laugh. It’s a great show. It’s a procedural, but it really is about these two guys, and they’re funny as hell.”

Regarding the diversity in casting on CBS shows, says “We’re not casting colorblind, we’re casting color-conscious.”

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